Healing from depression

Andrean Naufal (K2220012)

Video Title: Coping with Depression

Date: 23 October 2022

  1. What is being discussed in the video? Explain your answer.
    The video explains how to deal with depression. According to the video, feeling sad and sad in life is a natural thing and has become a part of everyday life. It’s also normal to feel depressed after something terrible happens. When a person is depressed, he may cry or have trouble sleeping, or lose his appetite. It’s okay if it happens in a short time, if it happens over a long period of time then it can be considered that he needs special treatment. There are many different symptoms that can occur in depressed people. However, depression can be successfully treated with proper medication.
  2. What is the speaker’s main purpose? Explain your answer.
    The speaker wants the viewers to be eager to know how to cope/deal with depression. Depression can happen to all people, and it has a different treatment. Some depression can be treated within ourselves and some need help from experts. The speaker aims to convince the viewer that depression can be treated properly.
  3. How trustworthy is this video? Who is the speaker? What is the source? Do you think the source and the speaker are trustworthy?
    I think the video can be trusted because it comes from the health system in America which serves more than 8.3 million clients annually. It’s called the Veterans Health Administration. They also have several medical centers in the US that can help clients solve their problems. From that information, I think the contents of the video can be trusted.
  4. What the speaker’s attitude or tone towards the subject? Does he/she seem to agree or disagree with it? Explain your answer.
    I think most of the speaker’s tone are agree on the subject. She was confident in her statements about depression. She relates his content to ordinary social life, and he also has a backup which is her community health system, The Veterans Health Administration. She has mentioned the website link and telephone number that can be contacted for a consultation.
  5. Does the speaker put forward valid or strong arguments? How does he/she support the key points? Explain your answer.
    The speaker mentioned that depression can be caused by many things, from small things to big things. For example: feeling hopeless, anxious, and losing interest in hobbies and activities you once enjoyed. If the person is diagnosed with depression, successful treatment can be given by means of psychotherapy. Because it helps you overcome depression by teaching you new ways of thinking and behaving. Or if it’s too difficult to be done, they can contact a mental health professional to help them deal with depression.
  6. Explain how this article will help contribute to your larger group project.
    This video can help explain what a depressed person should do when they find out they have depression. This will help others in understanding the proper treatment for depression. This video can also serve as a project outline sketch.