Self Harm

Widi Hayu (K2220079)

Video Title: Understanding Non-Suicidal Self-Injury

Date: 28 October 2022

  1. What is being discussed in the video? Explain your answer.
    Its about the definition of self harm or we can call it Non Suicidal Self Injury (NSSI) this including cutting, scraping, scratching, hitting, even burning. The action is from light scratch to being severe like deep cut and should get serious medical treatment. The NSSI don’t want them to die but their actions could kill them.
  2. What is the speaker’s main purpose? Explain your answer.
    NSSI is a serious action it can kill some one. If we find someone doing self harm bring them to the psychologist or psychiatrist.
  3. How trustworthy is this video? Who is the speaker? What is the source? Do you think the source and the speaker are trustworthy?
    the source is from Psychhub channel it is created by several psychiatrists and health experts in New York in collaboration with international partners, one of which is Harvard University.
  4. What the speaker’s attitude or tone towards the subject? Does he/she seem to agree or disagree with it? Explain your answer.
    they agree if NSSI is something serious we should care about it we should care around us if you meet someone being that go call emergency medical and bring them to the professional.
  5. Does the speaker put forward valid or strong arguments? How does he/she support the key points? Explain your answer.
    because they are psychiatrists and health professionals so many people experience NSSI so they use their experience to create this article.
  6. Explain how this article will help contribute to your larger group project.
    the source of this article can be trusted and the content of this article is valid because it was made by experts, and I have found many topics of this article in my environment so by viewing / reading this article I understand so that it can help reduce NSSI actions in my environment.