Work-Life Balance

Adlina Nur Azri (K2220003)

Video Title: The only way to have work-life balance

Date: 28 October 2022

  1. What is being discussed in the video? Explain your answer.
    The video entitled the only way to have work-life balance discussed the needs for everyone to set their boundaries in facing the work. Mel Robbin said that it is called “Set a quitting time every single day”. If you’ve been so busy with your work and you spent a day in the office, when you promise yourself to put your phone in at six until nine o’clock at home, you need to respect and honor it. It means that we need to allocate our time based on our needs. Especially when we have a target of work and we need to finish it based on how we set our time. She also mentioned Parkinson’s Law. Parkinson’s Law is a law related to time management, which says “Work develops according to the time available to complete it”. This means that when you allocate one week to complete work that can be completed in three days, the work will still be completed within one week. This is because someone tends to make up work to fill time, which actually has nothing to do with work. In the end a job feels more difficult when approaching the deadline. She implemented it on how she did her work. Parkinson’s Law also illustrates that the amount of time available requires less effort, while the short time available requires more effort. From here, Parkinson’s Law is expressed to be effective in determining the deadlines of a job. Changing the mindset of “How much time do I have to do a job?” becomes “How much time do I need to do a job?”. So, by doing that, we can adjust our time to work and the activity outside our work.
  2. What is the speaker’s main purpose? Explain your answer.
    The main purpose of this video is to inform the audience about one of the ways to have a balance between work and life. It is all about how someone can set their quitting time and allocate based on our needs.
  3. How trustworthy is this video? Who is the speaker? What is the source? Do you think the source and the speaker are trustworthy?
    I think this video is trustworthy enough because this is one of someone’s perspective for having a balance between work and life. The speaker isMel Robbins, she is an American lawyer, television host, author, and motivational speaker. Robbins is known for covering the George Zimmerman trial for CNN; her TEDx talk, How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over; and her books, The 5 Second Rule and The High 5 Habit The source is from her personal Youtube channel. I think both the video and the speaker are trustworthy. The video tells us about a strategy that people can use in this life in order to achieve a balance. She started to explain her speech by giving the audience a chance to ask first, continued by answering those questions with her explanation supported by theory.
  4. What the speaker’s attitude or tone towards the subject? Does he/she seem to agree or disagree with it? Explain your answer.
    The speaker seems excited when explaining her idea. It was kind of a class session or discussion session and she definitely agreed with the topic that has been carried out. She elaborated what has been explained by giving some examples in real life situations, answering the questions from the audiences in relation to setting the quitting time. Some people have the propensity to work 24/7 because of some reason such as they love what they do, they love seeing all the stuff that’s going on and for some people, controlling that things is also challenging. So, one of the ways proposed by Mel Robbins is that people need to set their quitting time because it works for her.
  5. Does the speaker put forward valid or strong arguments? How does he/she support the key points? Explain your answer.
    Yes, I think the speaker put in enough trustworthy information, some of it is strong because it is supported by the theory from an expert, that was about Parkinson’s Low. She explained it pretty well and how she tried to relate it with our life situation. She also mentioned a research regarding how long we can focus. When the prefrontal cortex was so gassed, it focused so long. That it was tiring. The reason why we have habits that get automated is to give the prefrontal cortex a break. Because if the brain had to focus on everything intently 100% of the time, it would not be able to do it. It would blow up in the head. So the reason why it goes back and forth between behaviors and patterns and behaviors that cause us to be intentional is because our brain needs to take these little breaks.
  6. Explain how this article will help contribute to your larger group project.