40 Acres and No Mule

Janice Holt Giles - The University Press of Kentucky

Read By: Siti HP

I love to know someone’s experiences. This book actually tells about the writer’s personal story when she had to move from the city to her husband’s hometown in Appalachia. That’s why I choose to read this book.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
18 September 2017Prologue1-30Boarding House1 hour

-telling the first impression of the writer when she had to move from the city to the rural place, Appalachia.
- I think1 this book is one level higher than my skill but I still try to understand the story.

211 September 2017chapter 1 and 231-36class15 mins

- telling her fisrt time meeting her husband.

315 September 2017chapter 237-42home15 mins

- I love the way Henry's family treated Janice. The family is such a lovely family living in a peace area. Eventhough, the real condition of the place was really pity.

416 September 2017chapter 343-55Home35 mins

From this part, there are some different spelling in writing the Appalachian talk.
example : your=yir, just=jist, stomache=stomick

520 September 2017chapter 455-63boarding house1 hour

- in Appalachian culture, the way of saying 'I have to go now" is 'Just go up with' (it's a polite way of saying)
- It's so rare of drinking tea in Appalachia
- keer=can, nekkid=naked
- Appalchian is so low in the sense of music. But they have a music choir in the church

623 September 2017chapter 464-71class30 mins

- Frony : "having something to take care of can bring you benefits"
- in this part also showed the conflict of Janice and Frony because of their different opinion (eventhough they're so close)
-this part begin to talk about Frony who is a widow and an old-fashioned woman.

725 September 2017chapter 571-78boarding house40 mins

- their financial needs getting low
- Henry and Janice were struggling to fullfill their financial needs. Then Henry tried to borrow some mules from his sib to help him in the garden. Eventhough he and Janice a bit embarrased but they had to do this.
- they sold their yield to the city and packed the yield beautifully

830 September 2017chapter 579-84boarding house20 mins

- they managed to solve their financial problem
- Jenice and her husband felt bored about their house decoration. they started to change their house wallpaper. Janice was the most person who chose the design because her sense of art was better than Henry. They also bought new house equipment with their money from the selling of the yield
- they missed their old house in the city actually

910 October 2017chapter 685-95class10 mins

- Janice made a mistake while gardening. She changed the planting concept made by his husband. So that, the plant didn't grow up at the time it used to.
- this part is a bit boring

1018 October 2017chapter 796-106boarding house35 mins

- they were struggling on their farm to get money
- Elmer, their neighbor, helped them to work their farm
- the ridge was also lost the water sources. Henry, Elmer ad the other folks worked hard to make a well.
- On the tenth day of August 1949, they could hear the gurgle of water.
- this part telling about the rare behavior of ridge people. it was really unusual to serve food for the workers because they believe that the workers are collecting their food too ( make money to get food). So we don't need to prepare the workers any food.

1120 October 2017chapter 8107-110boarding house15 mins

- here, the writer talked about Elmer and his wife, Serreny.
- they were married in their young age and now they had life as a couple for sixteen year with nothing to expect in the future. Beacuse they were just a teenager who didn't have anything to life except their parent help them to life. Now they had 10 children.
- one day, while Elmer was in his work for Henry's farm, his wife shocked people by her dead baby inside her belly. She was run to hospital in the town and the doctor said that the baby was dead for ten days. That was why Serreny felt unwell that day.
- Eventhough they live as a really poor couple, they loved each other no matter what. they always encourage each other until they can proove their love for 16 years with 10 children.
- Jenice seemed in love with this couple.

1222 October 2017chapter 9111-123campus30 mins

- this chapter was just talking about cooking and cooking receipt that Janice loved to cook at the ridge.
- I have no sense in this chapter
- but here, the writer also told the differences in serving or cooking food in the town and the ridge.
- Ridge people cooked more simple than the town people did.

1324 October 2017chapter 10124-133campus15 mins

- they were visited by a man from the country named Sale Coffey. He did a survey to the ridge
- He was in the same homeland with Janice. It made them close.
- in this part there were an accident that shocked Janice and people in the ridge. Sale was joining Henry to work in the farm, as a one of his survey. he was hit by the farm's tool and it hurt his old body. he was 71 that time.
-Sale was really close to Janice and Henry. they're still keep in touch eventhough Sale had to back to the town

1428 October 2017chapter 11133-143home15 minds

- the unexpected season came. it made the well that they had dug became dry. they had to work harder to dig the well until they heard the sound of the water.
- this part was telling the happiest moment of Janice. Her book had been published with 110.000 readers.
it such a good news for them while they were in a pity financial condition.
- she could get her type-writer back and continue her writing