A House for Happy Mothers

Amulya Malladi - Lake Union Publishing

Read By: Mey Indah

I chose this book very randomly. I found this book on Internet, then I read the first chapter. The story was so alive and interesting. The novel tells about a mother who struggle for her family happiness. There are two mothers who have different need then meet each other to help one another. Moreover, they are facing so many problems. It grips me emotionally. That’s way I’m curious about the next chapter.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
112 September 2017Chapter 18My bedroom30 mins

The first chapter was quite good. I really enjoyed read this novel because of its realistic setting and plot. The characters are Priya, Madhu, Asha, Pratap, etc. the characters felt believable. I especially liked the Asha character and the way she struggle for the son's educational.
The difficult words: bugged out, forgo, groggily, churning, rickshaw, vigil, ensconced.

218 September 2017chapter 21Probo's boarding house15 mins

I read just only one page and the story was too common. I can't give so many comments about it. But, still i'm curious about the next story.

319 September 2017chapter 2 - 312My room2 hours

A little conflict starts to begin. Especially the conflict begin from the mothers' family that do not agree about the way Priya to have a child by doing surrogate. Two mothers had difficult situation but they still did the best of their family. I feel the emotional of the Asha and Priyas as mother. The chapter was good enough. :)
New words: mercenary, perversion, taint, smeared, pang, rugged, chafed, incongruous, drool, errant, pallor.

419 September 2017chapter 31classroom10 mins

The story was so borred :)
New words : crib and gaudy

520 September 2017chapter 3 - 411my room1 hour

The story was a little bit complicated, but still I can get the point.
There are so many characters from the beginning of chapter 3. I should pay attention more on who and where they came from.

621 September 2017chapter 4 - 519my room45 mins

In chapter 4, the setting was talking about Asha's family and the problem they felt. Asha tried the best she could. In chapter 5, told about the first trimester of Asha pregnancy and her daily life in "a house for happy mothers". I think, it was so good story.

728 September 2017chapter 5-720TV room1 hours

The climax became more complicated. The mothers facing different problem. Asha as a surrogate had emotional problem. She couldn't love the baby in the her womb. Priya, as a mother that ask Asha to be her surrogate, got pregnant for the third time, but then lost her baby again. The story was quite good. :)

829 September 2017chapter 7-810My room45 mins

I love the Asha character in this novel. I like the way she faced the problem and solve it. She was really a patient and strong woman. Good job :)

910 October 2017Chapter 810Probo's bedroom30 mins

In the last of this chapter, I don't want to give so many comments because there are a lot of distraction and additional characters. But, I still like it. :)

1014 October 2017Chapter 98My home30 mins

It's hard to get to know the new characters because there are a lot of characters.

1115 October 2017Chapter 104Balapan Solo Railway Station20 mins

It's hard to be focus while I was reading this novel. I couldn't addapt the crowd situation to read a novel.

1215 October 2017Chapter 10-1111Prameks30 mins

It's better place to read this novel. I really like the novel as well as the place I read the novel :)

1316 October 2017Chapter 112TV room15 mins

The plot of the story was so alive. I couldn't imagine it.

1417 October 2017Chapter 28TV room30 mins

To be honest, my tears were rolling down my cheeks :(
I felt the vibes and the emotion of the story.

1518 October 2017Chapter 132Classroom10 mins

It's hard to me to understand the story, because of the busy class.

1619 October 2017Chapter 134My home15 mins

What I didn't like from the story is the additional characters. That's way the novel sometimes seemed complicated. I had to pay attention more on the characters.

1720 October 2017Chapter 149TV room20 mins

I can't any longer to get to know the end of this novel. But sometimes I feel bored because the story was too long. That's way I just read for 1 chapter only.

1823 October 2017Chapter 151Microteaching7 mins

Because I have speaking class, I just read only 1 page. I'm not engage with this chapter because the class is quite busy.

1923 October 2017Chapter 154TV room15 mins

Too many characters with different problems. I think it's not interesting because the problems didn't relate to the main characters' problem

2023 October 2017Chapter 165My bedroom15 mins

In the middle I read this chapter, I was sleeping so I did not really remember the story told about.

2124 October 2017Chapter 17 - 2242TV roomA hour, 50 mins

I gave two thumbs-up for the author for writing this impressive novel. When I read this novel, I had random thoughts and mixtured feelings. Those are curious, annoyed, sad, moved emotionally, proud, etc. But in this part I didn't like the Asha's character. Unintentionally, she became an egoist person.

2224 October 2017Chapter 2310Probo's boarding house30 mins

Before I read this final chapter, I thought "what will happen in the end? ". I was so exciting. Then for about 30 mins to read the final chapter. I don't know why it's little bit disappointed me. I thought the end would be impressed me. The end was flat. But I really appreciate the author :)