A Little Princess

Frances Hodgson Burnett - Gramedia Pustaka Utama

Read By: noviaardishanti

When I read the synopsis for the first time, I like this novel right away.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
112 September 2017Chapter 1 & 222 pagesIn a food centre37 minutes

I have read two chapters of this novel. I found it interesting after reading the first two chapters. The writer of this novel described the actors well. One or two words were new for me, but that was not a problem at all.
Sara was a 7 years old girl who came from India. Her father, Captain Crewe, was a very rich man. Sara’s mother died after giving a birth. At that age, Captain Crewe sent her daughter to a seminary in Great Britain to have better education. Captain Crewe asked to Miss Minchin, the owner of the seminary, to give all precious things to her daughter. Sara could speak fluently because her mother was a French but she used to hear conversations in French. Therefore, there was no problem when she had to take French lesson.
Sara was a good and brilliant girl. Captain Crewe spoiled her too much but Sara was not arrogant. She liked to make stories with her imagination and share the stories to her friends.

219 September 2017Chapter 3 - 651 pagesStarbucks Solo Paragon1 hour, 23 minutes

In chapter 3-5, Sara met 3 people. They were Ermengarde, Lottie, and Becky. Ermengarde and Lottie were Sara’s classmates and Becky was a servant in the seminary who lived in the attic. Ermengarde sent to the seminary by her father because he thought that his daughter was a notably and unmistakably dull creature who never shone in everything. Lottie, who was also sent to the seminary by her father, was a girl who had no mother and was spoiled too much by her father. Lottie always thought that a girl who had no mother was ought to be pitied. She always cried and cried to get everything she wanted. This became her habit.
Someday, Becky entered Sara’s room and fell asleep immediately because of her tiring activities. When Sara had done with her class, she entered her room and found Becky was sleeping. Sara waited for her until she woke up. After Becky woke up, both Sara and Becky had an interesting conversation. To sum up chapter 3-5, those 3 girls were good friends to Sara because Sara was a kind girl and liked to share stories that she made.
In chapter 6, Sara’s father got an offer from his old friend. The offer was about an invitation for the father to join in a diamond mine business. Sara’s father was happy and thought that this business would be successful.

319 September 2017Chapter 7 & 841 pagesIn my boarding house1 hour, 5 minutes

In these two chapters, it was told that Sara had her 11th birthday. Besides, I found it irony that her father died because he was ill. The reason why Sara’s father died was because the business went bankrupt.
Sara had to become a servant like Becky because she had to pay all things that Miss Minchin gave to her. Unfortunately, while Sara’s father was ill, he could not pay for her daughter needs in the seminary anymore. That was why Sara had to move, live in the attic, and become a servant.

428 September 2017Chapter 915 pagesRS Ortopedi Soeharso23 minutes

In this chapter, Sara’s classmate, Ermengarde, was the first of her 2 classmates to know that Sara had moved in the attic and could not join the class anymore. In the attic, Sara told Ermengarde about a mouse, namely Melchisedec, and his family.

529 September 2017Chapter 1016 pagesStarbucks Solo Paragon26 minutes

There was an Indian gentleman who moved to the house beside the seminary. This chapter introduced the gentleman to the readers.

613 October 2017Chapter 11 - 1445 pagesJ.Co1 hour 15 minutes

In these chapters, Sara met Ram Dass (the Indian gentleman's servant), the Indian gentleman's monkey, and a girl who was starving in the corner of the street.

714 October 2017Chapter 15 - 1763 pagesIn my boarding house1 hour 34 minutes

After reading these chapters, the information that I got:
- Sara got surprises everyday from her unknown friend. She found the surprises right after entering her room in the attic.
- The Indian gentleman was a friend of Sara's father who asked him to join in the business. The gentleman looked for Sara for two years and found her living beside her house.

815 October 2017Chapter 18 & 1925 pagesIn my boarding house41 minutes

The Indian gentleman, Uncle Tom, asked Sara to live with him. Sara lived with Uncle Tom and left the seminary.