A Walk to Remember

Nicholas Sparks - Hachette Book

Read By: meliunaina

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
125 November 2017Prologue and Chapter 146 pagesAt boarding house1 hours

The first time i red this book, i found some difficulties to catch the meaning in the prologue and chapter 1.

226 November 2017Chapter 229 pagesAt boarding house34 mins

In chapter 2, it become easier to understand about the story. Actually, i interested in Jamie's character. I curious about how Landon will falling in love with Jamie.

33 December 2017Chapter 328 pagesAt boarding house40 mins

In this chapter was talking about Jamie and Landon came to homecoming dance (party). There was an accident and situation that made Jamie and Landon spent the whole party by themself without any friends.
I like the way Jamie with her innocence save Landon and the way Landon begin to admire Jamie, however he didn't realize that he start it.

44 December 2017Chapter 4&544 pagesAt boarding house1 hours

After the homecoming dance (party), Landon became the ridicule one in the school. In addition, Jamie asked Landon became the main character with Jamie in the drama that very important for Jamie. And he agreed it with perfoce.
The story was interesting, sometimes i found my self laughed in some moments.

59 December 2017Chapter 624 pagesAt boarding house30 mins

In this chapter, the story was talking about Jamie and Landon went to orphanage. When they were conversing, Landon asked to Jamie about her dream after she graduate, and Jamie said that she want to marry with someone.
I thought it was cute moment.

610 December 2017Chapter 734 pagesAt boarding house45 mins

This chapter was talking about their preparation for the drama. I like the moment when Landon take Jami home, because there was a moment between them.

715 December 2017Chapter 9 & 1058 pagesAt boarding house1 hours

I love the story of those 2 chapter. The relationship between Jamie and Landon being closer, even they have a kiss. The thing that i can't expect when i am in Jamie's character. She is religious, but she did it.

819 December 2017Chapter 11, 12, 13110 pagesAt boarding house2 hours 30 mins

I don't know what should i write now. Actually I feel so sorry with Jamie, even I almost cry when i red the last 2 chapter. When Jamie said that she had leukimia, when Landon proposed her and then they did the wedding ceremony like Jamie's want. How they were really in love. So far I can't predict the end of the novel, is Jamie dead or not, because the writer didn't mention it clearly.
And this book also make me curious with the movie. Although the plot of the movie a little bit different with the book, but i like the movie and finally i cried.