After You

Jojo Moyes - Penguin, Random House, UK

Read By: Nurul Firdaus

Lou’s life becomes different after Will’s death. She moved in London and work as if nothing happened yet her heart screaming in lonely. A routine she exactly does as his shadow glow at her, step out onto the parapet, breath in London’s midnight air and drown into his smile.

Weeks passed, she hopes a never ended grief disappear replace by joy. Will Lou finds her way to get the old she?

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
113 September 2017Chapter 7-820bedroom39 mins

At this two chapters, it is written that Lou and Lily went to Tanya's house (Lily's mom aka Will's ex). Tanya told Lou how they ended up having Lily and hide her from William for a long time. After they get back home, Lily told Lou that she was the one who calls the ambulance the day Lou fell from parapet (which supporting Lou's early statement that she heard a woman voice the moment she fell down but her parents don't believe it).
The day Lou off from working, she and Lily go to Stortford. She told her parents she's coming with Will's daughter. And it shocks them.

note: overall I do understand what the writer trying to build the story though mostly there are two up to five new words for me to be understood.

214 September 2017Chapter 8 - 1016 pagesbedroom37 mins

After Lou told her parents about Lily's existence as Willian daughter, this time is for Steven Traynor, Will's dad. It was a great shock to him because he never thought Will has a daughter. He met Lily for the first time. Both Lily and Steven are pleased to know they have each other until Steven gently refuse Lily staying at his house due to his wife's labor due date. Lily leave him immediately.

314 September 2017Chapter 10 - 1124 pagesbedroom54 mins

Lily disappear then back to Lou's flat in the middle of the night, drunk. The next morning, Lily goes nowhere.
Sam, an ambulance man who save Lou's life when she broke her hips and Jake's dad (a boy who couldn't cope with his dad's grief over his mom's death in Moving On Circle) passed by, invite her to his house by his motorbike. Lou feels a missing thing is crawling back to her as Sam bring her laughter and smiles. Something she longing after Will's death. Something she never had for almost two years.

note: I'm super happy Lou is starting to open her heart to a new man. I hope she copes her grief sooner so she could have a taste of the sweetness life.

415 September 2017Chapter 11- 1660 pagesbedroom3 hours

a three-hours reading on the bed was indeed so fun! I had no idea I literary stayed on my bed, reading a novel, with a bowl of cornflakes as a companion without checking my phone. I ditch my phone the whole day after that.

515 September 2017chapter 16- 2040 pageshospital3 hours

I was reading fourty pages at the hospital where my grandma hospitalized for four days. It was me, my cousin and my aunty who were in charge of taking care my grandma.
I thought I'd tied up here and there to help my aunt but she asked me to stay on couch and help grandma to get her needs.

At night, I decided to read this novel in front of hospital's small garden and had a small night talk with my cousin.

623 September 2017chapter 20-2122 pagesbedroom24 mins

a short time to read novel. I wish I could finish it ASAP

724 September 2017Chapter 22-2325 pagesbedroom40 mins

I would be happy having 7 Monday(s) in a week to enjoy reading lol

825 September 2017Chapter 24 - 2744 pagesbedroom57 mins


925 September 2017Chapter 28 - 2920 pagesbeloved bedroom again and again21 mins

I was totally into this chapters. I flew away my soul along with my feeling. Lou encourages myself to let him stay in past, buried together with good things.

He painted my days,
and always will.

1015 October 2017Chapter 306 pagesbedroom7mins

Chapter 30 is the end of this novel story line. I'm not saying would recommend this book to read because the story line is not as good as the previous trylogy book, yet I fancy Lou character.