Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll - Planet Ebook

Read By: tsabita

Alice falls down a rabbit hole and lands into a fantasy world that is full of weird, wonderful people and animals. She met the odd Footman, Hatter, Cheshire Cat, the Duchess, March Hare, and many others.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
112 September 2017Chapter 1 (Down the Rabbit-Hole)4 pagesBedroom16 minutes

Although I already watched the movie several times, but I still wonder with the novel. The wording is great and it is easy for me to understand the plot.

220 September 2017Chapter 1 (Down the Rabbit-Hole)2 pagesJN UKMI's Basecamp7 minutes

I forgot about this. Hehe

320 September 2017Chapter 1 (Down the Rabbit-Hole)3 pagesNurul Huda Mosque's Veranda10 minutes

I forgot about this one too hehe

426 September 2017Chapter 2 (The Pool of Tears)8 pagesTanwirul Fikr20 minutes

New Vocabularies :
Hearthrug, Fender, Hastily, Splendidly, Trotting, Muttering, Skurried, Queer, Ringlets, Doth, Hoarse, Poky, Lodging, Inquisitively, Conqueror, Quiver, Shrill, Bristling, Terrier.

526 September 2017Chapter 3 (A Caucus-Race and a Long Tale)8 pagesTanwirul Fikr14 minutes

New Vocabularies :
Sulky, Pope, Usurpation, Conquest, Earls, Shiver, Archbishop, Solemnly, Adjourn, Tittered, Audibly, Caucus-race, Comfits, Cur, Jury, Cunning, Bend, Snappishly, Prefexts.

626 September 2017Chapter 4 (The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill)1 pagesNurul Huda Canteen4 minutes

New Vocabularies :

726 September 2017Chapter 4 - 5 (The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill & Advice from a Caterpillar)17 pagesClassroom1 hour, 6 minutes

Chapter 4:
- New Vocabularies
Chimney, Snatch, Shriek, Yer, Arruws, Slate, Feeble, Barrowful, Pelbes, Coaxing, Thistle, Hookah

- Summary :
Alice goes to the garden, before that she dranks poison and then got her body become smaller.

Chapter 5 :
- New Vocabularies :
Sternly, Chrysalls, Contemptuously, Doth, Incessantly, Ointment, Suet, Piteous, Nibbled, Morsel, Immense, Serpent, Indignantly, Subdued, Sulky.

Summary :
Alice met a cartepillar and she got an advice from her to eat a piece of mushroom to bring her body back in her normal size. After that, Alice ate the mushroom and successfully turn into the normal Alice.

811 October 2017Chapter 6 (Pig and Pepper)10 pagesMy Bedroom20 minutes

Alice succesfully entered the garden of the Wonderland. After that she got an invitation from the Duchess to play croquet, so she decided to go there. But on the way, she found the other odness on that place such as a baby that looks like a pig, an idiotic and annoying footman, and a flying cat that can grinning and talking. The cat is Cheshire Cat. This cat then suggest Alice to meet the March Hare and Hatter before Alice go to the Duchess place.

912 October 2017Chapter 7 (A Mad Tea-Party)10 pagesJN UKMI's Basecamp27 minutes

Alice met Hatter and March Hare. Then she follows them to join the tea party. At the tea table, Alice also met Dormouse who still fell asleep.

Alice, Hatter and March Hare then playing riddles, and the three of them are mad while answering the riddle. At that time, the sleep Dormouse wake up and asked by Hatter, Alice and March Hare to tell some stories.

The Dormouse then tells a story about three little girls who live in the very bottom of a well. This time, Alice's curiousity is up. But she got no answers everytime she asked questions to the Dormouse. And Alice got mad again. Then she decided to leave the tea table and find the Duchess place.

On the way to the Duchess place, Alice found a tree. She entered the tree and found the same hall as before. She eats mushroom that she bring and got her body become a giant. She grab a key and unlock the door inside the hall. After that, Alice found a very beautiul garden with many kinds of flower.

1013 October 2017Chapter 8 (The Queen's Croquet Ground)5 pagesJN UKMI's Basecamp19 minutes

Alice already entered the garden. The garden full of roses and there are three gardeners around there.

1120 October 2017Chapter 8 (The Queen's Croquet Ground) - Chapter 9 (The Mock Turtle's Story)16 pagesTanwirul Fikr25 minutes

I forget to write the logbook. And I'm a bit forget about the plot too. Because this chapter is too complicated for me.

1224 October 2017Chapter 9 (The Mock Turtle's Story) - Chapter 11 (Alice's Evidence)25 pagesTanwirul Fikr43 minutes

Finally I finished this story. I remember the first time I chose this book. At that time I thought that the plot is the same as the movie, but actually they are little bit different.

From the whole characters, my favorite one is the Hatter (in the movie Hatter is played by Johnny Depp, hehe). Unfortunately, in the book Hatter has a limit part, so I'm a little disappointed. But it's okay, because I like the story from the beginning.