All the Ugly and Wonderful Things

Bryn Greenwood - Thomas Dunne Books

Read By: dindhadwiam

This is my fifth book. The first thing that interests me is the title. It seems like the story shows about life. I read the reviews on Goodreads and they make me want to read this even more. The story was started in 1975.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
111 November 2017Chapter 114Aula FK UNS23 minutes

The first chapter tells about a weird and stubborn five-year-old girl who was adopted by her aunt due to her troubled parents. Her name was Wavy. She did not talk to anyone except Amy, her cousin. She had made a lot of troubles which caused her to live with her grandmother. However, she was actually a smart girl.

212 November 2017Chapter 212My room20 minutes

This chapter tells the story according to Wavy's grandmother's perspectives. At first, she felt that it was difficult to take care of Wavy because Wavy escaped from her school. However, she came back and told her grandmother that she didn't like to be touched by anyone, and she had been hugged by her teacher. From that event, the grandmother knew her well and their relationship was getting better.

313 November 2017Chapter 3 & Chapter 415My room30

'Wavy knew the name of stars because she used to be told by her neighbor, Mr. Arsenikos, when she lived with her mother. As time goes by, Wavy's grandmother was dead by cancer which made her lived with her mother again. Wavy was seven years old at that time. She had a brother named Donal. At first, her mother was being a good mother, but then she turned out to be an angry and bad mother. Her mother neglected her and her brother because she was depressed being left by her partner for a while. It made Wavy took the responsibility for being a "mother" for Donal.

417 November 2017Chapter 511My room20

This chapter tells about Kellen, a mature guy who was interested in Wavy.
In this chapter, I think the things will get more complicated.

520 November 2017Chapter 6-1018My room40 minutes

In these chapters, I could imagine how rude and cruel Wavy's parents were. It was unbelievable for an eight-year-old kid to live with that kind of messed up family.

624 November 2017Chapter 11-12 (The end of Part 1)11My room25 minutes

These chapters tell abut Kellen who took care of Wavy. I did not find any special thing yet. I felt numb.

727 November 2017Chapter 1-7 (Part 2)44My room1 hour 20 minutes

Kellen kept taking care of Wavy in almost all apects of her life. Liam, her father, had a wife and also some girls to fool around with which made Wavy's mother depressed.
I found this story was really depressing, but I was not sad.
It was depressing to imagine how hard she should struggle with her life which probably anyone has never dreamt of having.

828 November 2017Chapter 8-1320My room45 minutes

Nothing changed. All I read about was shouting, screaming, depression from Wavy's family. However, Wavy and her brother did not seem annoyed by it as long as there was Kellen. Kellen and Wavy fell in love to each other, but Wavy was too young so Kellen did not want to go further.
In the last chapter, Val, Wavy's mother, and Donal got an accident.

95 December 2017Chapter 1-12 (Part 3)46My room2 hours

The whole chapters in Part 3 mostly tell about Kellen and Wavy's relationship. It took me longer time than I used to do. I read and slept continuously because I was not that interested in that part. I wanted a problem but it did not show up, or probably, the whole book tells about problem from the beginning to the end. I needed the climax of the story.

1020 December 2017Chapter 1-13 (Part Four)58My room2 hours 20 minutes

It took me long time to continue reading this book due to lack of interest at the previous part. However, the problem has been begun. Brenda, Wavy's aunt, found Val and Liam dead in their house. Wavy was 14 years old at that time and she got caught fooling around with Kellen by her aunt. Brenda called the police and said that Kellen raped her, and the police thought that he was also responsible for Wavy's parents' death. Kellen was sentenced with six years living in jail. Donal, Wavy's brother was missing but then he was found. They were seperated. Things were so miserable for Wavy. She was like a dead person living.

1120 December 2017Chapter 1-21 (Part 5)71Ajeng's dorm and food stall3 hours 40 minutes

Wavy was about 21 years old. She was already in college. Kellen was free and they could get back together. Wavy and Donal were not seperated again after all the drama that they went through.
The end of the book was exhausting yet funny. I love some quotes written in the last part.
From this book I can know that life is tough, and so people are.