American Crime Stories

John Escott - Oxford University Press

Read By: noviaardishanti

This is my first time reading crime stories book.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
126 November 2017Chapter 1 (Death Wish)9 pagesIn my boarding house12 minutes

The reason why the wife of Edward wanted a divorce is not clear.

226 November 2017Chapter 2 (Death on Christmas Eve)9 pagesIn my boarding house14 minutes

I still curious who the murderer of Jessie is.

328 November 2017Chapter 3 (The Heroine)12 pagesAt a canteen20 minutes

The reason of the woman burned five places in the house is not clear.

44 December 2017Chapter 4 (Ride the Lightning)16 pagesIn my boarding house28 minutes

After reading this chapter, I know that “Ride the Lightning” means die on the electric chair.
What surprised me from this chapter is the girlfriend of Curtis was the murderer of the old woman at the liquor store.

512 December 2017Chapter 5 (The Lipstick)19 pagesIn my boarding house20 minutes

The story of this chapter is complicated.

616 December 2017Chapter 6 (Lazy Susan)5 pagesIn my boarding house10 minutes

Susan is a wicked woman.

718 December 2017Chapter 7 (The Gutting of Couffignal)29 pagesIn my boarding house35 minutes

This is the last story of this book. Strange things are happened here.