Angels and Demons

Dan Brown - Pocket Books

Read By: Muhammad Fadli

Angels and Demons

Basic Reason Choosing The Book : I want to know the next story of the Da Vinci Code sequel in novel form. And this novel’s genre (mystery-adventure) and also the story make me getting more interested to read.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
113 September 2017Chapter 110-11Canteen8'

after reading 1st chapter the novels makes me interested. Character : Robert Langdon, Maximilian Kohler

215 September 2017Chapter 1-412-16Living Room10'

In this part I found some difficulties with the movie version, so I decided to list the differences.

Movie : Robert Langdon got the information of Illmuninati symbol from someone from Vatican and it’s not-branded in somebody’s chest
Novel : Illuminati symbol is branded in somebody’s chest, and there is no Maximilian Kohler in the movie

316 September 2017Chapter 516-18Bedroom7'

Telling about the “hassassin” killer and the mysterious man

46 September 2017Chapter 6-718-23NHIC10'

Telling the Landon’s trip to CERN : Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire Movie : Langdon never visit CERN’s lab.
Keyword : CERN

520 September 2017Chapter 824-25Lobby E. Building5'

Talking about CERN

621 September 2017Chapter 825-27Bedroom5'

New character : Leonardo Vetra

721 September 2017Chapter 927-31E Buiding10'

Novel : Leonardo Vetra was branded by the killer.
Movie : Leonardo Vetra never branded in his chest. And nothing is wrong with his body unless his eye (stolen by the killer)

Keywords : ambigram, Copernicus, Church of Illumination, Galileo Galilei

823 September 2017Chapter 10-1231-35Bedroom10'

Discussing about Illuminati
Movie : there is no discussion about Illuminati between Langdon and CERN

Keyword : Mason

923 September 2017Chapter 13-1435-41Bedroom10'

New Character : Vittoria Vetra, adopted daughter of Leonardo Vetra. She wasn’t in CERN when Leonardo killed.

Movie : the relationship between Leonardo and Vittoria is only research partner. And Vittoria was in CERN when Leonardo killed.

Keyword : The God Particle

1024 September 2017Chapter 15-1641-45Bedroom10'

More discussion about CERN facilities
Keywords : Large Hadron Collider, Superconducting Super Collider

1125 September 2017Chapter 17-1945-52E. Building12'

talking about Vittoria’s childhood and her relationship with Leonardo Vetra
Movie : No scene about this part

1226 September 2017Chapter 19-2053-55Living Room8'

The finding that one of the antimatter canisters had stolen from CERN
Keyword : antimatter

1327 September 2017Chapter 2155-58E. Building8'

Further discussion about antimatter

1428 September 2017Chapter 22-2458-64Bedroom12'

Further discussion about antimatter
Novel : Quarter of a gram of antimatter equal to 5 kilotons = 5000 metric tons of TNT

FACT : this data about antimatter is real. A gram of it contains 20 kiloton nuclear bomb – or same with the size of the bomb dropped in Hiroshima

1529 September 2017Chapter 25-2964-74Bedroom20'


161 October 2017Chapter 30-3174-80Bedroom13'

The killer stole the antimatter and place it in hidden place in Vatican city
Keywords : Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica

172 October 2017Chapter 32-3680-94Bedroom25'

Landon and Vittoria in a flight to Vatican city
Movie : They actually first met in Swiss Guard Headquarter in Vatican City

At that moment in Vatican was held Il Conclavo/Conclave “Pope election” after 15 days the death of previous pope

New character : Commander Olivetti – head of Swiss Guard
Movie : Olivetti is not the head of Swiss Guard, but someone else
named …

Vittoria and Langdon was locked inside Olivetti’s office
Movie : No scene about this

Keywords : Conclave, Swiss Guard

183 October 2017Chapter 37-4194-108Livingroom25'

Vittoria tried to call Pope’s office
Movie : No scene about this

New Character : Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca
Movie : The name of Camerlengo is Patrick McKena
They met the camerlengo to talk about the antimatter and Illuminati terror.
The Camerlengo just know about the missing of 4 cardinals (Preferiti) right after Langdon came to him. And discuss the killer’s plan to kill all the 4 Cardinals
Movie : The Camerlengo has already known before Langdon and Vittoria came to him

Keywords : Camerlengo, Pope’s Office, Preferiti, La Purga

195 October 2017Chapter 42-44108-115NHIC10'

New Character : Cardinal Mortati – The Great Elector —the conclave’s internal master of ceremonies
Movie : the name The Great Elector is Cardinal

The killer make a contact with BBC’s office
Movie : The killer never make a contact with anyone

206 October 2017115-126Chapter 45-47Livingroom20'

Langdon just remembered about his request to acces Vatican Archive after met the Camerlengo
Movie : the purpose to met the Camerlengo is to get acces of Vatican Archive

Talk about illuminati’s sclupture and their way to keep secret of their meeting place,

Talk about The legend of the four ambigrammatic
brands was as old as the Illuminati itself: earth, air, fire, water—four words crafted in perfect symmetry.
Keywords : Vatican Archive, Il Segno, The Altars of Science, Ambigram