Katy Wong - Trinh Van Phuc

Read By: Proboningrum

I’ve read the synopsis and the review of this book that I instantly interested. This book is romance genre. It is about a couple who forced to get married by their parents as the return of the husband’s dad help when the wife was a little girl.


NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
121 November 2017Chapter 120 pagesLobby of E building22 minutes

I regret not taking this book before. I really enjoy reading this book. Ohhhh.. Can't wait to read the next chapter. So happy :)
OK I guess I'll finish read this book less than a week (I hope I have so much leisure time)

222 November 2017Chapter 1 & 222 pagesLab 122 minutes

Rejecting to get married with Jason, Vanessa then be brought to Jason's house by Jason's parents by plane. She has to share room with Jason. Mr and Mrs Cohen, Jason's parents, are so kind and welcoming her. But still Vanessa can't stand with it anymore. She really hates Jason but she has to spend her rest of life with this guy (although Jason is handsome, hot, rich, and perfect). Vanessa then being so surprised knowing herself as a werewolf, same as Jason's family. That's why they want Vanessa to marry with Jason.

323 November 2017Chapter 38 pagesArje's Kitchen10 minutes

Cohen's family was so rich and royalty. Vanessa did not allow to take a shower by herself. Vanessa was given four maid who had their own job (make up, designer, massage, spa). She was like a princess there although she hated Jason so much.

424 November 2017Chapter 3 & 426 pagesGedung F FKIP28 mins

I was so touched by Jason when he said to Vanessa,
"Your mate is chosen by your soul and you have to love your mate no matter what. You're not force to love your mate. Your mate is your other half. If your mate dies, then you can never love someone and you'll die along with your mate. "

525 November 2017Chapter 415 pagesHome15 mins

Vanessa was attacked by a vampire in the forest. She then be hospitalized in 1,5 month. Jason was so care of Vanessa because he believed that Vanessa was his mate (although Vanessa still couldn't accept him).
Jason's mom then said to Vanessa when she woke up,
"You should see him. When we told him to go home, he couldn't stand to leave the building. What he did all day was drink coffee and staring at you. "

625 November 2017Chapter 4,5,6,758 pagesLiving room1 hour

- Jason gave Vanessa a beautiful diamond ring as a promise ring.
- Jason's mom asked Jason and Vanessa to date so that they could get closer. They spent the whole day together (ate, went to park, walked along the beach seeing the sunset).
- Jason told Vanessa that she could be a werewolf when the full moon. A werewolf could only talk to her/his mate. Jason said,
"You can always talk to me in your mind and you can always howl. It's called the Mate Howl. "

725 November 2017Chapter 7,8,9,1080 pagesOn the bed2 hours

From what I've read so far, I wondered if werewolf was really exist in somewhere part of this earth. This book brought me to the imagination of the perfect life being a werewolf. They were rich and perfect that could have anything they wanted in their life. So, have they ever experienced boredom instead of their perfect life?
Chapter 7 was about Vanessa who went to go to school. The school was so perfect. It's a school for the only richest family in the world.
Chapter 8 was about the misunderstanding between Jason and Vanessa. They argued.
Chapter 9 was about Vanessa and Jason who regretted what they argued before . Jason was not at home last night because of arguing. Vanessa felt so sorry and sad.
Chapter 10 was about Jason's and Vanessa's Engagement Night. Mrs Cohen made everything perfect. They even booked a mall to do shopping for the dress and the stuff for the Engagement Night.

826 November 2017Chapter 10,11,1258 pagesLiving room1 hour

- Jason's thought that he was really felt in love with Vanessa. They both were engaged that night. But Jason still mad with Vanessa because he was seeing Vanessa kissed James (Jason's brother) actually that was just accident when James taught Vanessa how to dance.
- At the night of Full Moon, all of the werewolf became Wolf. Jason turned into Wolf, so did Vanessa. If they could communicate each other while they being Wolf, it meant that they were mate. That night, Vanessa was so surprised knowing the fact that Jason could communicate with her. She hated him so much, but then.. She realized that Jason was her mate.

926 November 2017Chapter 12,1367 pagesBedroom1 hour 20 mins

Jason did 4 days trip with Vanessa by his private jet. He didn't tell her where they're going. They went travelling to L. A., Japan, Hawaii, Paris, and Brazil. They ate at the best restaurant in the world, slept in the best hotel in the world, walked along the beach, surfing, snorkeling. Vanessa was so happy. She really enjoyed this vacation!!!

1026 November 2017Chapter 13,1422 pagesLiving room30 mins

Finally, they were in Paris. Jason asked Vanessa to shut her eyes. When she opened her eyes, she was on the top of high building. She could see Paris from that place. Then Jason said, "Happy Birthday, my sweet cheek" while he gave her a box of chocolate macaroon (Vanessa 's favourite food). Then the next day Jason brought Vanessa to her private island by jet. He proposed Vanessa at the air of heart island. He gave her a small red box, a beautiful ring. Vanessa said, "yes" then she kissed Jason.
This book is really cute, romantic, really fiction, and bring me to the imagination of Jason's perfect life. This makes me realized that we can love someone by the time goes. No matter who he was, no matter our feeling was. When you love someone sincerely, you'll get the return more and more by the time goes. Love can be grown.
- Although the story was so interesting, I found so many typographical error there. There were also an error in pronoun.