Before I Fall

Lauren Oliver - Harpen Collins

Read By: Mariska Eva Dewi

I choose a novel “Before I Fall” because when I read the synopsis, it makes me curious about the detailed story of it. I have some questions such as:
What will happen to Sam?
How can she get a chance to live 7 times?
In the end of the story, is she dead or alive?

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
121 November 2017Prologue3Campus6 mins

I’m so excited this is the next book that I read. The content in the prologue is really clear. The main character talks about her life. I think the writer choose good words to illustrate the story.

221 November 2017Chapter 15 pagesHome8 mins

The main character is Samantha Kingston (Sam). She has best friends who named Lindsay, Ally, and Elody. She hangs out with her friends. On the car, they talk about Cupid Day. They talk about Lindsay’s boyfriend too.

322 November 2017Chapter 1 (Popularity: An Analysis)7 pagesHome10 mins

The writer used words that is easy to understand by the reader. I just found some words that unfamiliar with me. It’s really different with my ex book. This part tells that Samantha with her bestfriend are really popular. They can do everything they want inside or outside their school and there won’t be any consequences. When they get out of high school, they went to the best parties, listened to their music too loud, smoked many cigarettes, and drank too much, laughed too much and listened too little.

424 November 2017Chapter 1 (Math Class: Further Lessons in Chemistry)16Home22 mins

There are some parts that confusing me. There is part that talks about Cupid day. Sam has a boyfriend who named Rob Cokran. Kent McFuller (Sam's friend) invited her to his party in that night. However, she confused to come or not.

In this part, it tells about Rob too. He’s a popular man in her school.
There is someone who named Juliet Sykes. Lyndsay hates her so much. She called Juliet as a psycho.

525 November 2017Chapter 1 (Friendship: A History)2Home4 mins

It tells about the relationship between Sam and her friends, especially with Lindsay. She and Lindsay became friends in seventh grade. They did a lot of funny things like drunk together, did stupid things together. Then, Ally and Elody became their bestfriend before eight grades.

627 November 2017Chapter 1 (The Party)18Home25 mins

Finally, Sam and her best friends come to Kent's party in his house. They enjoy the party. Suddenly, Juliet comes. Everyone stares at her. Sam and her best friends shocks to see her. She looks so different tonight. She looks so beautiful. Juliet walks slowly into Sam and her best friends and says that they are bitches. However, Lindsay answers that it'd be better to be a bitch rather than a psycho.

728 November 2017Chapter 2 (A Shadow World - Before I Wake)10Home16 mins

Sam thinks that she had a dejavu. She doesn't know what happened in her life. She is really mad. She is confused because her activities that she is doing in the school is same as her dream or whatever is that. Like Kent invited her into his house for having a party. This is the second time Sam is invited to his party. Sam is afraid of what will happen in her life today. she doesn’t want to care about the party, the drive, or the possibility that will happen there.

828 November 2017Chapter 2 (The Party : Take Two)12Home17 mins

I am confused. I don’t know what happened in Sam’s life. I don’t know why she repeats her activities again and again. She realizes that anything that happened in her life isn’t a dream. And it’s not deja vu.

This is the second time of Sam's party in Kent's house. The same incident happens again. Juliet comes there. She said that we’re all bitches.

The clock ticks forward to12.39 when Ally and Elody fight, Lindsay tries to make them stop for fighting. Then, there’s a flash in front of the car. And the accident happens again.

96 December 2017Chapter 330Car42 mins

This is the third day of Sam's scary story. She wakes up and looked at her phone. It is Friday, February 12. This is a Cupid Day. What she remembers: she remembers being on the car, she remembers that Elody and Ally fight over the iPod, she remembers that the car sailed towards the wood. But, Sam can't remember what happened next.
She can’t tell anybody about what happened in her life. Today, Sam plans not to come to Kent’s party, no Juliet Sykes. And the most important, no accident.
Mrs. Haris (Ally’s mom) tells us that Juliet was dead. She shot herself last night. It makes Sam and her friends think. They think that maybe Juliet died because of the roses that their friends gave to her.

103 December 2017Chapter 4 (You Can't Judge a Book From Its Steel )22Grand mother's House30 mins

I still curious what happens in Sam's life. So far, I think the story is a little bit complicated because a lot of Sam's activities that is same as the previous day.
In this chapter, Sam and Lindsay have a fight on the car. Lindsay asks Sam to go out from her car.
At the school's bathroom, Sam meets Anna Cartullo. Anna is Sam's classmate. But, Lindsay hates her so bad. Anna offers Sam to change the shoes with her.

114 December 2017Chapter 4 (The Pugs)13Home18 mins

Some new characters appear in this part. Sam's friend who named Tara Flute, Bethany Harps, and Courtney Walker. She hangs out with them because she has a fight with Lindsay. They many makes up. At the night, they come to Kent's party. This is the third same tragedy.

125 December 2017Chapter 4 (Where It Begins)13Home17 mins

The party in Kent's house happens again. But, there is a difference with the previous party: Sam doesn't want to go home. She wants to stay at Kent's house.

1310 December 2017Chapter 541Car and Jimbaran Restaurant53 mins

I start to feel bored because the same accident happens again and again. It just has several differences between one accident and the other accident.
However, I love the way the writer draw the situation of the story.

1411 December 2017Chapter 6 (Let There be Light - Corrections and Adjustment)15Home21 mins

This is the sixth day Sam always repeats the same story in her life. When she wakes up she realizes that today is Cupid Day (again). Sam plans to change several things today. She wants to save her life and Juliet's life.

1512 December 2017Chapter 6 (The Root and Bud - Ghosts and Heaven)26Home31 mins

In the jungle, Sam looks for Juliet. She tells Juliet not to end her life. Then, Juliet says a lot of things. When I read Juliet's part, I can feel that her life is really frustrating.

1616 December 2017Chapter 7 (And on the Seventh Day - A Miracle of Chance and Coincidence Part 1)11Home14 mins

This is the seventh day of Sam's story. The way the writer draw Sam's life, it makes me feeling like Sam was me. I know that Sam is really frigthened because everything that happens in her life.

1725 December 2017Chapter 721Home28 mins

Finally, I finish to read this book. At the end of story, Sam is dead. But, there are some parts that makes me confused about her death.