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Read By: Ajeng

When first I read the tittle of the novel and looked at the cover, “Bound”, I began questioning and wondering. After I read its short summary, I like the book because it makes me curious. It tells how someone could have two personalities that are really different and how he went through it.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
113 September 2017Sasana: Body Trap11Bedroom20 minutes

There are unconfirmed words such as snares, shackle, cacophonous, indulgence, clatter.

214 September 2017Sasana: Body Trap17Bedroom40 minutes

The story tells about sasana's bitter experience when he was at middle school. The writer, in this part, raised political issue happened in Jakarta related to school authorities.

318 September 2017Besides Sasana10Bedroom20 minutes

The interesting part here is when you read dangdut lyrics which is written in English. In addition, Sasana is shown to have different personality as girl, which in fact based on the story, he is male.

421 September 2017Besides Sasana13Bedroom22 minutes

The story tells sasa's life when he decided to drop out from campus in Malang. He went busking with a man named Cak Jek. Here, the writer created economical issue.

522 September 2017Besides Sasana13Bedroom18 minutes

Sasa changed his appearance into woman! He became dangdut songstar.

622 September 2017Besides Sasana6Bedroom11 minutes

This part is ridiculous because it showed how police officer at that time (around 1990s) was taking advantage and force a "woman" like sasa in Jail.

723 September 2017A fear that Chases13Bedroom20 minutes

Sasa was back to his family at Jakarta. I finally feel relief reading this chapter.

823 September 2017A fear that chases10Bedroom20 minutes

Sasa was insane. He was sent to hospital.

924 September 2017A fear that chases22Bedroom33 minutes

Sasa was free from hospital, but it wasn't true freedom either, he thought.