Diary of a Wimpy Kid : Greg Heffley’s Journal

Jeff Kinney - Amulet Books

Read By: Anna_sant

This is my second choice of book for this Extensive Reading. This book actually have several sequels (if you can call it that) and I just want to read something light. If you know my first choice of book, you would know why.

Here is a sneak peek for you (cause I’m a generous person):

I chose this book because, well, again, the story begins from a long not very long time ago. So, I was at a bookstore and I found this book there. I liked the art style and it looked funny, too, but, I didn’t bring enough money with me that day, so, I placed it back and went home. Several days later, I came back after I collected enough money. Unfortunately for me, the book was not there anymore. It looked like the shop owner or anyone-I-dunno had rearranged the books. I searched it all over the shop, but I couldn’t find it. I came home felt dejected after that.

Now, that I remembered it again, I tried to search the book online (At first, I was going to read a different book from the author that I love-James Herriot or some japanese book). Thanks to a random person online, I got the pdf version and here I am writing why I chose this book. 🙂

A little note here: I’m afraid that the book does not have chapters because it is written as similar as what a diary seemed to be, so, I may write the month and days of the diary.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
121 October 2017September, Week 1 : Monday-Saturday (page 1-20)21Boarding house in the middle of the night; drinking cold milk7 mins

Wow, I like this kid. He is such a witty, sarcastic little piece of sh--eet of paper. Ehem, excusez moi.
Soo, this middle school kid here was insisted by his mother to write on a diary despite his protest that it's too sissy. Then again, he explained that maybe in the future when he is famous, this diary--sorry-journal will come in handy. Famous people have something better to do than answering the same trivial questions again and again, so, instead of answering, he would just throw his journal straight to their faces (he didn't actually write that, but, oh well).
It's impossible for me to not like this book. The art style is good for enhancing the humor and the font is not the old plain TNR but still readable. This book is really made for entertaining! It is definitely what I'll read if I ever felt stressed out.

223 October 2017September Week 2 : Monday-Friday (page 21-40)20A small soto kwali stand10 mins

I feel sad I could not read the continuation yesterday because I felt kind of sick.
The wimpy kid's ordinary-but-funny life continued. I just want to address about how relatable this story can be for some people. For example, Greg's little brother was always protected by their parents even though sometimes he deserved the treatment (according to Greg). I can relate to that as the youngest child, but, I don't think it's because I'm the most spoiled one. It's because I'm the youngest. I think my brothers also had their own time of spoilment (is that even a word?). Just imagine how much attention my oldest brother got because my mother had not been working at the time and did not have to care for other children, while when I was a child, I remembered I got to spend more time with other adults other than my own parents. Still, good times, good times. :D

All in all, I like reading this for it has funny choices of words and some of them make me wonder about my own childhood. How nostalgic. :)

323 October 2017The rest of September (page 41-48)8In front of Microteaching among loud people4 mins

I'm stressed, so I read this again. I want to be away from reality right now. Hahaha.

I chuckled when I read Greg's logic of electing to be a treasury at his school. Also, his dad was excited when he knew his son wanted to run for student government. He gave him the idea of making poster about himself, but Greg interpreted it the wrong way. Instead of advertising himself, he made embarassing things about his opponent for the treasury position. Oh my Lord. XD

424 October 2017October-December (page 49-135)87On my bed lazying around38 mins

Oh no, it's already past half of the book!

I like the part of Halloween and that play about The Wizard of Oz where Greg played as the tree. Both stories are funny and amusing.

What makes me upset about the story is how the MC sometimes thought or acted mean and egoistically, but he was only a kid so I think that's normal. Hope he gets better. It's still funny though. Hehe. :D

525 October 2017January-February (page 136-178)43On campus19 mins

The thought that has stuck on my mind after reading this part is: Zoo-Wee-Mama comic sucks. Making comic is hard. :(

626 October 2017March-June (page 179-217)39Buordinggu Hauseu17 mins

One thing that I like about this part is how Greg and Rowley are back to be friends together after a petty fight. Even though some part of them still have not changed at all, I think they have somewhat improved. At least, Greg did not really care everyone avoids him because of his "Cheese Touch" as long as he can have fun again with his friend. Unfortunately for him though, Rowley got the Class Clown title.