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Read By: Proboningrum

I choose this novel because I fall in love with the mixture of action, romance, and family genre. The main character of this story is Beatrice, a non-self-indulgent girl who turns sixteen and have to choose where she would spend her rest of life in. Will she stay or leave her parents away?

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
111 September 2017Chapter 1 - 418My room (boarding house)1 hour, 30 mins

This chapter is about the introduction of the character: Beatrice, Caleb, Mom, Dad. Beatrice and Caleb turn sixteen so they have to go to the school to learn about five factions with the others. After that, they have to do the aptitude test. The aptitude test result will give them consideration to choose what faction they want to spend their rest of life. Actually Beatrice's family is belong to Abnegation Faction.

Unconfirmed words: Self-indulgent, sways, perplex, knobby-knuckled, growl, tug, stern, chide, falter

213 September 2017Chapter 4 , 55Classroom25 minutes

Actually, the novel and the movie are different. As I've read so far, the novel mention some character that are not mention in the movie (i.e. Susan as Beatrice's neighbour). In the novel, the name Tobias is mentioned at chapter 4 as Abnegation's leader's son. But in the movie, there is no Tobias. The name Tobias is mentioned in the beginning of the second trilogi of this novel named Insurgent.

314 September 2017Chapter 54my room (boarding house)20 minutes

unconfirmed words: tilt, sizzling, grinning, solemn, inclination, traitor, deft, snags, mutters, outraged, nudge.

415 September 2017Chapter 5,66my room (boarding house)30 minutes

I've found "violence words" in every pages so far (from chapter 1 till the end I guess). Thanks :D
unconfirmed words: shudder propels, wrenches, sprawl, pumps, briskly, lean, smear, shins, sobbing, murmured, ledge.

517 September 2017Chapter 6,710my room50 minutes

unconfirmed words; mousy, cuticles, chatter, fumble, howls, rumbles, squint, slouch.

617 September 2017chapter 7, 85my room30 minutes

unconfirmed words; stifles, muffles, squeal, bunk, knitting, throb

718 September 2017chapter 86my room36 minutes

unconfirmed words; scolded, glinting, mischief, endearing, snort, giddy, tugging, embroidery.

819 September 2017chapter 9, 1010my room45 minutes

unconfirmed words; unravels, wrinkles, furtive, yanks, concede, dodges, lurches, crumples, wriggles, jiggling, flesh-toned.

919 September 2017chapter 10-1213my room1 hour 10 mins

unconfirmed words: writhe, puckered, sluggish, hoists, sissies, retorn, bickering, perpendicular, fraternize, warbling.

1019 September 2017chapter 122classroom10 minutes

unconfirmed words; pile, strap, taut, undercurrent, scowl.

1119 September 2017chapter 127my room27 minutes

unconfirmed words; brute, scrawny, forlorn, flirtatious, whines.

1221 September 2017chapter 12, 138my room45 minutes

unconfirmed words; flutter, ladder, strangled, wheeze, gushes, skims, pry, quadruple-pierced, strides, trudge, jeering, rabid.

1330 September 2017chapter 13-1511hospital waiting room1 hour

in this part, all the initiates prepare the day before Visiting Day. Tomorrow they'll meet their family.

143 October 2017chapter 15-167classroom40 minutes

- Four meets Beatrice's mom for the first time.
- There is Cara, Will's older sister. I hate Cara.
- Beatrice's father's quote: "The best way to help someone is just to be near them."

1510 October 2017Chapter 16, 1720my room1 hour 20 minutes

- Al and Christina said that they learnt to read body language in Candor. They knew that Tris hiding something from them.
- Tris is concluded in Topten rank.
- Drew and Peter tried to kill Edward who placed the first rank.
- Quote: "I believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another."
- Tris jumped from 100th floor.
- Tris got new friends.

1611 October 2017Chapter 188my lovely room50 minutes

In this chapter, Tris did the simulation test. She past the test three times earlier than the other initiates.
Four's body languages are different than before. He looks so gentle, nice ;)
Start from this chapter, I think Tris feels something to Four.

1712 October 2017Chapter 19&2011my lovely bed30 mins

- Some friends questioning why Tris and her brother leave their faction.
- Four drank and said that Tris looked good and different.
- Tris was so surprised.
- Four knew that Tris is divergent (from test result. But then he delete it). He helped Tris. Interesting :D

1813 October 2017Chapter 213my next door friends' bed15 mins

- Erudite ( the inteligent faction) has released two articles about Abnegation (the selfless faction) of hoarding goods.

1914 October 2017Chapter 22, 2310 pagesmy lovely bed35 mins

- As Tris got first rank, her friends (Al, Drew, Peter) tried to kill her. But then Four helped Tris so that she saved. Four than brought Tris to his room and took care of her pain.
- Al, Drew, and Peter did that because they afraid of being factionless because Tris reached first rank so that thing can make their rank down.
- Knowing what have happend to Tris, then Christina and Al protected her.
- In this chapter, Four showed his care to Tris.
"Even though he saved me, he treated me like I was strong. That is all I need to know."

2015 October 2017Chapter 248 pagesmy lovely room50 minutes

Being failed to kill Tris, one night Al jumped to the chasm. In the morning, all the initiates got him died. Tris can't believe it. She hates Al after he tried to kill her. But she feels so bad losing Al. Why did Al do this? Was he afraid of factionless? Why did he end his life?
Tris feels so sad. Then Four there, accompanies Tris. He said that this is not her fault. He then hugs Tris, kisses her forehead. Tris feels there is an electricity when she besides Four. She doesn't know that feeling. She only knows that she feels comfort near Four.

2116 October 2017chapter 259 pagesmy lovely bed1 hour

That night, Tris, Christina, and Will did something fun. They went to the railway above the chasm, place where Al ended his life yesterday. They then throw away the magazines and newspaper to the water. Those articles were about Tris's father- leader of Abnegation who was blamed to corrupt. Erudite made that articles. They hate Abnegation. This is because the leader of all the factions is from Abnegation.
That night, after done that fun, Tris and Four passed the simulation of fears together.

2217 October 2017Chapter 26 - 2816 pageson the floor, behind the door1 hour 15 mins

Surprise.. surprise. The romance begins now!
Tris and Four, the couple that I ship, walked to the chasm that night. Hand by hand, they walked through the rock until they found a perfect place to have a serious conversation. Finally, Four told to Tris that he liked her. Tris felt so surprised because actually she liked him too. They than do "it" there (wait.. I mean "kiss") wkwk.
The next day, Tris met Caleb, her brother who chose Erudite.

2318 October 2017chapter 283Mbak Amanda's house17 minutes

coming back from Erudite, Tris have a serious conversation with Eric. He interrogated her. Then Four came and said that Tris tried to kiss him but he rejected, that's why Tris run away from their place. Four lied to protect Tris. Being convinced by both of them, Eric left them at that room with loud laugh.

2419 October 2017chapter 286my room25 minutes

Tris and Four went to the city by train. Four said that he is good in computer. He knew that there is something between Erudite and Dauntless. Erudite used Dauntless to have a war with Abnegation (the faction that controls the government).

2520 October 2017chapter 346my home28 mins

In this part, Jeanine, The Minister of Erudite knew that Tris and Tobias are Divergent. She created new serum that can make Dauntless soldier unconcious of what they did. Jeanine used Dauntless soldiers to attack Abnegation.

2621 October 2017chapter 355my home24 mins

Tris's mother died because she tried to protect Tris from Dauntless soldiers' fire at her.

2722 October 2017chapter 36, 37, 3817 pagesmy home1 hour

-Being attacked by Dauntless soldiers, the Abnegation moved to safe their life.
-Knowing what Jeanine did, Caleb than escaped from Erudite. He then tried to find Tris, his sister. Tris, Father, and Caleb were together again after several months being separated.
-Tris said to her father and Marcus that Dauntless soldiers were in stimulation of Erudite's serum. They did not know what they've done.
-Then they went to the Dauntless secret place to control the program to release the Dauntless soldiers from the effect of serum. But then in the way to go to that place, Tris' father died. He was shot by a soldier in his entire body.

2823 October 2017chapter 396 pagesmy room at dorm28 mins

- When Tris arrived to secret place to control the computer programme, she saw Tobias there. He run the programme as well as what Jeanine asks him.
- Tobias was under the effect of the serum. He couldn't recognize Tris. He tried to shoot Tris.
- Tris then fight him. She than asked Tobias to wake up from that condition. Tobias than woke up and he kissed Tris.
- Caleb than took Tobias place to uninstalled the programme.
- All the Dauntless soldiers than released from the effect of serum.
- Jeanine escaped.
- Tris, Tobias, Caleb, and Marcus than moved to the other place to save their life. Tris and Tobias are Divergent. Eric and the other soldiers have known that. Someday, they'll try to find them.