Danielle Steel - Bantam Press

Read By: dindhadwiam

This is the actual cover of the book that I read.

This is my 3rd choice after River God and Fifty Shades of Grey. I decided to read this book because it tells about an interfaith couple in World War I. I am interested in history and love stories. Although it is a historical fiction, I still consider it as history.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
112 September 2017Chapter 1 (11-17)7My room10 minutes

I could read and understand the reading easily. However, I found some unfamiliar words like rabbi, heirs, and respite.

221 September 2017Chapter 1 (18-39)22My room39 minutes

The love story begins and I am excited!!! I visualize the characters in my mind all the time.

324 September 2017Chapter 2 & 3 (40-70)30My room52 minutes

The problems appear. The love story is getting complicated. It upsets me. Anyway, I feel there is no unconfirmed word.

426 September 2017Chapter 3-424Ajeng's room40 minutes

When I was reading, it was about to rain at that time. The gloomy day brought me to the situation in the book even further. Beata, the Jewish girl from Germany, left her house because her father was mad at her. She fought for Antoine, a Catholic French man.

526 September 2017Chapter 4 (95-104)10My room20 minutes

There are some unconfirmed words such as synagogue, communion, and mairie.

62 October 2017Chapter 4-5 (106-136)31My room1 hour

They got married😭.
Unconfirmed words : gnawed, profoundly, scolded, and nagging.

76 October 2017Chapter 5-6 (137-152)16Indonesian Red Cross Society batch Solo26 minutes

Beata and Antoine had a child named Amadea. They moved to Germany because the war was over.
Unconfirmed words : waltzed, beamed, albeit, and crumbling.

87 October 2017Chapter 6-7 (152-197)45On motorbike, when I was on my way to Wonogiri1 hour, 26 mins

I WAS SHOOK. Antoine was dead so suddenly. The marriage is not long enough. Beata had been devastated and so had I. It's such a disaster :(( it's painful. They deserved to be happy though.
However, Beata had started to be close with her mother. Her mother wanted to come to visit Beata and her two children.

97 October 2017Chapter 8-9 (198-222)25Somewhere in Wonogiri1 hour

Beata's mother had died. It's even worseeee.
I feel so devastated.
Why though :( .

107 October 2017Chapter 10-11 (223-244)22My room50 minutes

After Beata's mother had died, her first daughter, Amadea, asked her permission to become a nun.
Beata didn't want it to happen because it means Amade will leave home and live separately with them.
From this chapter, I realized what "echoes" means.
The pain that Beata felt was as the same as what her mother had felt. What Amadea did was as the same as what Beata had done. There were repetitions and it felt like de javu.
I cried a river like a big baby. I felt as if I was Beata. The pain she felt couldn't leave my mind.

1110 October 2017Chapter 12 (245-255)11My room32 minutes

Nazis had started vanishing the Jews. Beata was worried about her family.
This made me felt a little bit curious, but I was sleepy so I slept.

1211 October 2017Chapter 12-14 (255-279)24Kedai Kepo47 minutes

There were repetitions written by the author. Fortunately I'm not bored yet. I still want to know what would happen.
In this part, Nazis had already taken some Europian countries. Beata met her former maid who recognized her. Seems this would get more complicated.

1312 October 2017Chapter 14-17 (280-315)36My room1 hour, 11 minutes

Nazis had taken Beata and Daphne. Few months later, Amadea, Beata's first daughter was also taken by Nazis after she had been out of the convent.
Things were getting complicated. I'm angry yet numb. The Nazis were so cruel.

1412 October 2017Chapter 17-19 (316-385)70My room2 hours

There's no more Beata and Daphne. Amadea had been trapped in a camp until finally he could escape to Czech, Prague, and then France.
I am just disappointed that the writer doesn't explain more about Beata and Daphne, knowing that Beata was the main character.
Everyone had died. There were full tortures and fear.
Yet this book is addicting, I haven't watched some movies due to this book. I just hope something good will happen in the next part, not a despair.

1513 October 2017Chapter 19-21 (386-411)26My room41 minutes

Amadea was in France. She met a guy, then they fell in love.
Afterwards, the guy died by the explosion. She was in grief, like her mother had been.
I think this is also the echo.
This is sad, though. The writer should let the characters happy for a long time.
The real life doesn't happen as we what expect sometimes. Then why same thing goes in a fiction.
That's my opinion, though. I go too emotional. Sorry.

1614 October 2017Chapter 22-23 (412-445)34My room1 hour, 16 minutes

Amadea was on mission.
I still wonder what will happen. I just hope she wouldn't come back as a nun when the war was over.
She deserves to have a family. Let's see.

1714 October 2017(Chapter 23-26) 446-47732My room51 minutes

Amadea was not able to walk. She was wounded because of an explosion. She sat in the wheelchair. Rupert, her partner in the mission, came visiting her.
She helped Rupert to take care of 12 children who had been the victims of Nazis.

I was shocked that Amadea was paralysed. I was hopeless and thinking that the story would have a sad ending.

1814 October 2017Chapter 26-28 (478-492)15My room30 minutes

Amadea lived with 12 children and one nanny while Rupert went on a mission. It'd been long enough for them to get knowing each others which made them fell in love. Rupert was on mission for about three months and it made Amadea worried. Surprisingly, he came home and Amadea could walk again. They got married and hopefully they lived happily ever after.

I love the ending. At least Amadea didn't get any more torture and sorrow. She deserved to be happy.
What I am sad about is that I don't know what happened to Beata and Daphne. They were taken by Nazis but there was no clue whether or not they lived.
However, this story is awesome.
I don't want it to come to an end, though. It feels like my soul still stucks in the story.

The end.