Eleanor & Park

Rainbow Rowell - The Orion Publishing Book Ltd

Read By: yulia primitasari

I choose this book because I find that many people on the blog recommend this story, and from what I read on the review of this book, I think that this book is good. After I search more about this book, I just know that the cover is so beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚ so I decided to choose this book.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
112 September 2017Chapter 114 wordsBoarding House, Kinasih 2an hour

The first chapter of the book, I think that it is interesting because the setting is on the school bus. And I find that the story is funny and it reminds me of my school days.

215 September 2017Chapter 420 pagesBoarding House, Kinasih 245 minutes

From the second chapter until fourth I find that this novel has two point of view, because in chapter 1 it tells from Park's side, chapter 2 about Eleanor's side, and chapter 3 back again about Park's side etc. So, I think that it is new and interesting for me because I can understand more about how the figures' feel in deeply in every chapter and situation in that story.

unfamiliar words: unhinged, retarded

326 September 2017Chapter 821 pagesBoarding House50 minutes

until this chapter, the story makes me curious about Eleanor's life. Because, it tells that Eleanor is not really close to her dad, and I find that she get kick out from her family one year ago. And I am also curious about why she and her family move from their old house.

unfamiliar words: stood, gouged, dobak, pen pals

42 October 2017Chapter 1016 pagesboarding house30 minutes

Finally, I got the answers of my curiousity from the previous chapter. It tells why Eleanor isn't close to her dad (because he is her stepdad and she isn't agree about her mom marriage). And I just know that although Eleanor got hate from her friends she is good at reading a poem. so from this story I know some the tittle of the poem. Other that, I also find the interaction between Park and Eleanor is cute, because I just realize that until this chapter they did not talk to each other although they are sit side by side on the bus every day and in the same class for 3 courses and also interest in each other.

53 October 2017Chapter 118 pagescampus15 minutes

I am surprised because I just know that Eleanor's dad is an emotinal person and he do violence to his wife (Eleanor's mom). I feel pity to Eleanor and her brothers because they can not do anything until their parents stop fighting.
And I am happy because finally Eleanor and Park speak to each other just because a comic, :)

67 October 2017Chapter 12 - chapter 1426 pagesBoarding House42 minutes

The interaction between Eleanor and Park is cute. I feel bored in Chapter 14 :(

Unfamiliar word:
twerpy, frowned, jocular, trifling, grinned

713 October 2017Chapter 15 - chapter 1736 pagesbedroom, boarding house43 minutes

Eleanor and Park are so cute. I like their interaction so much. I like them, hope that the ending is not disappointed.

814 October 2017Chapter 1816 pagesBedroom15 minutes

In one chapter, it just tell about how eleanor asking Park's phone number. And I find it was the best step that Eleanor did until now :) cute

Unfamiliar word:
Inbred, crabapples

915 October 2017Chapter 1941 pagesBedroom35 minutes

The words "I love you" from Park changes everything about them. I predict that it is going to difficult for them. :(

1020 October 2017Chapter 207 pagesSmall shop10 minutes

Just tell about the movie that eleanor's family watch. Feel bored for the half of the chapter. :(

1121 October 2017Chapter 20- chapter 2453 pagesBoarding houseAn hour

Love love for eleanor and park relationship. Go away eleanor's stepdad