Rainbow Rowell - St. Martin's Press

Read By: Rizki azizah

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111 September 2017Chapter 17In the Bedroom14 mins

I was so surprised that the start of the story is out of my prediction. I thought that the story would be mostly focussed on how addicted she was to something/ someone, but there was another problem maybe bigger that she had to overcome. After I read page by page, I got so many question about why she acted in that way, Was there any old occurance that made her traumatic, or something that had ruined her life so she turned into a girl like that.

212 September 2017Chapter 2- 321 pagesIn the Bedroom40 mins

In this chapter, I've found Cath, the main character of this novel,, was a shy and indifferent girl. She was reluctant to make interaction with new people. She had problem adapting in new place. She tended to be passive in making friend realatonship even with her roomate. Compared with his twin, Wren, her social life looked really weird and uncommon. It just makes me more curious about the reason behind it.

313 September 2017Chapter 412Bedroom20 mins

This chapter talked about the different type between Cath and Wren. Cath still lived in her own way, no social interaction even she was lived in that boarding house almost a month, she never ate at dinner hall because she did not know where the place was. So, she just ate protein bar that her Dad gave. In her free time, she used it for continuing her writing fancfic. Instead, Wren had had a new friend. They have hang up to anywhere.

415 September 2017Chapter 5- 836Bedroom70 mins

The reason why I took a long time to read much pages because Cath finally found a new friend, or called it project partner. The subject she took had a task to write a story. It made Cath and Nick often looked together, although that was for working in their project, For Cath, it was relieved, after having broken up with his old boyfriend maybe Nick could be a good friend of hers.

518 September 2017Chapter 8-918Bedroom39 mins

I found it hard to understand the story altogether since the writer used more unknown word for me, but I did still know the plot of this chapter. This chapter, the writer tried to give an innovation with the presence of Levi, Cath's rommate boyfriend. He was so friendly and take care of Cath. That makes me more excited to read.

620 October 2017Chapter 9- 1126Bedroom78 mins

The chapters lead to a problematic case, how the main character faced and solved her problem. That's good to know that she had an unique way to express her feeling in the right way. She got a problem with her assignment, something that she would never imagine it would happen to her. It was stressed her out. I was surprised that she finally shared what she felt with Levi, instead of Nick. Fyi, for that time she couldn't talk with Wren because Wren was drunk. She felt dissappointed too with Wren.

722 September 2017Chapter 11-1332Bedroom59 mins

These chapters just talked mostly about her fanfic, and I don't get any idea why the writer loaded it as it is so essential. The scene was Levi asked Cath to read some chapters of the story she wrote. It finished as Cath's roomate came and opened the door.

826 September 2017Chapter 13- 1736Bedroom100 mins

The story started to come up with love scene. At first, I know that they would get involved a heart matters. Firstly, Levi was messing up with himself because the next day he had an essential test. He was waiting for Reagen, but she did not come in a long time. He asked Cath help him study. After a tough fight, she finally helped him. Then, the writer gave a surprising scene that express that they both had a special feeling. But i don't know. it just happened in short time. They finally broke up as fast as it should not be. Hopefully they could at least found a way back.

930 September 2017Chapter 17- 1934Bedroom81 mins

It had not reached into a solution yet, she was still mad at him and avoided him as far as she could. I just wonder and fully hope that he really had an acceptable reason of doing that cheating.

103 October 2017Chapter 2014Bedroom26 mins

The second problem had risen. It's about her mother that had left her for a long time came in sudden. Cath still hated her so much, but Wren did not. It made a fight between them

1115 October 201721-2563Bedroom102 minutes

Cath and Wren still were not really talking, eventhough they were at home taking care of their Dad. Dad was sick, Cath really worried about that. She can't left her Dad alone. When she had a chance to talk to her Dad personally, she uttered that she wanted to stay home and just studied at the campus near her house. Her dad was not easily approve it, although eventually he asked to stay one semester more.
After she came back in her dorm and live a life as a college student, she got an D at a major she had problem before, but luckily after a quite complicated talking with her lecturer,she got a chance to make her score up.
The interesting part of this chapter is in chapter 23 which told about lovey dovey stuff between her and Levi. Finally, she gave him a chance to come back.. and they really made up.

1217 October 201725-2724Bedroom62 mins

Levi started to go further on the relationship, he encouraged himself to drive Cath home and met her Dad. Because the weather was bad, he stayed on Cath's home. They were just talking about their family, letting they know deeperly each other.

1319 October 2017289Bedroom24 mins


1420 October 201729- 3122Homeee :))37 mins

The things I like in these chapters;
Firstly, I like Levi calling her "sweetheart". I dont know. It such a soft and romantic call. It built a new perception on how their romance will go on. It indicated that he loved her deeply and wanted to protect her as well as he could.
Secondly, I've misunderstood about the character of Cath the writer gave. I am just focussed on how lonely she was and how apathetic she behaved. But in these chapter, the writer revealed the other side of Cath. When Wren had alcohol poisoning, she took care of her eventhough she still mad at her so bad. She also took care of her Dad. It seemed like she took over what her mom should do in that such a condition. That's overwhelming!!!!

1528 October 201731-3330Restaurant "WS"42 mins

It just about they got double date; Cath with Levi, Wren and Jandro. I am regretted reading the chapter :((

1629 October 201733-3842Homeeee :))))121 mins

Actually i've done reading this book :)) yeahhh finallyyy I am so pleased...
It's nice to find out an answer before the writer decided to end this book up. Beforehand, I was wondering about Nick, Cath's writing partner who has stole her writing ideas. It was so relieved, it just came like the writer knows me well, he answered it by showing Nick in condition of he begged Cath to be his partner anymore. Shamelessly. Then, the other thing that I am still confused is about the relation between the title of the book and the content of the story. I am still wondering if the content just goes further from the title, but at the very end, the writer showed how her writing fanfiction of Simon Snow was her life. But, i am extremely dissappointed with the ending of the story :((( It's just far from being adorable, it didn't come out to be something worth. Pfffft