Fast Food Nation

Eric Schlosser - Penguin Book

Read By: Proboningrum

This book was about American Food Industry that spread all over the world. Who knows that the success of American Food Industry- especially Fast Food was begun to adjust the inflation.

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19 December 2017Chapter 15 pagesIiving room20 mins

This book contained so much information that most of people didn't know the facts about fast food.
-Fast food was begun with a handful of modest hot dog and humbergers which stood in southern California.
-Who knows that the growth of fast food industry has been driven by fundamental changes in American society. Adjusted for inflation, women entered the workforce by need to pay the bill. That made the role of women as a housewife decreased; cooking, cleaning, child care.
-that made them chose to buy fast food than to cook. Today, about a half of the money used to buy food is spent at restaurant- mainly at fast food restaurant.

210 December 2017Chapter 14 pagesDining room20 mins

- I was amazed knowing the fact that McDonald's Corporation has responsibilities for 90% of the country's new jobs. In 1968 it operated 1000 restaurants. Now, it operated 30.000 restaurants in worldwide and open almost 2000/year.
- The company earns the majority of its profit not from selling the food but from collecting rent.

311 December 2017Chapter 12 pagesDorm8 mins

- family farms are now being replaced by gigantic corporate farms with absentee owners.
- The nature of mass consumption (because the ingredients already frozen, canned, dehydrated, and freeze dried.

412 December 2017Chapter 13 pagesDorm10 mins

It's about Carl N. Karcher : one of fast food industry's pioneers. He was born on Ohio in 1917. He was a farmer who then worked as a driver at a bakery, selling the bread all over the city. He then bought a cart to sell hot dog and chilli dog by himself (not as an employee). By the time goes he then bought the second cart and sold the hot dog with his wife with their sleeping child in the car. They sold the hot dog while the daughter was sleeping.

514 December 2017Chapter 2 & 320 pagesUNS Library24 mins

Richard & Maurice McDonald left for New Hampshire for Southern California. They were really hard workers. Started to leave their hometown and by the time goes they could build a restaurant together named McDonald's

615 December 2017Chapter 4, 530 pagesSekre ESA40 mins

Enterpreneur from all over the country went to San Bernardino visited the New McDonald's and bulid imitation of the restaurant in their hometown.
McDonald's owners were really kind allowing them imitate their restaurant because they believed their customer know which one is the best.

718 December 2017chapter 6 & 740 pagesUNS Library50 mins

Carl Karcher Enterprises was built in Anaheim. in 1980's CKE went public and opened Carl's Jr restaurants in Texas.

818 December 2017Chapter 710 pagesLobby of E building15 mins

Lamb Weston in American Falls, Idaho, is one of the biggest fry factories in the world and makes french fries for McDonald's.

919 December 2017Chapter 8, 9, 1037 pagesDorm40 mins

The fast food industry did not gain any new customers in the US during 2000. It was because mad cow disease. McDonald's profits fell in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and US.