Fast From The Gate

Michael Hardcastle - Methuen's Children Books Ltd

Read By: Yudhist

I chose this book because I’m really interested in the stroy. I can relate to the story because of my passion for motorcycles. The book has 110 pages and I hope can finish this book on time.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
112 September 2017Chapter 120 PagesDorm1 hour

The story of the book is introduced well and makes me unterested in reading the book more.

212 September 2017Chapter 210 PagesDorm1 hour

The way the characters is introduced is really nice

326 September 2017Chapter 3 & 424 PagesDorm1 hour

The problem that faced by the main character starts to build up and the story is getting interesting

430 September 2017Chapter 4 & 55 pagesDorm30 minutes

Lee is still strugling to find his bike.

52 October 2017Chapter 5 & 615 pagesDorm1 hour

The invistigation of Lee and Joanne is started.

68 October 2017Chapter 6, 7, & 8.35 pagesDorm1 hour

I finally finished reading the book. Leee Parnaby finally can get his bike back. And won the Intermediate Championship with his co-first-winner, Nathan Pike.