Five on A Treasure Island

Enid Blyton - Hodder & Stoughton

Read By: Nur hanifah

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
124 November 2017Chapter 13 pagesCampus10 mins

it's so funny book.about children's adventure.I had read the first chapter.,first chapter introduce the characters in this book. 3 children named Julian,dick,and Anne.they all were so attractive.

228 November 2017Chapter 2 & 34-13At home30 mins

Unique lonely little girl named Georgina,but she want called as George because she hate being a girl.At first,I judge her negatively because she was rude and ill-mannered.but I was surprised knowing the reasons why she became like that.I guess that it would be nice story the next

31 December 201714-218At home10 mins

Start to know each other.each of them were nice children.having kind heart.i love them all.Now I can learn that we can't judged somebody else easily, because we don't know what situation they faced or what condition people deal with.

42 December 201722-3110At boarding school10 mins

They love,share,and play together.full of joy.i just recalling about my childhood where I do really like hang out with other children to explore the beauty of nature.moreover,I lived in village so that there are so many places that I and my friend went nostalgic😄

53 December 201732-376At boarding school10 mins

Start having adventure in Kirrin island,queer and mysterious island with nobody lived there.Four children and Timothy(George's dog) they found so many excitement.

64 December 201738-4710At boarding school15 mins

How brave they are.after just getting to the island.the weather change extremely.its completely bad weather.big storm,great wind,and fierce thunder made them little bit frightened.

78 December 201748-536At campus10 mins

Exploring the old wreck in Kirrin island, till finally they found a wooden box.the children don't open the wooden box yet,it had been taken by uncle Quentin..ohh poor children ..they tried to get it back.and they do😁

89 December 201754-574At boarding school5 mins

Opening the mysterious box.inside lay some old paper and book with a black cover.i just thought that was bar of gold.the map was talking about Kirrin castle which located in Kirrin there any worthful stuff?hemm

910 December 201758-8023At boarding school35 mins


1010 December 2017Page 58-8022 pagesAt home2 hours

Somebody was going to buy the won't let it happen.finally George learned that she'd has been much nicer if she hadn't been on her own so learned many things from Julian, Dick,and Anne.

1111 December 2017Page 80-11535 pagesAt home1 hours

Finally, I finished this book. This part gave what I really want so much.the real adventure of them showed fascinatingly. They have unpredictable adventure. Before this part I just could guess exactly what happened the next,and it always goes true. However,it's not going the same when I try guess this part. Their story beyond my imagination. Once again,I just felt that they all were real and alive.the same feeling when I was read the kite runner,my first book . How nice it is. I just can't move my eyes and body till I really finished this book. Before it, I just underestimate that it would be boring at last. apparently it's not.Yeay😁

1215 December 20171-1515 pagesAt home30 mins

Knowing that five famous have several series. So that I continued having the five famous story again. this time, the second series have title " Five go adventuring again". The characters still the same with the firts series, the story continuing what had happened in the first series. The children became one year older than in the first series. Honestly, this second series actually continuing the first series, but I feel that something goes inconsistently. Fortunately it just a few part, so it doesn't matter. Read it again and again .

1316 December 2017Page 16-3216 pagesAt home20 mins

The idea of having lesson with a tutor during holiday sounds so bad for them..yes absolutely, they can't go freely adventuring. It begins due to the children have some weakness on several subjects like math,latin ,and french. How poor you all guys. One more bad thing is that the tutor was chosed by uncle quentin. The children having bad prediction about the tutor.

1417 December 2017Page33-5126 pagesAt home30 mins

The four children with Timothy( dog) have the adventure again.this time is not Kirrin island, but Kirrin farmhouse. Honestly, this part is not really impress a lot. The adventure just goes normally, nothing happen with surprisingly. Fortunately this part is not take too long,just a few part. So I can continued to another with a hope that I could fine something more interesting on the next pages.

1518 December 2017Page 52-6210 pagesAt home30 mins

First day of having lesson with tutor. All of them except George have good impression with the tutor ( Mr.Roland). The reason why is that Mr Roland didn't like dog, and George couldn't accept it. So that, once again George showed her fierce manner to Mr Roland. Unknown why, Timothy (dog) also have the same behaviour like George. What's going on, why? No body know..