Richelle Mead - Razorbill, The Penguin Group

Read By: Saaindah

Hello, this is my second book. Uhm, I have re-read the first book. Now I am going to read the next one which entitled Frostbite. The first thing that came up to my mind was that I can’t wait. I am really really curious about what will happen to Rose and Lisa’s journey facing the bad vampire, Strigoi.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
112 October 2017Prologue - Chapter 2 (4-29)8.568 wordsBoardinghouse1 hour

In this second book, my curiosity went up again because the conflict had appeared in the chapter two. Can’t wait to read it again, but it’s a pity I am getting sleepy right now.

214 October 2017Chapter 3 - 10 (30-109)25.851 wordsBoardinghouse2 hours

Well, the conflict that showed up in this was family thing between Rose and her mother. I‘ve got some new words in this; also the writer wrote the description things nicely.

324 October 2017Chapter 11 - 13 (110-139)9.581 wordsBoardinghouse40 minutes

The terror has begun. All the students and their parents got attack when they were on vacation.

428 October 2017Chapter 14 - 17 (140-181)12.938 wordsBoardinghouse55 minutes

Finally, they found someone who can use spirit just like Lissa. The attack still makes the students and their parents afraid to go out.