Ghost Stories

Rosemary Border - Oxford University Press

Read By: noviaardishanti

The title of this book challenges me to read.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
112 November 2017Chapter 1 (Smee)15 pagesIn my boarding house21 minutes

This book has six ghost stories. While I was reading the first chapter, I imagined if I experienced the Smee game myself. To me, the Smee game is a new kind of game. I never think about that game before.

213 November 2017Chapter 2 (The Judge’s House)20 pagesStarbucks Solo Paragon30 minutes

I surprised that the student, John Moore, was killed by the ghost.

320 November 2017Chapter 3 (The Stranger in the Mist)9 pagesIn my boarding house13 minutes

Fortunately, Giles was still alive after meeting the strange old man.

421 November 2017Chapter 4 (The Confession of Charles Linkworth)15 pagesIn my boarding house21 minutes

Teesdale and Draycott felt the spirit of Linkworth. He wanted to make confession and asked Teesdale to call Mr. Dawkins, the prison chaplain, to pray for him.

521 November 2017Chapter 5 (The Ghost Coach)13 pagesIn my boarding house14 minutes

I have no words to say, but this story makes me worried about the man.

621 November 2017Chapter 6 (Fullcircle)14 pagesIn my boarding house20 minutes

I’m confused with this chapter. I’m not really sure that I understand the story of this chapter.