Goosebumps: Say Cheese and Die!

R.L. Stine - Scholastic

Read By: dindhadwiam

This is my third book. I’ve looked for some interesting books since I’d done reading my second book. I’ve read some novels, but when it came to some pages, I found that they were not so interesting. Finally I decided to read Goosebumps series. It’s my favorite book when I was in junior highschool (since I hadn’t read anything else😂). I’m happy that I can read the other series, since I just read two or three series only back then. This is the fourth series.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
124 October 2017Chapter 1-627In front of Lab 233 minutes

There was a small town named Pitts Landing. It had quiet streets and old houses. Greg, Michael, Shari, and Doug (Bird) are friends. One day, they had boredom, so they decided to walk around until they found an old house. They came into the house and looked around. However, there were some strange things which they thought Spidey owned them. Spidey was an old creepy guy who lived in that house. Greg found a camera and that's the beginning of disasters.

I laughed and felt frightened at the same time reading this chapter. The description of the characters was funny. However, when the adventure has begun, my heart felt like it was beating 1000 times per second!

224 October 2017Chapter 7-1120Ajeng's room24 minutes

They escaped from the old house before Spidey came down the basement. Greg decided to bring the camera with him. However, many bad things happened. If the camera is used to take a picture, the picture would show bad things that were most likely to happen related to the object in it.

I enjoy the story so much. The words which are used are quite familiar.

324 October 2017Chapter 12-2142My room45 minutes

Greg faced many problems due to the camera. Many bad things happened. His father got an accident, Bird was smashed by a ball while playing games, and Shari was missing. He also found his room was messed up. Someone looked for that camera. He wanted to ask help to his friends to return it.

I wondered what would happen.

424 October 2017Chapter 22-3142My room49 minutes

Greg was confused. He tore out the picture of Shari while she's missing. After that, Shari was back. Greg's friends didn't want to help him because they were too afraid, so that he asked Shari to help him. While they came into the house, Spidey was there. He told the story behind the camera. The camera was cursed by his friend, so Spidey felt he was responsible to keep it. However, Spidey didn't let those two kids to leave. They took a picture of Spidey, then he died.
The camera was put in the same place before it was taken. Greg and Shari felt relieved. Unfortunately, two naughty kids named Joey Ferris and Mickey Ward took it.

It's the end of the story. I think it will be continued in the other series. I was a little bit afraid reading it because it was midnight.