Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

J. K. Rowling - Bloomsbury

Read By: nastitisaputri

  • I have watched all of the films of Harry Potter series even though I’m not a Potterhead -The Harry Potter series fans-, I also haven’t read all of the books though. I was just have read the first book -Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone-, even I have not done yet.

I got to read the book -Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-, thanks to this ER activity. I really look forward to read the book, obviously, because I wished to since years. I choose this book because it’s the last edition of the series, it means that the others won’t get too confuse because the ending will be seen later -I wish I can finish reading the book-

Well, I seriously love the book and I wish some of you will share the same interest as me too.


NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
112 September 2017Chapter 19Living room30 minutes

So far, I enjoy reading this chapter

213 September 2017Chapter 27Class20 minutes

I tried to read while the lecturer hasn't coming yet, but I still found it difficult to read in between noisy place.

313 September 2017Chapter 2 and Chapter 313Living room5 minutes

I tried to read before I go to sleep, but I ended up being sleepy.

414 September 2017Chapter 3, 4, and 528NH's Library70 minutes

Unconfirmed words: ominously, indignantly

520 September 2017Chapter 5 and Chapter 623E Building's Lobby74 minutes

Unconfirmed words: scullery, avasively, nauseated

620 September 2017Chapter 6 and Chapter 717NH's Library50 minutes

Unconfirmed words: chortled, ruefully

725 September 2017Chapter 7 and Chapter 821NH's Library70 minutes

Unconfirmed words: mollified

825 September 2017Chapter 911NH's Library35 minutes

It was the first attempt for Harry, Hermione, and Ron to hide. But, they were followed by Death Eaters. Luckily, they can eacaped.

926 September 2017Chapter 1019NH's Library75 minutes

This chapter felt different compared with the movie. I can clearly felt what Kreacher has felt toward his masters. I used to not really like him, but since this chapter, I gained a new feeling about him. He is so loyal.

1026 September 2017Chapter 1113NH's Library50 minutes

Unconfirmed words: aghast

115 October 2017Chapter 11 and Chapter 127NH's Library17 minutes

Umconfirmed word: unkempt

129 October 2017Chapter 1215NH's Library53 minutes

Harry, Hermione, and Ron tried to look for one Horcrux which is in the Ministry of Magic. The locket in which a piece of soul of Voldemort wore by Dolores Umbrige.

1311 October 2017Chapter 1316Living room47 minutes

I felt so excited to read this chapter. Harry, Hermione, and Ron were still trying to find the horcrux. Good thing, they can get it back even though they were spotted. It was so cool, they can manage to escaped even though they were surrounded by many Death Eaters. This time, they have to find the way to destroy the horcrux.

1414 October 2017Chapter 14 - The Thief12Living room27 minutes

It's about Harry, Hermione, and Ron who were hiding into a forest. For the numerous time, Harry slipped into Voldemort's mind. But, he found it strange because Voldemort didn't ask Gregorovitch, about he and Harry's core wand, the last time they met, his wand was acted by itself to protect Harry from Voldemort's spell. Voldemort wants something else.

1514 October 2017Chapter 15 - The Goblin's Revenge20Bedroom48 minutes

The frustration Ron felt has come to its limit. He left Harry and Hermione, he was tired to be on a fruitless journey, moreover, he was worried with his family. The wizarding worlds has gotten so conflicted, everyone was pushed to follow the Ministry and Magic new regime in which Voldemort has took over.

1614 October 2017Godric's Hollow14Bedroom35 minutes

Finally, Harry and Hermione took a step to go to Godric's Hollow. Hopinto to find somthing they desire. The truth and hints about the other horcrux.

1714 October 2017Chapter 17 Bathilda's Secret15Bedroom33 minutes

As much as I love Harry, I also have to say that I hate him. I hate how he looks so weak and unpersistant. This chapter tells that Harry and Hermione were nearly captured by Voldemort, they were trapped.

1814 October 2017Chapter 18 & 1928Bedroom65 minutes

At the end, Ron was able to come back. He was sorry and tried to find Harry and Hermione. Like a fate, they met eventually. Ron saved Harry when he sank in the pool, Harry was trying to take Griffindor's sword. He didn't know why, but a certain patronus, doe, lead him to the sword. And both finally got to destroy the locket in which a piece of soul of the Dark Lord laid.

1916 October 2017Chapter 20, 21, and 2246Living room136 minutes

Those chapters gave me so much chill. Harry, Hermione, and Ron tried to dig up the truth of the triangle sign in the book which Dumbledore has left to Hermione. They visited Xenophilius Lovegood to ask him about it, but something strange was all over him that day. He seemed unfocused, they ended up know the reason. After Xenophilius told them about the sign which he believed is the symbol of Deathly Hallows, he pushed them to stay, trapped them, so that the Death Eaters would catch him and brought back his beloved daughter who was taken by the Death Eaters, Luna.

2020 October 2017Chapter 23, 24, 25, & 2676Bedroom168 minutes

The important scene happened for these chapters were the scene of Dobby -the house elf in which Harry sets free- saved them when they were captured and trapped in the Malfoy house, sadly, Dobby was dead, it was so emotional.
And the second scene was, of course, when Harry, Ron, and Hermione went to the Gringotts -the wizard's bank- and took the horcrux which was saved in Lestrange's vault. It was a total chaos, but they managed to escape by using the beast which laid in the Gringotts, maybe to scare away any possible thief.

2121 October 2017Chapter 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, & 33114Bedroom221 minutes

These chapters led me nearly to the end. I got to understand the mysterious scenes happened before, and the most important discover was about Severus Snape. Snape wasn't ever be in the Dark Lord's side. He was always be in Dumbledore's side. He helped him to protect Potter. The doe which led him to Gryffindor's sword. It was all because of Snape, because doe is Snape's patronus. I really enjoyed to the state that I can't even took some time to eat or else. Good thing, I read in the morning.

2222 October 2017Chapter 34, 35, 36, and Epilogue50Living room173 minutes

I was determined to finish reading the book, so I did it. I tried, during the weekend I locked myself and read the book, as long as I can.
And I did it. Even though, still, I should have finished it way earlier, I feel shame of myself. Sometimes, or almost all the time, we just need the desire in every thing we do. One hardship thing can be so light, and I'm happy, because I finally read the book version of Deathly Hallows. The thing I'd remember the most from these chapters is that every person has its flaw. It way, Harry can defeat Voldemort.