Hollow City

Ransom Riggs - Quirk Book

Read By: Ardan

Hollow City is the second sequel book after Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I am very curious about the next story after the first book because it did not end yet. So, that’s why I choose this book.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
119 November 2017chapter 17Living Room1 hour

This book started with the sailing of 10 peculiar children who brought Miss Peregrine because she was sick, her wings are broken so she couldn't fly or turn into human. 10 peculiar children must find a cure in London, so they started sailing from Scotland to London. They only rode a small ship which only can only be ridden by 3 or 4 persons. They faced many obstacles from a storm and almost chased by a wight/monsters who rode an air balloon. They also saw a NAZI Aggression which bombed an island because it was the era within those aggression/ second world war.

23 December 2017214Living Room2 hours

After being separated by the storm, finally the 10 peculiar children arrived on a certain island, Enoch came and brought a news that there were 2 Air Balloons which followed them, and they were the wights. They decided to hide in a cave and wait until the balloons passed. But, the conflict was that they were confused for what should they did after this, their maps were lost in the sea, miss Peregrine can not turn into human. They need a protector. They started to blame each other especially Jacob who can see a hollowgast but he wanted to give up. However, Emma tried to make Jacob feeling better. Then, suddenly a submarine came to the island and some humans approached the cave, they were panicked.

34 December 2017324Bedroom3 hours

Still running, the 10 peculiar was trying to escape from the hunters, until they were tired and the barking dog's sound was faded away. They took a rest in the wood until dawn came and Horace found a beautiful lake whic has the same giant rock as stated in book of peculiar tales. They came to that lake and found a loop that bring them to another place but still 1940 I thought. When they arrived and climbed a mountain, they were chased by a hollow. They ran until came to a big wall then some of them jump and some of them are brought by Olive the levitating girl by a net to pass the wall. However the hollow still can climb the wall, then they decided to fight it by asking Bronwyn lifted a big stone to the hollow with the direction of Jacob who now can sense a hollow from miles away. After that, they came to a miss Wren' house who protect peculiar animals, one of them is "addison", a dog who can talk and had a pet who looked like an ancient cave man. Wkwkw.. Then they came to the house to have a meal.

416 December 2017423Living room3 hours

Addison, a talking dog, introduced some peculiar animals such as deirde: a half donkey and giraffe also can talk, a chicken which can produce explosive eggs when excited, and an owl but can not talk. In this chapter, addison told jacob and friends about the history of peculiar animals, why they died, and where they were buried. They died because they had been hunted and made into a furniture, and they were buried behind the house of miss wren. After that Jacob and 8 peculiar 7 peculiar children went to london to meet miss wren, they had to heal miss P, because in 2 days if miss P was not healed, she would be a falcon forever. Then they started to pack and went to the north by reading a map from addison.