Collen Hoover - Atria Books

Read By: dindhadwiam

After about a half hour looking for an interesting book, I decided to pick this one as the fourth one. I chose this because the title seems depressive, and I like that.


NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
131 October 2017Chapter 1-217Ajeng's room26 minutes

Sky seems like unique person. She was naughty yet pretty obedient.

231 October 2017Chapter 3-641My room1 hour

This is beyond interesting! If I don't have an exam tomorrow, I would have read this for hours.

39 November 2017Chapter 7-59Around 400 pagesMy room, campus, queue, party, my friend's dorm, etc.10 days

I rarely updating my log book because I didn't take any note about when and where I read. This book has annoyed my mind because it feels like I was forbidden to stop reading it. The characters were incredibly suitable with my "ideal" people. The main characters are Sky and Holder. They were childhood mates who have been seperated for 13 years. One day, they meet in a grocery store and they like each others. After some funny, amusing, and romantic events, the problems are revealed one by one. I don't want to give the spoiler here because this book is worth to read.
Anyway, the fact that Sky's characteristic as the same as mine, except she is hot and pretty and I am not. I am surprised that Sky is kind of person that does not care too much about people opinion, and she dislikes getting presents and awkwardness. Those similarities makes me feel that I am her. I can go deeper in the story and even I find myself pretty difficult to focus in real life sometimes. Now I have finished the book, but the imaginary of the world inside it still exists in my mind.