I’ve Got Your Number

Sophie Kinsella - Dell

Read By: Rahmatitisari

I choose this book because I actually interested in the synopsis of the story that I found. The genre also the type of genre that I’m into, which is romantic-comedy. The review of the book sounds so promising, so I decided to go with this book after 2 pages of reading. This is so great!

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
113 September 2017Chapter 1 - some pages of Chapter 2 (1-23)23Boarding house30 mins

I love how the writer not wasting the reader's time with useless introduction of the character. The writer make the introduction naturally as the story flows. And the plot is interesting for the first chapter. The problem arising right from the first sentence, it's great. The language used is pretty easy to understand. And the story is the kind of story that you see in typical romantic-comedy story in drama. It is so engaging.

The first chapter tells the story of Poppy that lost her engagement ring in a hotel, and at the same day she lost her phone which number has already going around the hotel in case someone found her ring. Lucky her, she found a phone in a trash bin, that phone belong to Sam's personal assistant (company phone anyway). Long story short, Poppy needs to use the number of the phone she found, because she already share that new number to the hotel.

218 September 2017Chapter 2- Chapter 3 (24-50)27boarding house30 mins

The story is getting interesting, and the writer makes the reader keep engaged in the story. She used so many fun remarks.

Poppy has a really good character, like super happy girl, the easy going type. She slowly has a friendship with Sam (phone owner), it's kinda cute how they keep texting each other. The part where Poppy feel awkward at how their messages and email coming through the same handphone is so realistic, she said that it's like sharing same closet. And Magnus, Poppy's fiancee come from a family of geniuses while Poppy is just a normal girl. At some point, Magnus' parents are not really thrilled about Poppy. She found out about that fact not long ago, and she feels upset.

322 September 2017Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 (51-80)30station40 mins

Magnus' acting strange actually, because how can he act so calm when his parents are not really excited about his fiancee. Poppy acts as Sam's personal assistant because she really needs the phone and the number. They become friend through texting and emailing each other, Poppy share her story about the missing ring and also her soon to be parents-in-law to Sam. Sam is also engaged anyway, with a girl named Willow, but their relationship is so business-like and nothing really special about their relationship written on the book as far as I read.

425 September 2017Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 (81-117)36boarding house40 mins

Finally Poppy meets Magnus' parent for the first time after she lost her ring. She is actually afraid that they will found out about the missing ring, she used bandage on her hand and said that her hand is hurt. So many interesting things happen in the same day, like she accidentally wore Magnus' mom birthday present given by his dad. She actually felt like she is not supposed to be on that crowd, they played some games and at some point it makes her like she is so stupid. As a reader, I feel ready bad for Poppy. Anyway, so excited for the next chapter. Sam gives Poppy idea to make a fake ring for Poppy.

53 October 2017Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 (118-156)38boarding house30 mins

This story keeps getting interesting. Finally the day is coming, Sam and Poppy met properly for the first time. They went together to a jewelry shop which Sam's friend, Mark, owned. When they went to the shop, the shop assistant thought that they were a couple in their happy moment of their life. There are some funny moments, Sam dressed in a really neat clothes with SUPER GREAT watch, the shop assistant said to Poppy that marrying someone who buy himself a good watch is suck a lucky thing. Long story short, when they need to pay their ring, all of the shop assistant curious about the ring they got, and it turned out to be a fake ring, and Poppy as the girl is the one who pay the ring. The shop assistant lost it, and ask Poppy whether she is serious about marrying Sam. They also spent some time together, but Sam is not really the type to be excited, while Poppy is excited about everything. Poppy feels like she need to answer the emails for Sam, because Sam really is not friendly. I feel like something will happen by Poppy keep doing this thing. It's not like Sam asked her to write replies to his email. I'm worried about their next story.

69 October 2017Chapter 7 (156-181)25Boarding house30 mins

THIS IS TOTALLY NERVE WRECKING. So, everyone in Magnus' family found out that she lost her engagement ring. And actually Lucinda got her ring, it was got caught on Lucinda's bag. And the most important thing is that Lucinda said it in front of everyone, but in other hand Poppy already got her fake ring. That was so complicated for Poppy to explain about the fake ring. The writer seriously make the climax in this chapter. Magnus' parent said something like 'better now than late, ending with divorce' and Poppy heard it (not really eavesdroping). Magnus still said that they still will get together. But, you know, drama, Magnus and Poppy needs time. Another side, I knew that something bad will happen to Poppy's relationship with Sam with the email thing, last chapter Poppy replied Sam's email without him knowing. And of course, it caused trouble, but Poppy don't really know what to do, and when she will tell Sam about the problem she caused. I see it coming, the drama.

The writer is so great at explaining the situation, so I get emotional while reading the story. I mean, it feels like I saw the situation right in front of my eyes.

79 October 2017Chapter 8 (182-207)26Boarding house20mins

Poppy put herself in trouble herself. Because of her action replied Sam's emails without him knowing, Sam is on awkward situation. He was signed up for something that he doesnt even interested or know, like run fun, trip to iceland, guatemala, and others emails that kind of strange for Sam to actually do. Me, as a reader also feels like Poppy is kinda responsible for the mess she made, but she, her mind, think that what she did was 'helping' Sam in a good way. I think that it's Poppy's fault for this mess. And the most interesting one is the email she sent to a girl named Lindsay, she used to use kisses in the end of her email, so she accidentally use it for replying Lindsay's email. And it turned out that Lindsay has a thing for Sam. Everything messed up.

This chapter feels so short, but the writer sure write it in a way where the reader would not get bored in any way.

812 October 2017Chapter 924Boarding house25mins

I'm kinda happy for this chapter because I can feel that Sam and Poppy are comfortable to each other and also kinda close.

Seems like Sam is not that mad about everything that happened about his email. He is actually not that frustated about the situation. Everything turned out quite good, except that Poppy should give the phone back to Sam, and she already attached to the phone while she use it. They had lunch together, and talk about things. Sam read Poppy emails and everything on the phone and said that POPPY SHOULDNT MARRIED TO MAGNUS IF SHE FEELS INFERIOR ABOUT ANYTHING. I want to say that too to Poppy, she shouldn't have inferiority complex about his family because she is also a great person. Sam advice her to say that she is feeling inferior to Magnus' parents and say that she could learn from Sam, because he is used to saying 'awkward' things.

Exicted to know how she will stand up for herself later

915 October 2017Chapter 10 (232-240)9Boarding house10mins

So, Poppy like had a tour on Sam's company. Well, the writer make it like I can see the building in front of my eyes, I can imagine it. And the thing that happened at the some pages of this chapter is that Sam got a problem with some memo from someone named Nick, it sounds like a really big problem from the way they talk yo each other. Poppy got a call from the CEO of Sam.

I havent sure whether this problem caused by Poppy or not.

1016 October 2017Chapter 10 (241-265)24Boarding house30 mins

Thankfully the whole mess that happened in Sam's company is not Poppy's fault. Actually Poppy tried to help Sam. She suddenly remember the phone call she got when she first got the phone in the hotel's trash bin. She then partnered up with Sam to find out the person who mess up with Sam's company.

Actually there is no really amazing scene, but its still interesting.

1118 October 2017Chapter 11 (266-270)5Boarding house5 mins

Poppy then start to help Sam, she felt thrilled about the idea of that. She was supposed to prepare her wedding, yet she is helping Sam out. Sam then bring up about the 'inferiority complex' to Magnus' family. Poppy actually quite agree to Sam's opinion about her inferiority complex.

1220 October 2017Chapter 11 (271-280)9Train Station10 mins

Sam then talked to Poppy about why inferiority complex is not good at all. Their marriage is about Poppy and Magnus, the two of them. While, in Poppy's mind she unconsciously thinks that Willow (supposed to be Sam's fiancee) is lucky to have Sam as her fiance. And they wait for texts coming from 'their' phone. And one text coming through said that 'your fiancee has been unfaithful to you'. Since I know that both of them has fiance/fiancee, I'm not sure yet who is this text supposed to read. Sam or Poppy?

1322 October 2017Chapter 11 - Chapter 12 (280-347)67My Bedroom <31 hour

THIS PART IS SO EXCITING. I CAN'T STOP READING THIS CHAPTER. So, Poppy think that the text about the 'unfaithful' thing is for Sam. But.......... he laughed it off, because Willow IS not his fiancee. Poppy has not realized that the text supposed to be hers. She in the other hand, more interested about Sam and Willow's story, they were a couple, but they already broke up, and Willow just still attached to Sam in a way. Then, Sam make Poppy realize that the text is for her, and she feel insecure, but she trurt Magnus anyway (for the time being) because she first, need to help Sam.

Long story short, Sam did something risking, he could lose his job. But, he did it anyway. Sam and Poppy decided to meet in 'woods' (?) I don't really understand how there is woods around. So, Sam text Poppy to meet him there, but that place was so dark, and she keep texting him asking about his location. Their texting was so cute, they tease each other, they sounds like a good friend. At some point, Sam use smiley face in his text, Poppy surprised for that move, she tease him about that, but Sam tease her for her 'missing' kisses. Poppy then send bunch of kisses through her text, and Sam actually reply that text with kisses too.

The problem kinda solved, and Sam get Poppy home, in the way Poppy fall asleep in SAM'S CHEST. MY HEART IS NOT OKAY.

While she was asleep, Sam read all of Poppy's message in the phone and come to conclusion that Magnus had a thing with Lucinda. Surprising? The drama is coming.

1423 October 2017Chapter 13 (348-373)26Boarding house30mins

The next morning, all of the media talking about the things that happened with Sam's company. Poppy sent a text to Sam asking how is he feeling, but he doesnt answer that, she thinks that he is busy because of all that matters. Then, Poppy got a call from Violet, Sam's previous PA that throw the phone in the bin. She said that she got calls regarding the memo that become the problem in the company, she has been trying to reah Sam, but she cant get through.

Poppy and Violet met, and she ask for Poppy to said evrrything to Sam, luckily he answered her calls. Strangely, Poppy was happy to hear Sam's voice, she wants to talk to Sam about everything (personal).

By the way, this thing shocked me. So, Magnus has been unfaithful to Poppy with Lucinda. She was his ex girlfriend actually, Magnus once ALMOST proposed to Lucinda with the same ring. That's explain a lot why she lied about the ring, it turn out that Lucinda is the one 'stealing' Poppy's ring just to make her scared. Poppy needs an explanation about her and Magnus. I think Poppy will be heartbroken ๐Ÿ˜ข

1523 October 2017Chapter 14-Chapter 16 (end) (374-447)73Boarding house50mins

The last three chapters. I'd say that this is such a great book.

In the last three chapters so many things happened at once.

After Poppy know that Magnus and Lucinda is playing around behind her back, she try to confront everything, to Magnus, to Wanda, and she wants to change herself. So, she did confront herself in front of Wanda, how she feels inferior, and she wants to cancel her wedding. She said that to Wanda and Magnus (through voice mail since his phone is off). And she also said that to Sam.

Sam and Poppy got a little fight because Poppy said that Sam didnt move on from Willow. She know that that problem is not hers, but knowing that kind of thing makes her heart in pains (YOU LOVE SAM, POPPY! JUST ADMIT IT)

So, they got a 'bad' goodbye to each others. Poppy got a new phone anyway. And that night, Magnus come to Poppy's appartment, and said that he was sorry for evrrything, at first Poppy is not up for that nonsense Magnus said. But then, Poppy got a 'brush off' email from Sam's new PA, she then kinda sad about that because she thinks that they are something different. And she choose to get married to Magnus.

Days later, the day of their wedding comes, and Poppy thinks that Magnus was being weird. He was not happy. And Poppy got a text from Sam (he didnt know that she will get married to Magnus) asking whether she had time for coffee. And she send him a picture of her wearing the dress and veil and everything. Sam replied her text with 'NO.. DONT MARRIED HIM. HE DOESNT LOVE YOU'

But, Poppy doesnt want to be shaken up by Sam. Then, things happened while they are in the aisle. They cancel their wedding. And Poppy and Sam got together.