Just Kids

Patti Smith - Ecco

Read By: nurul.nurfitriana

This second activity for Reading Extensive I get the opportunity to read any non-fiction book, and I’ll try this one, even though, I’m not done yet with my second book in reading a fiction book 😭 (*Six of Crows, later baby). A non-fiction book which comes out of my mind was Sybil, but I won’t read that book, yet, I’m just not ready. Then, I try to recall my memories what a non-fiction book that I want to read in the past but I don’t get the chance. (*cue lightning of bulb) A-ha! Just Kids, I want to read Just Kids. 

I think this book quite famous, because I quite often found this book when I’m strolling in the internet. And what I remember the most is, this book is on a music video ‘Broke Her’ by a Malaysian singer Yuna.

Actually, in reading non-fiction I didn’t keen on reading biography at first, but later I found that this book is a memoir. I’m telling myself it won’t hurts a fly, because it didn’t have so many pages like biography, hehe.

A little information about Patti Smith, she’s a singer-songwriter, poet, visual artist, and author. Here’s her first work of prose published in 2010. A memoir about her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
114 November 2017Foreword (3-4)2At boarding house3 mins.

I'm just doing the 'reading testing' whether is this book to difficult or not for me to understand, and I found i can keep up with this book. I found around less than 5 unconfirmed words. However, I just read the foreword but it's really touched me. The book really has beautiful words, after all Patti is a poet, and I really want to know more about what actually happened in her life.

214 November 2017Monday's Children (5-12)8At Boarding house32 mins

These 8 pages I read shown how's Patti's childhood. Some parts of this story I can relate with my life, especially with my childhood

She was born premature in January, 1st 1946 on Monday and it was a Great Blizzard. Because of that things she had bronchial pneumonia and so skinny. Her sister, Linda was born in a Great Blizzard too in 1948. Patti's family migrated to Pennsylvania when her mother became pregnant with her brother, Todd. And for several years her family lived in temporary housing, lived like a wildflower.

Young Patti was religious, this because her mother taught her so. They both really close. In such really young age Patti was smitten with her mother's book which she hid beneath her pillow. When her mother found that she taught Patti to read, then that was what made Patti loves to tell a story, she read a lot.

In some winter Patti met Stephanie, a convalescent a former of Leukemia. They both like play together, but at the time Patti has done her first sin. Stealing a toy from Stephanie, which later Stephanie died and Patti felt a great guilt. Not just because for hers behavior but also for not coming to Stephanie's funeral when she had a Scarlet fever. And when Patti told this story to Robert, she realized that she could ask Stephanie's forgiveness by praying.

315 November 2017Monday's Children (13-15)3 pagesLab 115 mins

I was continuing to read this book when my lecturer didn’t come yet. Here, I got 3 pages in 15 mins.

This time I got several informations about Robert. He also born on Monday, November 4, 1946. The third of six children, he was a mischievous little boy whose carefree youth was delicately tinged with a fascination with beauty. Young Robert liked coloring book so much. He was an artist, and he knew it at very young age. His family is Catholic, and he was an altar boy. But then, in pursuing his passion he left it an became an artist.

Robert liked to hear Patti's story, because in his family there was no such intimate feelings.

The sad things when I read this pages were Robert was an LSD addict and Patti was pregnant in the age of nineteen, and the boy was barely seventeen. And Patti was dismissed from the collage.

416 November 2017Monday's Children (16-18)3 pagesAt Boarding House16 mins

Tbh, I'm a little bit sleepy when reading this because I was going to sleep but I just realized that today I'm not reading anything from this book.

It was the time that Patti has delivered her baby boy. At first, the nurse was cruel and uncaring, leaving her alone in the table because Patti was a disgrace being pregnant in a young age. Then, the doctor came, and he was angry at the nurse because it was not the right thing to do to leave patient alone. Sadly, Patti had to give her son to the adoption.

The thing that I like from Patti is she was passionate about art. She liked to go to the museum and tried to found who is she. On Memorial day, she went to Philadelphia to Joan of Arc Status. She was amazed by her, and vowed to herself that someday she would make something from herself.

At the same day Robert dropped acid. He placed his drawing tools to his work area, in case he would need them even he knew that when the acid peaked it jut gave him negative spaces.

517 November 2017Monday's Children (19-25)7At my house17 mins

Patti decided that she wanted to move to New York searching some jobs. Actually, it was hard for Patti to leave her family, a tearful goodbyes cannot be avoided. It was hard to find a job in New York, and she was homeless for few days, and seldom ate.

In Sixth Avenue, Patti met her Saint, Robert. It seemed natural talking with him, though patti didn’t normally talk to strangers, also, he offered her to have breakfast together. They spent few days together but will separate at night. But, later they were going to continue their own life, which Patti was going desperate to find a job.

And it was summer when Patti met Robert.

I think Patti was kind of love at first sight when she met Robert, haha.

619 November 2017Just kids (26-42)12On the bus45 mins

Now reading a book on the bus become a thing for me, haha. I try to read as I can assure possible. I got 12 pages but I forgot about the time spent but I think it about 45 minutes.

In the despair of searching job, finally Patti got a position as a cashier at a bookstore. Previously she has become a waitress which was not so long after she spilled a veal to a costumer. When pattI work in the bookstore she admired a necklace, but she couldn't look it any longer because the boy she met before, Robert, bought it.

725 November 2017Just kids (43-51)9At Boarding House27 mins

Museum looks like the happy place for wondering soul.

811 December 2017Just kids (52-62)11At Boarding House40 mins

I'm at the point of giving up :/