King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

Stephen Colbourn - Macmillan Education

Read By: Ria PL

I’ve read some parts of the book. I feel interested with the story because it contains battle/fighting/war in it.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
112 September 2017Chapter 1 (9-14)5Bedroom10 minutes

I've been interested since reading the first chapter of this book. To be honest, I'm not that interested in reading fiction book or fairy tale. However, when firstly Iread this book and followed the story I keep being curious about what is next. I keep being curious about who will be the king, what the next story will be and so on.
Moreover, I also get some new vocabularies I do not know before. Here is the list:
- raven
- sire
- cast a spell
- nunnery
- archbishop

213 September 2017Chapter 2-37Bedroom10 minutes

getting new vocabularies:

"The man who pulls this sword from the stone is the true King of All Britain." (PAGE 14)

316 September 2017Chapter 45Bedroom7 minutes

Getting new vocabularies:
- Chivalrous
- Squires
- Sorceresss

417 September 2017Chapter 55Bedroom10 minutes

Getting new vocabularies:
- Joust
- Chapel
- Joseph of Arimathea

522 September 2017Chapter 67Bedroom10 minutes

"Who will strike me with my own axe?" (page 33)

Me be like, "what a man!"

624 September 2017Chapter 77Bedroom15 minutes

Getting new vocabulary:
- Tapestry

725 September 2017Chapter 86Building 3 FIB UNS10 minutes

Getting ne vocabulary:
- Minstreal

The true love from a minstreal. He died because of the wound that only can be healed by his truly love Fair Iseult. She should come to heal the wound but the minstreal died as he knew that the ship sailed a black flag.

826 September 2017Chapter 96Bedroom9 minutes

Getting new vocabularies:
- Hermit
- Vision

926 September 2017Chapter 104Nurul Huda's Library6 minutes

Galahad sat on the chair, The Siege Perilous. Merlin said that, "He who sits on this chair will die."
but Galahad still alive.

101 October 2017Chapter 1111Bedroom20 minutes

"Only worthy knights may enter the Grail Chapel." (page 67)

"We have sinned badly. We have been unfaithful to our Lord the Kig. Now we must part forever. We cannot go back to Camelot and we cannot go forward together."

1125 September 2017Chapter 84Bedroom10 minutes

Getting new vocabulary:
- Minstreal

122 October 2017Chapter 134Bedroom8 minutes

The last chapter of this book makes me confused. King Arthur said that he should die before the morning. But when he was carried to the island valley of Avalon he said, "It is an isle of rest where winter never comes. There I will be healed of may wound and will rest and wait. And one day I shall come again, for Merlin called me the Once and Future King."
His two statements were contradict. The question is he should die or he will be healed and live again?
This last chapter really makes me hanging wkwk

A quote from page 78:
"The stories shall be told until the ending of the world."