Magnus Chase and The Gods of Asgard

Rick Riordan - Disney Hyperion

Read By: Candra Dewi Anitapa

I choose this book because of my friend’s recommendation. She told me that the story is fantastic. Then, I search some review and read the summary of this book. I like romance and fantasy novel, and this book categories as fantasy,  so I think I will enjoy reading this book.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
111 September 2017Chapter 1 and Chapter 215Boardinghouse35mins

It is a funny book with understandable jokes.

218 September 2017Chapter 35Boardinghouse15mins

So far, I enjoy reading this book :)

319 September 2017Chapter 46Boarding house15mins

This is the most stressful part. My heart beats very fast

421 September 2017Chapter 5 and Chapter 613Boardinghouse35mins

This is the most exciting part.

522 September 2017Chapter 7, 8, and 917Homean our

I'm getting bored reading this section, the author explains too much detail. There are only a few conversations and the rest contains a detailed explanation of a place and how people in that story looks like.

61 October 2017Chapter 1010Boardinghouse30mins

There are some unfamiliar word that can't be found in the dictionary such as ; Midgard, valhalla, valkyrie etc.

71 October 2017Chapter 10&1117Boarding house1 hour

I get a little confused in these two chapters but so far I can handle it. And the good news is that I get my interest back about the story

89 October 2017Chapter 12 up to 1524Boarding housean hour, 35 minutes

I do love this part. When Magnus start his new life in a new world, called Valhalla. My heart beating faster and faster during this part. It looks like I can feel what Magnus really feels. I can't stop reading until something happens and I have to end my reading section.

916 October 2017Chapter 16 up to 2247Boarding house2 hours

Actually, it is a little bit difficult for me to understand well in this part because there are a lot of unfamiliar words about Nordic. I have to read twice to really know what does the author means. I'm curious but why this part is so difficult to understand?

1023 October 2017Chapter 23 until 2832Boarding housean hour, 10 minutes

Honestly, I'm getting bored because of the detail explanation (how that place looks like, how that boy looked, etc ). but I also can't wait to know the end of the story.