Mansfield Park

Jane Austen - Theatre Royal

Read By: atikamuna

Mansfield Park told about Fanny Price, a girl who was adopted her aunt due to the condition her family who couldn’t afford her anymore. In order to get better education she went to Bertram Family. Her gone made Fanny’s life changed.
I start loving kind of classical story especially about British. It shows their past culture for instance the ball and the purpose of it,besides that the accent that commonly British people used are very unique and classy. It makes me thrilled to know more.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
112 September 201714Bedroom10 minutes

Adoption is common in the past when family couldn't afford anymore.
Unconfirmed words: lieutenant, felicity, fared

213 October 20172-312Bedroom1.5 hours

Fanny nieces aren't really happy to welcome her in which they find Fanny from different class.

Unconfirmed words: indulgence, detaching, encrumbance, forego

315 September 20174-612Bedroom50 minutes

Crawford family come and want to have engagement with of daughter and son of Bertram family.
Unconfirmed words: contrivance, amiable, protege

419 September 20176-78Bedroom+/- 30 minutes

Edmund rarely talk with Fanny, it makes her jealous.
Unconfirmed words:concurrence, devourer, meadow, dawdling,

521 September 201783Bedroom20 minutes

Bertram family is having a trip to Sortherton, that is Mr Rushworth house.
Unconfirmed words:pompous, escorting, utmost

622 September 201797Bedroom35 minutes

Several days in Mr Rushworth's house.
Unconfirmed words: dining-parlour, chuse, solemn, ledge, chapel, wainscot, turf, shrub, preacher, vain

725 September 2017105Bedroom15 minutes

Fanny feels like no one care fro her, commonly Edmund chit chat with but right now he ignore Fanny
Unconfirmed words: trod, inclination

826 September 201711-126.5Library20 mins

Sir Thomas back home to Antigua and Maria will be married with Mr Rushworth.
Unconfirmed words: vented, indolent, condemn, preach, sermons, rapture, gallant, thither, privy, alacrity, spleen, poking

93 October 2017134Bedroom+/- 30 mins

Tom invite his friend Mr Yates and having kind of playing pretend " Lover's Vow"
Unconfirmed words:gaiety, hoarse,
dowager, evince, bred, ascertained, tranquillity,

103 October 2017142.5Bedroom+/- 30 mins

Finding characters that are suitable for playing pretend Lover's Vow.
Unconfirmed words: baize, zeal, scrupulous, woe, paleness, knapsack, pacify, treacherous

119 October 2017155.5Bedroom35 mins

The story more challenging due to the act scheme in playing pretend.
Unconfirmed words: curtailed, despise, blundered, indecorum, harangue, entreat.

129 October 2017163Bedroom25 mins

It's more complicated because there's new character, Charles Maddox.
Unconfirmed words: chamber, prelude, scruples, folly.

1310 October 2017173Bedroom20

Unconfirmed words: complaisance, conceit, pang, discomposure

1410 October 2017184Mosque30

Still rehearsal for playing pretend.
Unconfirmed words: eclat, spectator, seams, festoons, morrow, deemed, glimpse, soliloquy, imputed, shrank, brunt.

1511 October 2017192.5Bedroom15 mins

I think it's first climax, Sir Thomas comes back and he hates when stranger easily come and go to the house.
Unconfirmed words: hailed, fainting, lamenting, bustle, oppressed, fringe, butler.

1614 October 2017192.5Bedroom15 mins

Continuing the last reading still about the playing pretend. Playing pretend seems having long part.
Unconfirmed words: pheasant, fetch, eclat, stucco, discernment, scruple.

1714 October 2017203.5Bedroom20 mins

Time for blaming others.
Unconfirmed words: soberer, vindicating, ceased, insinuate, jolt, feverish, ushered

1816 October 2017214Bedroom30 mins

The story becomes boring in this part.
Unconfirmed words: forbearance, bustle, rupture

1917 October 2017225.5Mosque30 mins

The story quite boring since Julia and Maria aren't coming around
Unconfirmed words: hitherto, dismal, dripping, vestibule, shrubbery, hedgerow, peculiarly, apt, chivalry, annihilation, exorbitant, adieus, mutton.

2020 October 2017236Bedroom40 mins

Mr Yates coming to Bertram Family.
Unconfirmed words: languor, trepidation, toil, indefatigable,vexed, drakes

2122 October 201724-2511 pagesBedroom1 hour

Henry has feeling to Fanny, because he curious what is the fanny reason isn't attracted to his enchantment.
Unconfirmed words: prudish, scruples, fruition, fraternal, recitals, shipwreck, reverie, whist, avarice, censure, harangue, dismay

2224 October 201726-279Bedroom50 mins

Bertram family had a ball and Fanny dressed up on it.
Unconfirmed words: despatch, conjectured, cordial, diminution, unalloyed, reverie, fervert, stab, fagged, amiss, befell

2324 October 2017284.5Bedroom20 mins

Fanny was pleased because she's dancing with Edmund twice, seemed Edmund approached Fanny :)
Unconfirmed words: toils, unequivocal, hastened, forbade, unfeigned, chaperon

2425 October 201729-307Bedroom40 mins

I'm excited with these parts, the plot change.
Unconfirmed words: meagreness, jellies, cibbage, tediousness, defer, tenfold, stoutly, expatiated, doat, abhor.

2525 October 2017315Bedroom30 mins

Many phenomena occured, William, Fanny's brother having improvement as lieutenant.
Uncomfirmed words: felicity, detained, stumbling, trepidation, averted

2625 October 2017327Mosque30 mins

There's something so that Sir Thomas got angry to Fanny. Unconfirmed words: rectified, forbear, mediocrity, bedchamber, utmost, faint, matrimon, sterness, peremptorily, imbibed, austerity, revived, dwelt.

2725 October 2017333.5Bedroom30 mins

Henry's action to disturb Fanny makes me feel like I want to punch him.. hehe.Henry knows that Fanny loves Edmund but he still disturbs her.
Unconfirmed words: clandestine, ardent, disdained, constrained

2826 October 2017345Bedroom30 mins

Unconfirmed words: purport, ample, knack, slackened, eloquence, pulpit, preacher.

2926 October 2017355.5Sekre30 mins

Edmund confess to Fanny that he loves her, so does Henry. So there's competition to get Fanny's loved.
Unconfirmed words: stake, benevolent, prudent, revolt, aggravation.

3026 October 201736-378.5Amik's dorm1 hour

Unconfirmed words: assiduites, sturdy, exigeant, horrid, havoc, faint, scorns, remnant

3127 October 2017385Bedroom30 mins

Fanny comes home to Portsmouth because she againsts Sir Thomas.
Unconfirmed words: frolic, scantily, lamented, dwindle , dusk, palpably,

3227 October 201739-418Bedroom30 mins

Unconfirmed words: ardour, scantily, ramparts, reprimanding, spurning, mingled, disdain, pelisses, potent, inured

3328 October 201742-4410Bedroom1 hour

Fanny persuaded to gack to Mansfield she get a lot of letter, one of them from Edmund.
Unconfirmed words: oracle, staggered, mercenary, genteel, clash, astray, gouty

3429 October 201745-4818Bedroom2 hours

Finally it's done.. Yeayyy.. After Fanny and Edmund having many obstacles and they are united :)
Unconfirmed words: hatred, culpable, rander, privy, poignant, clandestinely, snatching, forlorn, benumbed, tenacious, dint, stupefaction, humphing, elucidation, hushed, surmise, awe, asunder, feeble