Me Before You

Jojo Moyes - Penguin Books

Read By: Mariska Eva Dewi

I choose Me Before You because I interested in the plot. The genre is romantic. The novel tells the story between Louisa Clark (the main character) with a disabled man who named Will Traynor. Louisa works as a care assistant of Will in Granta House. Will wants to end his life because he hates his life. He stays in the wheelchairs all the time. Louisa stays to cheer him up. She tries to make Will wants to live again.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
113 September 2017Chapter 18Boarding House18 mins

I feel so excited to read the first chapter of this novel. The main character is Louisa Clark. This chapter tells about Louisa's life (her family, her job). Louisa lives with her family in O.K. Coral street. This is the name of characters:
- Grandad
- Bernard : Louisa's dad
- Josephani Clark : Louisa's mom
- Treena : Louisa's sister
- Thomas : Louisa's nephew/Treena's son
- Patrick : Louisa's boyfriend
- Syed : Louisa's friend
In that time, Louisa lost her job at the cafe. Syed suggests her to be a care assistant for a disabled man.

214 September 2017Chapter 27Home17 mins

I still excited to read this novel. Chapter 2 tells about Louisa's interview in Granta House. The interviewer is Camilia Traynor. Mrs. Traynor asks some questions to Louisa. She accepts her and tells what is Louisa's job. Louisa would be working with Will Traynor (Mrs. Traynor's son). Mrs. Traynor tells that Will was injured in a road accident almost two years ago. Will needs 24 hours care. Mrs. Traynor tells that tomorrow will be the first day of Louisa's work.

315 September 2017Chapter 38Home20 mins

I can get the point in this chapter. In Chapter 3 tells about Louisa's first day of work in Will's house. Mrs. Traynor explaines about Louisa's job. Nathan (Will's medical care) explains about Will's medicine and drugs. On the first day of work, Louisa think that Will hates her. She texts Treena (Louisa's sister) that she wants to end the job. Treena tells to Louisa to stay.

416 September 2017Chapter 410Home21 mins

There are some visitors in Granta House. They are Rupert and Alicia. Rupert is Will's old friend from work. Alicia is Will's close friend. The purpose of visiting Will is they want to inform Will that they are getting married. I can imagine how Will's feelings. Although it's hurt for Will, he still congratulates them.

510 September 2017Chapter 59Home20 mins

Will is more talkative than usual. He has a good mood. He often laughs at Louisa too. Will suggests Louisa watch a film. They watch film together. In another day, Will has his routine check-up. It has been 6 months. Louisa asks whether Will is getting better or not. Then, Nathan explains that Will can't get better and he's not going to walk again. Louisa feels so sad to hear that.

612 September 2017Chapter 610Home22 mins

Louisa and Will spend the night together in Granta House. Mrs. Traynor, Mr. Steven, and Nathan has their own business. Louisa and Will talk each other and sing Molanhonkey Song. Louisa tells that she ever had black-yellow stripes when she was young. But she lost it. She doesn't know where the stripes are until now. When Louisa sang, Will laughs at her. He looked so happy.

717 September 2017Chapter 711Home22 mins

In the first of Chapter 7 tells about how Louisa and Patrick were meet. Then, it tells that Louisa asks Will to let her cut his hair. Will agrees with that. Louisa cuts Will's hair in the living room. Not long after, there is an unfamiliar woman who enters the home. She is Georgina Traynor (Will's sister). She stayed in Australia. Georgina said that she doesn't agree with Will and her mother decision. She thinks that her mom should stop for letting Will die after 6 months. But Mrs. Traynor said that actually, she doesn't want to do it. She can't reject Will's hope.

826 September 2017Chapter 84Home9 mins

This chapter tells about Camilia Traynor (Will's mother). It tells about her job, her family, and her life. Will tells his hope to Mrs. Traynor. He wants to end his life. He hates living like that with a stay in wheelchairs all the time. This is not the life he wants. There is no prospect of his recovery that makes him wants to end his life in 6 months starts from Louisa works there.

92 October 2017Chapter 99Home20 mins

Mrs. Traynor comes to Louisa's house. She asks Louisa whether Louisa needs more money and longer lunch break or not. And Louisa says no. She tells that she doesn't want to part of letting Will die after 4 months. Mrs. Traynor begs to Louisa not to quit the job. Louisa talks with Treena in other time that day. She tells her sister about her feeling. Treena suggests Louisa stay work with Will. She suggests doing everything that can make Will wants to live like adventure, foreign travel, etc.

103 October 2017Chapter 108Home17 mins

Louisa says to Mrs. Traynor that she wants to take Will on a series of adventures. At first, Mrs. Traynor disagree with Louisa's plan. Then, Mr. Steven and Georgina some and agree with Louisa. Louisa says that Nathan and her will make Will safe in that kind of adventure. Finally, Mrs. Traynor agrees with that.

116 October 2017Chapter 1110Home21 mins

This is the first activity of Louisa's To Do List. She asks Will to come with her and Nathan to see the "Sisterwood Cup" horse racing. Louisa says that she will prepare the lunch. In the restaurant, she says to the receiptionist that she needs a table for three. The receiptionist said that the table is for Premier Badge only. Louisa begs to her. Will and Nathan says that it will be better to look for another restaurant. After luch, they watch the next race. In Granta House, Will says to Louisa that she's no different with other people. He dissapointed because Louisa didn't ask what the activity that he loved. He says that he hates horse racing. But Louisa went ahead and did it.

127 October 2017Chapter 128Home19

In Granta House, Will says to Louisa that he has a friend who plays violin in the Albert Symphonia. He asks her to come because his friend offered him tickets. Then, Will and Louisa come to the concert. They enjoy the ochestra. It's so sad when I read Will's part, "I just want to be a man who has been a concert with a gril in a red dress. Just for a few minutes."

138 October 2017Chapter 1311Home24 mins

Louisa wants to invite Will to her birthday dinner with her family. Will comes to Louisa's house. He introduces himself to Loisa's family. Not long after, Patrick comes and joins the dinner. The family gives Louisa an album of her childhood. Louisa is happy for the gift. Patrick gives her necklace. Will gives her black-yellow stripes. Louisa is so surprised of this.

149 October 2017Chapter 149Home20 mins

In Granta House, Nathan and Will asks what Louisa's daily activity is. Louisa tells them her routinities, Nathan and Will say that Louisa's activities is so boring. Will suggests her to try new things and he would have come with her. First, they come to art gallery. They went to hear a dinger live in New York. Next, they come to wine shop. The end of the trip, they come to the tattoo parlour.

159 October 2017Chapter 1510Home22 mins

Will and Nathan said that Louisa's daily activities are so boring. They suggest her to try new things. Louisa agrees with that. They come to an art gallery, watch a concert in New York, a wine shop, and a tattoo parlor.

1619 October 2017Chapter 1610Home24 mins

To be honest, I feel bored to read this chapter because there is a long list of the things that Will liked and the things you can't do with a quadriplegic. The font in that lists is too small I think. There is a new character named Deirdre Bellows (Josie's friend). Bernard got a new job in Granta House. He will work with Mr. Steven.

1713 October 2017Chapter 1713Home26 mins

It takes longer time to read this chapter, maybe because I enjoy to read. The new character is Michael Lawler. He comes in Granta House to meet Will. He is a specialist in wills and probate.
In the castle, Will challanges Louisa to do the maze to come out of the castle. I feel worry because Louisa is getting lost. She meets bad guys. I can feel how fearful she is.

1814 October 2017Chapter 1811Home25 mins

I enjoyed reading this chapter. One of the settings in this chapter is in Alicia's wedding. I love when Will says to Louisa, "Sometimes Clark, you are pretty much the only thing that makes want to get up in the morning".

1915 October 2017Chapter 194Home7 mins

The main character in Chapter 19 is Nathan. However, it still tells about Louisa and Will.

2015 October 2017Chapter 2010Home11 mins

I can see that Louisa tries so many things to make Will wants to continue his life. She really hates when she remembered that Will wants to commit suicide in Dignitas.

2116 October 2017Chapter 214Home6 mins

This chapter tells about Mr. Steven, his family, especially Will. I visualize how cheerful Louisa is. She tries everything that can make Will happy in his life.

2217 October 2017Chapter 225Home9 mins

Nathan says that Will can't get any better. It is his decision whether he wants to continue his life or not. But, Louisa still wants to try hard to make Will wants to continue his life. She is the very optimist person, I think.

2319 October 2017Chapter 2313Home26 mins

When I read this chapter, I feel like the plot is little bit confusing. I confused about the setting too because the writer didn’t mention it clearly. I don’t know who Nadil is. But the most emotional part of this chapter when Louisa tells that she loves Will. They kiss. But, Will says that he can't be with Louisa because of his condition.

2420 October 2017Chapter 244Home8 mins

The plot is clear, I think. Louisa feels so dissapointed with Will's decision to end his life. SheI know Louisa’s feelings that she can’t look Will’s eyes. i know, i can imagine how my feelings is when someone that i loved will left me. I can’t see his face, can’t hear his voice again.

2521 October 2017Chapter 259Home12 mins

This is the last two chapter in this novel. I visualize what I read in my mind. I rember the part of movie that has the same plot with this chapter when Louisa came to her house after the trip and she doesn’t want to see Will anymore.

2621 October 2017Chapter 268Home11 mins

This is the most emotional part. I think the climax of the story is in here too. Louisa comes to Switzerland to meet Will for the last time. Will asks Louisa to lay in the bed beside him. They have short conversations. I really sad when Louisa says "I miss you" to Will. Will asks Louisa to look his eyes, but Louisa doesn't want to. She doesn't want Will to see her sad face in his last time. I almost crying to visualize this situation.

2721 October 2017Chapter 27 - Epilogue4Home8 mins

This is the last chapter in the novel. Finally, I finish to read it! To be honest, I really hope that Will can continues his life. He can live happy with Louisa because the story between them is so great.

The part of epilogue is same with the last part in the movie. Will gave Louisa a letter and asked her to read it in a certain cafe. Will wrote a lot of things on the letter.