Meet Me in Istanbul

Richard Chisholm - Macmillan Publishers Limited

Read By: dindhadwiam

This is my second book. It tells about a mystery of the missing girl named Angela. People said she died; however, her fiancée, Tom Smith, didn’t believe it.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
117 October 2017Chapter 1-4 (5-19)14.5My room30 minutes

It tells about Tom Smith who went to Istanbul to meet his fiancée, Angela. However, people said she had died.

There is no unconfirmed word. I can enjoy reading this book.

217 October 2017Chapter 5-8 (19-30)12In front of Lab 218 minutes

Tom started to find a clue.

There is some illustration in the book. I can't visualize the characters by my own thought, but it's okay.

319 October 2017Chapter 8-10 (31-40)10My room17 minutes

Kemal and Tom decided to follow Dunya.

421 October 2017Chapter 10-14 (41-55)15Building 1 in Faculty of Humanities23 minutes

Angela was kidnapped by Dunya because he thinks Angela knowing too much about Dunya's secret. He was a smuggler. At the end of the story, Dunya and his people were caught by the police. Angela, Tom, and Kemal, who previously taken by Dunya, were free by the help of Julie and Mr. Pennington.
They got back together.

The story is quite short. I like the idea; however, it is not as adventurous as I thought.