My Sister’s Keeper

Jodi Picoult - Allen&Unwin

Read By: nkarina13

Well, I chose this book by the recommendation of my mother. She told me that she just watched a tear-jerking movie. So, I tried to search on the internet and I found out that this movie is adapted from a novel. The sinopsis is good. I really like the way the writer put the family conflict in the story.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
113 September 2017Anna16Dorm24 mins

The language chosen by the writer is quite understandable. It's not really confusing. I really enjoy it.

28 September 2017Campbell-Sara24Bedroom37 mins

Anna is a brave girl...the story is getting intense

39 September 2017Anna-Sara12Bedroom20 mins

there are some medical and scientific vocabularies. i hate when i had to stop reading to find the meaning

49 September 2017Sara-Anna16Livingroom20 mins

again and again...the unconfirmed vocabularies are quite disturbing...
anyway, Kate must be the strongest girl ever

510 September 2017Anna-Campbell29Bedroom49 mins

Why must the writer put Campbell's love story in this book?

610 October 2017Campbell8Boarding house17 minutes

Jodi brought me to Campbell's love story ...and it's NOT INTERESTING at all. I still don't understand why Jodi brings the readers to Campbell's love story. Well, let's see what will happen in the next chapter.

710 October 2017Anna8Kitchen16

It's so sad. Poor Anna! Her heart must be hurt by her own feeling. I just couldn't hold back my tears during the heartbreaking moment when she has a talk with her sister about death. Why is it so sad T_T

812 October 2017Brian-Julia13Bedroom28

It's a relief to know that Brian is on Anna's side for most of the time. I think it's also funny when Brian often stays at the firehouse to avoid the drama at home ^^

913 October 2017Julia-Sara-Anna29Home and Boarding house1 hour 19 mins

Yeaay finally there's someone who cares for Jesse :-D Julia is actually a kindhearted woman though my impression for her was not so good. After reading more than hundred pages, i could finally get a picture in mind about who Jesse really is. He is like an invisible kid in the family though he's the first child. He gets the least attention in the Fitzgerald family. I feel so bad about him for some reasons. He's a boy, indeed, but hey he's only a teenager who still needs attention from Brian and Sara.

1014 October 2017Brian-Campbell-Brian-Sara38Home1 hour 47 mins

Well, how ridicoulous it is when a married couple is fighting because they are questioning each other on which side they are going to be :(

1115 October 2017Jesse-Anna-Brian19Bedroom1 hour

Jesse burns the buildings in town :-D No comment about that :-D If I were Jesse, I would have been the most miserable person on Earth :-D

1212 October 2017Anna-Sara21campus50 mins

Anna is indeed a good girl, but her mother just gets her wrong. I could not even imagine living in that kind of family..

1313 October 2017Sara-Campbelll-Anna34Bedroom&Living roomAlmost 3 hours

Indeed, blood is thicker than water. No matter how far you go, you belong to your family. I like the way the writer put Zane as "the saviour" in the family in the peak of the Fitzgerald's conflict. Even though, Sara and Zane have been apart for long time, Zane is finally home :)

1414 October 2017Campbell-Sara-Julia-Julia-Campbell47Bedroom&Living roomAround 3 hours

The dayof the trial has finally come. The relationship between Anna-Sara-Brian-Campbell is getting intense. I learn a lot from Brian's character. His serenity in facing his wife and his daughter is unquestionable ^_^

1515 October 2017Sara-Campbell-Anna38Grandma's houseAround 2 hours

I don't know why Jodi Picoult put the dirty love of Campbell and Julia in the middle of the intense conflict during the day of the trial -_- Anyway, Anna congratulation on your winning over your mother. Your difficulties and sorrows are paid off :)

1616 October 2017Sara-Anna-Brian-Kate19Campus-Boarding House1 hour 20 minutes

What a sad tragic ending T.T
WHY?? The ending is really unpredictable. It is so regretful for knowing the ending. May you rest in peace Anna..