Never Let Me Go

Kazuo Ishiguro - Knopf Publishing Group

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112 September 2017chapter 17at boarding house1 hour

Firstly I did not get the story because the time is not undefined clearly. However I got something interesting and made me more curious about the next chapter. The only one question appearing in my mind is 'Why does Kath resist to call back her memory about Hailsham?'; in other hand her childhood was there with her close friends. Like something might happen in that time. So this got me like 'I want to read the next chapters'. Overall it is not a bad beginning I think.

218 September 2017Chapter 29Boarding house1 hour

After reading this chapter finally I get engaged with the story. I got a fact that Ruth and Tommy are Kath's old friend in Hailsham. Tommy was always bullied an teased by other students because his lack of creativity. In Hailsham, creativity is such a priceless thing, so it will be so mattered when one of students didn't have any creativity, like Tommy.
In this chapter sometimes the writer was not really clear at writing the time, whether it is two days ago or years ago and I always got confused with it.

319 September 2017Chapter 39Boarding house50 mins

In this chapter, I found some mysterious things like Madame and Gallery. The students there just kept guessing without knowing the truth. The writer also didn't write the truth so the readers will be getting curious and keeping reading till the last page, so they will find the truth by themselves. What bothers me so much is the statement of one of guardians whose name is Miss Lucy. She told Tommy that having no creativity at something was not a problem but actually creativity is such a big issue in Hailsham. This is such a contradiction, and that makes me want to read the whole book so that I can find the truth.

421 September 2017Chapter 49Home1 hour

In this chapter, I found something new like Sales which was held every month for the whole students to buy something; the chief of the guardians (Miss Emily who has an authority in Hailsham); and how the students protected their own masterpiece from Madame. And in the end of this chapter, Kath told about Ruth. How they met and became a friend.

51 October 2017Chapter 59Home1 hour

This chapter is the continuous story of the last part of chapter 4. How Kath and Ruth met, became friend and became the secret guard of Miss Geraldine. This chapter told more about Ruth, her character. Ruth is described as a girl who always did bullshit things like lying that she got the pencil case from Miss Geraldine and lying that she could play chess. And that was the main cause why Kath didn't like Ruth and avoid talking with Ruth again.

61 October 2017Chapter 612Home65 mins

This chapter is still talking about the relationship of Kath and Ruth. How they had a good relationship again after that thing. The main cause was the disappearing of Kath's favorite cassette. Ruth tried to help Kath and finally she decided to give the new one even Kath didn't like it but she accepted it as a good start of their friendship.

77 October 2017Chapter 79Home40 mins

This chapter talked about Kath last year in Hailsham. When she got some odd things like how Miss Lucy forced her and their friends not to dream too high especially going out from Hailsham. Moreover she also told them that having sex & babies and smoking were strictly forbidden since they would donate their vital organs to other people so they had to keep it 'good'. In other hand, some issue was spreading that some organs will be in its maximum quality if they had sex. This was so confused them.

87 October 2017Chapter 87Home40 mins

This chapter told about Tommy and Ruth who became a couple and having sex after some couples had done first. Kath become so a little bit curious aboit having sex, till someday she decided to have a sex with Harry but in the end after knowing that Ruth and Tommy were not a couple again, she decided not to do it with Harry.

98 October 2017Chapter 99Home45 mins

This chapter told about Ruth who wanted Kath to make her and Tommy together again, and Kath did it. When she wanted to talk with Tommy in the yard, suddenly Tommy told another thing that made her shocked. Again and again, it was about Miss Lucy who talked to Tommy about the past talking. She said that she regretted it and she should not say lika that to Tommy. She told Tommy to be more creative even it was in his last year but it wasn't so late. This talking makes them confused and asked why Miss Lucy should say like that. In the end of this chapter, Miss Lucy decided to resign from Hailsham and finally Ruth and Tommy got back together again.

109 October 2017Chapter 109Boarding house40 mins

This chapter told about the past time of Kath when she and her friends lived in cottage for the first time. Because it was the first time they lived outside Hailsham, they felt so awkward. I got it. When we do something for the first time we will be confused what to do or fell weird whether we did something wrongly or correctly. Moreover, there is no exact intruction in that cottage which makes Kath and her friends get more confused.

1110 October 2017Chapter 119Boarding house45 mins

This chapter told about Kath's desire of having sex till someday she read some porn magazines which was spreaded freely in the cottage then Tommy got caught her. I don't know why Kath should do something like that. What made her really want to have sex. Moreover, Tommy knew what she did at that day. That is really embarrassing I think.

1221 October 2017Chapter 126At home45"

It talked about what is called as 'possible' among Hailsham students. It is like a role model for their future life. Yes, I got how it feels when we had long time in 'a cage' then go out to find like what world look like. So did Ruth. When Rodney and Chrissie told her about that possible so she got excited about it. Like 'Oh finally I can figure out how my future life is like'.

1321 October 2017Chapter 137At home35"

This chapter described how happy Ruth was; until she ignored Kath and Tommy who joined her to find her possible. I do hate when Ruth separated Tommy and Kath in the car when she sat in the middle of them then left them in silence when she herself talked to Chrissie and Rodney who were in the front seat. When Kath asked her to switch the position so Kath and Tommy at least could talk each other rather than left in silence, Ruth rejected that. I do really hate her at this chapter. Her bossy character was so strong in this chapter.

1421 October 2017Chapter 149At home45"

This chapter told about when finally they found the woman who was called as Ruth's possible. However they found it wrong, and Ruth was so sad. That woman was not really the same as Ruth, especially her physically appearance. Ruth's feeling though really made me so sad too. Like 'I was really excited at the first and unfortunately reality broke my expectation though.'. Even Rodney and Chrissie said sorry and told that they will found the right one, Ruth was still sad. Yes, that feeling when we are really sad and like only ourselves who can stop it and it is only ourselves who can feel how much it hurts us, even our friends try to help us out of it, though it really depends on ourselves.

1521 October 2017Chapter 1510At home1'25"

This chapter told about when Kath decided to stay then Tommy did the same. Ruth, Chrissie and Rodney decided to visit Rodney's friend who worked as carer in Norfolk. Then suddenly Tommy talked to Kath about his theory on Galery and deferral. I don't know why but I feel like Tommy has feeling for Kath even he was Ruth's boyfriend. The way he said that he used to search Kath's favorite cassette showed that he really worried about her. Even it was like a normal 'treatment' as a friend but it just obviously showed how he cared so much about Kath rather than about Ruth. It was really sweet when finally they found Kath's cassette in Norfolk ><

1621 October 2017Chapter 169At home1 hour

This chapter told about how Kath was a little bit afraid of telling to Ruth that she had got her lost cassette in Norfolk with Tommy. She wanted to tell Ruth about it but she's afraid that Ruth would get mad. She waited for the good time till Ruth herself found that cassette and asked when and where she found it. I like the the way Kath respected Ruth as Tommy's girlfriend even she was only Tommy's friend. If I was in Kath's position, I might do the same; waiting for the good time to tell to Ruth about it.

1721 October 2017Chapter 175At home25"

This chapter is the end of the second part of this book. It told about the truth that Tommy had feeling to Kath. Ruth herself told Kath about it. Ruth said sorry that she had kept splitting them even she had already known the truth since then back. Oh my god finally my guessing is true. However that talk was a little bit late because Kath already applied to start her training as a carer. It means that she had to leave the cottage and of course Ruth and Tommy. How sad it is :( . When the truth had appeared then another painful truth should be faced. So sad.

1822 October 2017Chapter 188At home50'

This is the beginning chapter of third part of this novel. This third part told about Kath's life as a carer. This chapter told about how tired Kath as a carer. She had to accompany any donor the whole day. The finally in the end of this chapter she decided to be Ruth's carer. Not really a bad choice I think, because it may be able to fix their separated time in the past. I don't know why but I feel so bad for Ruth; she got her notification that she should do donor too soon when Kath was still as a carer.

1922 October 2017Chapter 1914At home1'15"

The longest chapter so far. This chapter told about how the three characters finally met and gathered again. In the end of this chapter Ruth asked Kath to be Tommy's carer, then they should apply deferral to madame. Deferral was believed as delaying a two people's (couple's) donor time just to enjoy their 3-4 years for being a couple. Ruth asked them to apply it after her second donation. In this chapter, Ruth was described that her second donation made her completed. I don't get it whether it means that Ruth just died or she just finished her life as a donor. I was really sad when read how Ruth was so weak after her second donation. It was really different comparing to the past; when she was really a cheerful person even a bossy too. That was the saddest part so far I think.

2022 October 2017Chapter 206At home35"

This chapter told about Kath being Tommy's carer. Then finally they both could spend time together even for having sex too. How they prepared to meet madame to apply the deferral. Not really clear whether they both were happy or not because sometimes any of them would feel like worry, sad or thinking too much about facing madame. I thought they were, but Kath was like starting to be doubtful to Tommy.

2123 October 2017Chapter 218Boarding house40"

This chapter told about how they firstly met madame to apply thay deferral. Madame's house was described like mysterious house because its dark and there is no sunshine there. I got an impression that madame was still a mysterious person since then back. Firstly I guessed that they would not get any information from madame because when she was at Hailsham, she was like really afraid to the children. However suddenly the other person appeared in madame's house and Madame said that they both should talked to that person rather than to her. Whoops, that was miss Emily. I got surprised here. Why Miss Emily appeared here.

2222 October 2017Chapter 2215Boarding house1'15"

The second longest part. In this part finally they visited madame to tell about deferral. However they got something hurt from Miss Emily who was also there, madame's house; the fact that hurt so much. Saying about they were no more than a donor that should fulfill the organ need in that era. In addition, Miss Emily and Madame couldn't help anything. I think this is so sad, really. Why something like that happened or existed. That was too cruel I think. Like depriving one's life:(

2322 October 2017Chapter 239Boarding house40"

Finally, this is the last chapter ><
This chapter was about the fourth donation of Tommy and he asked to Kath that she should stop being her carer. Like it was a farewell for them both. Like there was no hope anymore for them to gather again. So sad really. Then you know what in the end Tommy was completed and it was definitely that 'complete' here means 'died'. Such a tragic ending. I can't stop feeling so bad for them two. Why it should happen. Like they had a bad day in the past and still got a tragic ending in the end:( I think that they will did a rebellion to against their 'donor time'. However, I think it's better rather than my guessing. Poor Kath who was alone in the end:(