November 9

Colleen Hoover - Atria Books

Read By: Rizki azizah

I chosed this novel because the review of this novel is making me attracted and curious. Hopefully this novel can inspire me more than i’ve expected.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
125 November 201719In the bedroom50 mins

This novel brings the story about a girl named Fallon. She had a bad feeling towards her Dad. She thought that her Dad did not any longer deserve being called as Dad. Actually, her Dad was an actor in America and quite famous until someday when she had luch with him, the waiter noticed him and asked him to take a photo together. She were really annoyed. That dinner was her first meeting with her Dad after the accident that had grown her hatred towards her Dad. She once was a confident girl. But, after she got an awful scars on her part of face and other part of body made her lost her confident and even she rarely being brave to look at the mirror. Moreover, the worst thing is she get bothered when facing people that they turning away their eyes right away. The fire accident occured in her Dad's home, and stupidly her Dad forgot to save her.
In the last part of the chapter, a strange boy suddenly joined her dinner when she and her Dad had argued on some cases. He came and claimed himself as her boyfriend and defend her argument. She was totally shocked.

21 December 201728In the bedroom30 mins

when I come up to the second chapter, I finally realise the style of this novel take two person perspective. This chapter shows how Ben feel towards Fallon. After he fakes a role that he has created in front of her Dad, he still waits for her to know how she would react after it. After several hours together, he finds it so interesting to get closer with her. She reminds him of his crush and also make him wonder they have so many similarities.

32 December 20173-523Home95 mins

This novel really exposed the first sight love. Both of them, on their own perspectives they release how admirable they are from each other's perspective. They make their relationship is on going in ten hours and make the moment of theirs deliberately unforgettable so they can still remember it five years later. But, after a really hard arguing, they made a deal that one year later they will set a meetup and they also give an assignment for their next meeting.

49 December 20176-716Campus55 mins

In this beginning of the chapter telling about their second november 9 when they secondly meet after Fallon decided to move to New York. Unfortunately, Fallon's flight has delayed so she is late to come. It takes 2 hours later for her to finally meet him. He still waits her though it is more than 2 hours. When they finally meet, they talk about how far each of them accomplishing the tasks that is given. One of the task is about making out with other person. She tells him how the guy she closed to. She was so grateful that she meets Ben, a boy who only looks at her beauty from her scars.

Buuuuuuuuuuuut, sorry mom I have mad a great decision not to continue reading this book because this romance is literally far from my acceptance. Once, i thought it is still acceptable but the reality does not said so. I can not hold this on any longer.