Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy

Sheryl Sanberg - Random House Audiobook

Read By: Candra Dewi Anitapa

This is a psychologist book. Let me tell you the reason why I choose this book. One day, my friend has posted a quotation that is taken from a book on her Instagram. I do love the quotation. The first thing that I did was searching the title of the book and download the book online. It’s like love at the first sight, right?

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
121 November 2017Introduction5 pagesBoarding house13 mins

In the introduction, the writer describes how she met her husband, what things that they had through together and how she lost her husband.

"Sitting down with my son and daughter and telling them that their father had died. Hearing their screams joined by my own. The funeral. Speeches where people spoke of Dave in the past tense." Those are the saddest part of the introduction. I could feel what the writer felt at that time. This is so sad but I do love sad story so I enjoy it.

226 November 2017Chapter 17 pagesBoarding house18 mins

In this chapter, I got something new about psychology's theory. Even though it is a little bit complicated but so far I still enjoyed it.

"When my children cried, I would flash forward to their entire lives without a father. Dave wasn’t just going to miss a soccer game … but all the soccer games. All the debate tournaments. All the holidays. All the graduations. He would not walk our daughter down the aisle at her wedding. The fear of forever without Dave was paralyzing". When reading this part, I thought my heart broke into pieces.

33 December 2017Chapter 28 pagesBoarding house20 mins

Reading this chapter made me felt blessed compared with people who were written in this book. "I knew that people were doing their best; those who said nothing were trying not to bring on more pain, and those who said the wrong thing were trying to comfort." That kind of quotation boosts my mood automatically. I'm so in love with this book.

44 December 2017Chapter 37 pagesBoarding house20 mins

This chapter is mostly talking about the previous study conducted by the psychologist.
"There’s no one way to grieve and there’s no one way to comfort. What helps one person won’t help another, and even what helps one day might not help the next. Growing up, I was taught to follow the Golden Rule: treat others as you want to be treated. But when someone is suffering, instead of following the Golden Rule, we need to follow the Platinum Rule: treat others as they want to be treated. Take a cue from the person in distress and respond with understanding— or better yet, action. "That is the quotation that my friend had uploaded in her Instagram.
In this chapter, the writer shows a lot of painful experiences faced by people she had observed and how they can survive and continue their life.

58 December 2017Chapter 4, 5, & 623 pagesBoarding House35 mins

This chapter was mostly talking about people's painful experiences and how they could survive from such a terrible thing.

"Our imperfections are part of being human. I didn’t have to aim for perfection. I didn’t have to believe in myself all the time. I just had to believe I could contribute a little bit and then a little bit more."

I'm in bad mood in that time , so I decided to continue reading this book. And by reading it, I got my mood back because this book inspired me.

612 December 2017Chapter 7,8,9 & 1035 pagesBoarding house1 hour 15 mins

I have finished reading this book. Yeayy. Actually, at that time, there were a lot of tasks that should be finished in a week and it made me stressed. But I did noting. The only thing that I did was reading a novel, Indonesian novel to refresh my mind. Then I remember that I had to finish reading my English book, so I decided to continue reading this book. At least I have done one of my tasks :D I have learned a lot of thing by reading this book. Actually, I want to add the parts I like the most but I do like all of the parts of this book. It really touched my heart. I really love this book.