Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen - T. Egerton, Whitehall

Read By: Proboningrum

This very old novel was about Mr and Mrs. Bennet’s five grown-up daughters who have to get married with the rich men (the bussiness of Mrs. Bennet’s life was to get her daughters married). This novel reminded about me myself who is three grown-up daughters!!

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
129 November 2017Chapter 15 pagesa bench in a park10 mins

Mr. and Mrs. Bennet had five daughters but at the beginning of the chapter I could only find three names: Lizzy, Jane, and Lydia (maybe I'll find the rest in the next chapter).
Mrs. Bennet was so excited having new neighbour who was a handsome, rich and single man (although he'll be there next week. So, it meant that at that time the new neighbour was not there yet but she really extraordinary happy). F.y.i. she had a plan to send her five daughter to make that man interested with maybe at least one of her daughters :) so funny.

230 November 2017chapter 24 pagesmy bed15 mins

I finally got you: Kitty and Mary.
Mr. Bennet didn't want to come with his daughters at the party at their new neighbour, Mr. Bingley. But Mrs. Bennet still tried to make her daughters come to that party! One of her daughters had to dance with Mr. Bingley.

31 December 2017chapter 37 pagesliving room30 mins

- Mrs. Bennet invited Mr. Bingley to have a dinner with them but Mr. Bingley couldn't accept that. He had a bussiness in the city.
- In an evening, Mr. Bingley came to a party with his friend, Mr. Darcy, and his daughters. Mr. and Mrs. Bennet were there with their five daughters. Then, Mr. Bingley danced with one of their daughters, Jane!! But that evening, Lizzy was so hurt by Mr. Darcy's said. He was so arrogant.

42 December 2017Chapter 44 pagesLiving room13 mins

Mr. Bingley was so kind, friendly, not stiff, and the other good things that very contrast with Mr. Darcy's character.

53 December 2017chapter 54 pagesdorm20 mins

Mrs. Bennet compared her daughters with Mrs. Lucas' daughter. She was so proud her eldest daughter danced with Mr. Bingley twice that night!