Prince of Wolves

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Read By: Mey Indah

I decided to take a romance novel,  when I looked for the novel.  I read the title Prince of Wolves, then I searched for the synopsis and was quite interesting.  So I chose this novel.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
121 November 2017Chapter 110My bedroom45 mins

The introduction is really easy to understand. Every single things explain clearly. So I could get the detail point. The main character is Fane as the werewolf come from Grey wolve and Jacque as Fane's mate. The conflict is begun when the other werewolf claim Jacque as his mate too.

223 November 2017Chapter 2-312My Home50 mins

I really love the plot. Even it is quite similar with twilight novel, but actually it is different. So much fun to know the story line.

326 November 2017Chapter 48My bedroom30 mins

It was like I enjoy read every chapter in the novel

428 November 2017Chapter 5-610My bedroom20 mins

I liked the romance story. But the way the author delievered was little bit bored, because most of the end story of a chapter will be repeated in the beginning next chapter.

530 November 2017Chapter 75My bedroom10 mins

Okay. Not really bad. The story was really alive with the romance genre. Jacque is already known about the secret of Fane, after having such kind of long conversation through their mind.

63 December 2017Chapter 8-1437My bedroom2 hours

Little bit bored. But over all was nice. I can't wait to know the next chapter.

712 December 2017Chapter 15-1615My home45 mins

The conflict was started by adding the new character of wolve but in different type, called Canis Steele. He claimed the Jacque as his mate, too.

820 December 2017Chapter 17-2029Tv room55 mins

The conflict became wider. Fane from the Canis Lupus would do a death competition with Steve from Canis Steele, the winner can claim the Jacqkue as his mate. That's what make the story lively.

920 December 2017Chapter 21-2218My bedroom25 mins

The other werewolf met Jacque. He also claimed Jacque as the mate. But actually the real mate of Jacque was Fane. Because they both had such a puzzle mark on their body that connecting each other. The mark also indicates the real mate of the werewolf.