Reading People

Anne Bogel - BakerBooks

Read By: Rahmatitisari

I actually not sure whether I’ll go with nonfiction book or just will read another fiction book since I love fiction. But, i come to this decision to try to read my first ever non fiction book. This book is in category psychological /self help genre. Actually I’ve been intereested in somekind of psychological thing. I’m interested in people’s personality.

From the subheading of the title, I can see what it will be talking about ‘how seeing the world through the lens of personality changes everything’. It really encourage me to try read this book.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
120 November 2017Introduction8Boarding house15mins

From the introduction of the book I can sense how the book is going to lead me. The way the writer show her way of thinking is quite interesting. The language used not that difficult. The writer use many kinds of example in our dailylife so it is easier to relate to our life.

226 November 2017Chapter 18Boarding house16 mins

In this chapter the writer tell us her own experience. It's about her story, how she first interested in knowing personalities of people. Back then when she was in her late teens, her mom shared a book and it seems interesting to the writer. In that book stated that there are 4 types of personalities/types, but there is no good or bad one. When we understand ourself, it will be easier to understand others, especially when other people are not like us. She shared her story in her early marriage, when she and her husband still don't know how to handle a conflict. Then she somehow read a book about personality, then she tried to understand her husband. Both of them has different personality, her husband is the rational type while her personality is the idealist type.

The rational type is rather resistant to emotional display, and more silent in conflict. While the idealist type more showing their emotional side.

Since then she understands that her husband is not cold after a conflict, but he understands that she is upset but in his own way on his personality.

327 November 2017Chapter 26Boarding house12 mins

This chapter talking about introvert and extrovert type of people. Eventhough it seems easy to categorize people based on their introverting or extroverting,it is actually not that easy. Especially when we try to identify ourself. We sometimes so sure about our type, but in the other hand not sure.

After I read this chapter, i've been thinking whether i am introverted or extroverted. I was so sure that I was extrovert type, since I love socializing, I love meeting new people. But i realized that sometimes i love alone time so much that I can include myself in introvert type. So, i decided that maybe i am a socializing introvert. I'm not sure, maybe if i read more of this book I can identify myself better.

43 December 2017chapter 29boarding house15 mins

The next part still talking about the extrovert and introvert type. And I also found out that not only human that has personality (Extrovert & Introvert). Places also has personality, for example the writer were attending one of church, but that church is the extrovert type. So, all of the activity in that church is far from 'calm'.

54 December 2017Chapter 311boarding house20 mins

This Chapter talking about Highly Sensitive People.
Human interaction might drain introverted people, same with HSP, they feel drained when there is too much input like sight, smells, sounds, emotional stimulation. HSP not only for people with introverted personality, but also extroverted can also be a part of HSP.

This chapter also give information about know-how to handle Highly Sensitive People. We also can help HSPs by giving what they need, they literally need quiet environment, peaceful, privacy, routine, boundaries, etc.

610 December 2017Chapter 46boarding house15 mins

This chapter talking about Love and Other Acts of Blindness (the five love languages)

In this part, I learn that all of people might have different language in loving someone or being loved. Because the language of love is different to each other, its important to have a communication with the same language. It is important to know each other language.

The 5 love languages :
1. Words of affirmation
People with this language seeking for words of affirmation like 'I love you' They need words.
2. Quality time
it is not about how long we spent time together, but how that time is quality one. Like when 2 people spend time together talking about deep topic. Doing what your partner love.
3. Giving and Receiving gift
4. Act of services
Helping your partner might help to communicate between people with this language
5. Physical Touch
Simple hug or kiss. Sitting close to each other while watcing movie

711 December 2017Chapter 48boarding house15 mins

The next part explaining about love languages between children. It is pretty much the same with adults.

818 December 2017Chapter 515boarding house30 mins

This chapter entitle "You're not crazy, you're just not me"
This part explained a lot about people's personality. There are 4 types of temperament of people, such as Artisan, Guardian, Idealist, Rationals. All of the temperament have different words used and tools used. But, basically there are 2 types of words and tools that used. For words there are concrete and abstract, for tools there are utilitarian and cooperative.

918 December 2017Chapter 65boarding house10 mins

This chapter talking about Type talk (The Myers-Briggs type indicator)
MBTI is a personality inventory (asssessment tool). In this MBTI, it is talking about the psychological preferences of people. There are introversion/extraversion, intituition/sensing, thinking/feeling, and judging/perceiving.

1019 December 2017chapter 69kedai kepo20 mins

The next part talking about The Sixteen MBTI Types.
While looking at the list, I also looking at myself. I try to match myself with the list, I'm curious about my personality.
While doing that, we might think that we match more than 1 type, but we just have 1 type of personality. The writer also write about how and how not to determine your type.
All of the type has good side and bad side.

1119 December 2017chapter 713boarding house25 mins

In the 7th chapter, the writer talking about the mbti cognitive function.
There are 8 types of cognitive function. While looking for the type of our cognitive function, it is important to see the stack of our type. There are order of operations (1) Dominant (2) Auxiliary (3) Tertiary (4) Inferior.

This chapter mostly talking about the order of the name of our personality

1220 December 2017Chapter 8-925Boarding house40 mins

In chapter 8 -9 talking about people strenght and weakness. Both the chapter is important for us to knowinh our personality better. By knowing our strengh, we can use it in our daily life so it can make ourself feels better when we got praises from what we did with our strenght.
In other hand, in getting know ourself, we need to know about our weakness, our personality's weakness.

1320 December 2017Chapter 107Boardimg house15 mins

This is the last chapter of the book. In this chapter, the writer tells us that your personality is not your destiny (how much can people change?)
In this chapter stated that our personality is not easily changed, but our behaviour can changed. Wih our life going on, we changed to be mature, our behaviour also changed and follow ourself. That is why it is important to understand ourself.. so it is easier to change ourself to be better.

To change ourselves, there are some point that need to be underlined. The first one is how we see ourselves, and the second one is how we see the world, and the last one is how we shape our lives.