Silas Marner The Weaver of the Raveloe

George Eliot - Dian Rakyat

Read By: Ria PL


The book was my 2nd choice. I borrowed it from a friend of mine. He studies in English Department UNS.

Before I chose this book, I asked him whether he has a fiction novel. Then he told me thay he has some fiction novels. I asked him to bring some later on.

The following day, he brought the novels to our Access Class. He brought me two novels. The first novel was Oliver Twist and the other one was Silas Marner. I read them slightly one by one.

I felt more interested in Silas Marner. It was because I didn’t know yet about the story. Moreover, after reading slightly the novel I felt curious about what is next. Different to Oliver Twist which I have watched the film, I thought that I would be bored if I read the novel in case I have known the story. In addition, another friend of mine also suggested me to read Silas Marner becauase it’s more interesting than Oliver Twist.

It made me eager to read Silas Marner. Finally, I chose the book. I do hope I will get something new after reading this novel.


NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
18 October 2017Chapter 15 (4-8)Bedroom10 minutes

Silas Marner. Known as a master marner, the linen weaver. You could give flaxen yarn and pay him to weave it into one or more of his long rolls of strong linen cloth. But that did not mean that you could enter his door.

Silas also had ability to make herbs. He believed that herbs alone could not cure sickness. Prayer was needed too. Perhaps prayer was all that was needed, if one's believed in God was strong enough.

212 October 2017Chapter 15 (9 - 13)Bedroom15 minutes

Silas was slandered as a murderer of deacon's death. Even his friend blame him. Besides, they have been befriend for nine years. That was so sore.

Getting new vocabulary:
- deacon

313 October 2017Chapter 1 (13-16) & Chapter 2 (16-22)10Bedroom25 minutes

Silas moved to Raveloe. He lived alone there. He worked as a weaver. He got a lot of guineas but he spent less money for his need. He kept counting, arranging and watching at his guineas every night.

In the chapter 2, there were other casts came out such as Squire Cass, Dunstan Cass, Godfrey, Molly and etc.

414 October 2017Chapter 2 (23-26)4NHIC UNS10 minutes

The second son of Squire Cass was Dunstan Cass. He was not popular and he seemed to do no work at all. He was not a type of person who wanted to going along road on foot. He was the thief of Silas Marner's guineas.

514 October 2017Chapter 2 (27-29) & Chapter 3 (29-3610NHIC UNS25 minutes

Dunstan Cass rode on his brother's horse to Botherly. He was going to sell the horse. Unluckily, the horse was dead in the middle of the way. It was Dunstan's fault.

Not so long after that, he had a new plan about getting money. He went to Silas' house. When he reached there, Silas was no around but Dunstan was successful to enter Silas' cottage. He had an idea of stealing Silas' money. He made it.

Silas was trembling knowing his guineas gone. He reported the robbery to the clergyman, the policeman and Squire Cass.

616 October 2017Chapter 3 (36-38)3Bu Meto's Canteen5 minutes

Everyone in the Raveloe was talking about the robbery. People came to the Rainbow and brought their things buying from the peddlar in order to know the characteristic of the thief. They thought that the peddlar was the thief. Were they going to find the real thief?

717 October 2017Chapter 3 (38-40)3Bedroom7 minutes

Silas was all thinking about his money losing. Even when he did weaving, he moaned long and low. He would just sit in front of fire with hand on his head in the evening.

Since he lost his money, everyone in the Raveloe took more care about him and cheer him up. They greet him often when meeting along the road. Mr. Macey gave him chance to buy Sunday suit in a low price in order to make Silas wanted to go to church. Silas never came to church for years. He thought that his life was beginning to take new turn.

817 October 2017Chapter 4 (40-47)8Bedroom15 minutes

Godfrey finally knew about the fact that his beloved horse was dead. He knew from Bryce, a person who Dunstan should sell the horse to him.

Godfrey told what had happened to his father, the Squire. The Squire was very angry knowing that his two sons were lie to him.

918 October 2017Chapter 4 (47-52)6Building 3 FIB UNS15 minutes

Weeks had passed and still there was no one who knew who was exactly the thief. Silas Marner was busy with his own loom all day and night long. He hoped that no one will come to his house and disturbed his activity of weaving. Even when the Christmas came, he preferred staying at his coutage to coming to the church.

Dolly, a helpful lady in the town, always came to Marner's coutage for giving him some food. She did hope that Master Marner would come to church again as he did years ago.

None felt sorry about the fact that Dunstan still not coming back.

1019 October 2017Chapter 5 (52-60)9JN UKMI's basecamp20 minutes

Priscilla and Nancy were sisters. Nancy was the one who fell in love with Godfrey. Yet Godfrey seemed not to respect at her. They would met in the New Years party in the Red House.

The secret wife of Godfrey was about coming to the party holding his baby on his hand. She walked in the winter. She planned to go to the party to declare herself and her baby as Godfrey's wife and daughter. It was bad winter. In the middle of the way, she couldn't continue his way to the Red House. She fell and died.

1120 October 2017Chapter 5 (60-66)7Bedroom15 minutes

As the secret wife of Godfrey fell and died, the baby toddler to the cottage.

Silas found the baby. He hold the baby. He realized that there must be a person who brought the baby to his home. He saw some foot steps on the snow. Until he also realized that there was a lady wearing poor clothes who already died.

Not so long after that, he reported the accident to the Red House. He came there holding the baby on his arms. Godfrey was a little bit shock that the baby looked like his son.

1221 October 2017Chapter 6 (66-70)5Bedroom10 minutes

Silas considered to take care of the baby. He asked Mrs. Dolly to help him taking care to the baby. He was given guineas by Godfrey for buying baby clothes.

The baby was christined and named as Eppie.

1322 October 2017Capter 6 (70-76)7My house terrace10 minutes

Silas Marner tried his best to take care of Eppie. People began to talk to the Master Marner. Even children did not afraid of him anymore when Silas with Eppie. Eppie had become the link between Silas and the world around him.

Silas still did weaving. Sometimes, he just could not focus on his work while Eppie playing herself and making some little problems then running away. Sometimes, he put his daughter in Dolly's house to play with Aaron.

1423 October 2017Chapter 7 (77-84)8Bedroom15 minutes

It was autumn sixteen years after Silas Marner had found Eppie (the baby) around his cottage. Now the baby turned to a a young teenager.

In this chapter, the story moved fast. The Squire was died. His son, Godfrey, finally married to Nancy, the lady who is planned to marry with him.

Besides, Aaroon, the boy who always felt afraid when met Silas Marner, now turned to a teenager just like Eppie. Both of them were friends.

I kept asking on myself, would they be a couple oneday? It supposed to be. But I just guess XD They grew together and their parents were good to each other.

I am curious about what is next... I will continue reading later on. I will have two exams today ><

1524 October 2017Chapter 7-8 (85-93)9Bedroom20 minutes

Seems my guess is nearly correct. When Eppie and Silas were moving some stones to build a wall, Eppie said to her father that she wanted to marry someone later on. She directly said to him that Aaron had feeling for her and wanted to marry her.

When Silas heard his beloved daughter wish, he could not be the one who should say no. He replied that they should ask to Eppie's godmother first about this planning.

In the beginning of chapter 8, the story told about a couple, Godfrey and Nancy. They actually did not have child yet. Their baby was dead soon after its birth. They did not have the same thinking about adopting children.

1625 October 2017Chapter 8 (93-99)7Bedroom17 minutes

Nancy, the wife of Godfrey, did not give permission to his husband if he wanted to adopt Eppie as their child.
She believed in God, if The Almighty wanted her and her husband have a child, their first daughter would not die and live happily with them.
Besides, in this chapter that I have read, Godfrey finally found his unloved brother, Dunstan. Godfrey knew everything that happened to his brother. He was the one who stole Silas Marner's guineas. He fell in and died. Godfrey found his watch and whip with his name on it and the bones of his brother.

Moreover, there was other conflict raising. Nancy finally knew about his husband's past. She knew that the woman who Silas' found died in the winter sixteen years ago was her wife and the baby was his daughter. Nancy cried over and could not hold her tears.

This was such a very sad story. I was so into the story. He admitted all his secrets to his wife at once. What a gentleman Godfrey was.

1726 October 2017Chapter 9 (99-110)12Bedroom14 minutes

In this chapter, the conflict was really raising. I cannot imagine how Silas Marner's feeling when his daughter, Eppie, taken by her truly father.
The couple, Godfrey and Nancy, came to Silas's cottage and asked Eppie to become their daughter. They promised to take care of Eppie well.
Silas was of course really shock hearing the statement from Godfrey. How could he easily give his daughter that he has been taking care for sixteen years. He has been changing into the real person by the coming of Eppie in his world. What would happen if she taken by his biologic father?

When Eppie was given her turn to speak up her choice, she declared that she did not want to leave her father who has taking care of her really well. She said she would take care of his father when he growing old. She was happy with all that she had around her. She did not want to be a lady in the Red House. She did not want people around her cannot speak to her when she became the daughter of Godfrey.

I was really going to cry reading this chapter T_T I could not imagine if I become Silas and will lose my onlybl daughter who I have been taking care well for many years T_T

1826 October 2017Chapter 9-10 (110-118)9Bedroom15 mintues

At last, Godfrey and Nancy accepted the fact that Eppie did not want to live with them.

In the very last chapter, the 10th chapter, Eppie married Aaron. Sadly, Godfrey could not come to the wedding.

Eppie said to Silas', "even I have married to Aaroon. It does not mean that I will leave you, father. You'll only be taking him to be a son to you.

Eppie and Aaron lived happily with Silas and their family. Eppie got a large beautiful garden as she wanted in her house.

"Father, what a pretty home ours is! I think nobody could be happier than we are." Eppie said in the last story of the book.