Spy Squad

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Read By: Siti HP

This is my second book. Actually it has a different genre form my previous book. My previous book was about a real story of someone’s life experience and it was suit to my interest in choosing the genre. This time I want to try read a fiction book that is about a spy story.

I choose this book because I’m interested to the tittle and the little piece of the synopsis. The language use in that book is also easy to read, compared with my previous book.

Let’s enjoy it!

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
127 November 2017chapter 1 : Not such a normal day1-4boarding house10 mins

introducing the main character. he is Richie Forbes, 16 aged boy who dreamed to be a member of a spy squad of CIA.
this part telling me that Richie has been secretly in a spy organization. No one knows he was in it, even his family.
He was never expecting to be accepted in CIA member. He sent his form to CIA mail for unserious expectation. But no wonder, his family eccpeted the reply massage from the CIA. It was out of his expectation
This part is also telling how Richie kidnapped by a man from TOTS (the organization of teenage spy)

25 December 2017chapter 24-8campus15 mins

Richie was kidnapped by the fake agent of CIA. he was brought in to a small room with his hand and foot got tied.
he found way to go out of the room. he untied his hand and foot with his teeth and strenght. the he walked through a slippery pipe and stopped in a small dark room. but he was caught by the TOTS agent especially the headminister of it. the inister brought him to a long coridor to find his room. when he arrived he also met another teenagers like him. the teenagers there were also kidnapped and trained to be the TOTs member.
The teenagers who were kidnapped had their own special skill, for example military, photographic memory, etc.

38 December 2017chapter38-10campus10 mins

they were in training center and they showed their skill one by one. richie is a bit mad with one of tthe teenagers there named mitchel.

411 December 2017chapter 4 nd chapter 510-14boarding house10 mins

they got medical treatment. Some of them are well-known of their strenght but they became weak of the injection. It was a bit funny how they can look closer with a little funny thing.
They have to stay in the hospital with the same room for several days. they spent time to talk each other and get to know each habbit of them.

515 December 2017chapter 614-17my room5 mins

richie was in a dark room. he was stressed by the voice of nightmare that he felt in one night. the voices just called him "stupid, unusable, trash, etc" that made him stressed. he didn't know where it came from. but the voice come and come again in his ears.