Jerry Spinelli - NYT

Read By: Siti Um

I decided to read a fiction book again. Actually, I love both genres, but I prefer to read a fiction book :). Reading a fiction book is absolutely fun because you can improve your imagination. The book that I chose is written by Jerry Spinelli. The title is Stargirl. It is actually a series book. The second edition is Love. I think I am going to read both of them.

I made the book cover by myself 🙂

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
128 November 20171-25Dorm15 mins

I have read some reviews about the book and it is recommended by many people. In this chapter, the story introduced some of the characters and the initial problem.
- Leo: a student at Mica Area High School (MAHS)
- Stargirl: a new student at MAHS who is very weird and has a unique personality
- Kevin: Leo's friend
- Hillari

23 December 20173-715Dorm45 mins

I was about to sleep at that time, but I decided to read some chapters. The narrator, Leo, was a normal highschooler at MAHS. Together with Kevin, he made a school TV show named Hot Seat. They invited some popular students to their program and interview them. However, one day, there was a new student at their school named Stargirl. What a strange name isn't it? She had a weird and unique personality. She wore a long dull dress, pet a rat and bring it in her tote bag, brought a ukulele at her back, and liked to sing a Happy birthday song to everyone. Leo and Kevin planned to invite her to Hot Seat, but Leo declined. He thought that they had to leave her alone and not to make a problem.
The story is interesting. I am curious what will happen next between Leo and Stargirl. :)

34 December 201784Dorm10 mins

One day, Leo followed Stargirl to her home after school. Unexpectedly, it was a long way to her home. He decided to ran back because she seemed realized that she was being followed.
Actually, I am not really good to retell a story. I am not really good at arranging words to another word; you will be confused I think. hhhe. But, I tried. So far, I liked this book.

45 December 20179-106Dorm10 mins

As I said before, I am not really good at retelling a story hhhe. In these chapters, Stargirl's popularity was on a different level. She joined a big oratorical contest and became the winner, she also joined or may be recruited by the cheerleader's team to be a part of them. It was because they saw her as a bright, cheerful, and maybe crazy when she watched and cheered their school's basketball game.

519 December 201711-1210Kedai Kepo20 mins

The book told me about Stargirl's activity after joining the Cheerleader team. She practised as a normal member and didn't do any peculiar things. However, when other team made a point, she also cheered for them.
It was also told in this chapter when the D-day of HOT SEAT was going to be aired.

620 December 2017137Dorm15 mins

This chapter was talking about what is going on in the Hot Seat, the active Cinnamon (Stargirl's pet), the origin of the name "Stargirl", the jurrors unexpected questions, and many more.