The Eye of the Tiger by Wilbur Smith

Wilbur Smith - MacMillan

Read By: Ria PL

I borrow this book from my friend, Ajeng. I consider to read this book because her story telling makes me be curious about the whole story. Actually, it has been months ago she retold the story in the Access class but that’s ok. Hopefully, I will enjoy reading the book.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
115 November 2017Chapter 1 & 26Bedroom9 minutes

The story begins with a man named Harry Fletcher. He was a seaman. He had two crews named Chubby and Angelo in his boat. The story was about a finding for treasure in the deep sea.
Harry met two men, Materson and Mike Guthrie. They were the client of Harry. They asked Harry to help them finding the treasure.
Actually, when Guthrie met Harry for the first time, he seemed ever meeting him before. Who was actually Harry Fletcher?

The story used first point of view that is 'I' as Harry Fletcher. It is different with two others book that I have read before which using writer's point of view. It's a new thing ♡

219 November 2017Chapter 3 - 721Kitchen31 mins

The story was unpredictable. Or am I just the one who can't get the point yet? I do really love the story that I have finished read today. The chapters talked about the beginning of searching Gunfire Reef, the place where the treasure fallen years ago from the boat from India. There were 4 people in this chapter, Harry Fletcher, Materson, Guthrie and Jimmy. Jimmy was the one who diving into the sea to find the treasure. Actually, Gunfire Reef was so dangerous but Jimmy should dive no matter what.

Shortly, he was successfull finding the thing Materson and Guthrie looking for. The thing was unwrapped by Jimmy in order not to let Harry knowing what is in the inside.

After Jimmy went up to the boat, Harry was shot by Guthrie because he was trapped that he was permitted to know the bundle but actually not. Harry fell down to the sea. The sea was covered by his blood from his arm. Harry was not died yet. Seeing the incident, Jimmy shouting and was shocked. How could it happened? Jimmy was going to go down to the sea to find Harry but Guthrie shot him. Jimmy was died. He fell into the sea.

Harry went up to the boat. He entered the cabin and tried to find the heavy gun to kill Materson and Guthrie.
The three of them were fighting with guns. Harry shot Materson then he was died. Harry also killed Guthrie by his knife on his belt.

Days passed, Jimmy was recovered. Suddenly, a woman wanted to met him. She was Sherry North, Jimmy's sister. Actually, she was Jimmy's fake sister. She wanted to kill Harry but actually she was failed.

Harry made a search about the woman and Jimmy. He came to London and met the real Jimmy's sister, Sherry North. She was tall and beautiful. Both of them made a search about the reason why Jimmy wanted to find the treasure for Materson and Guthrie.

321 November 2017Chapter 83Mushola Building C7 minutes

The tiger throne was belonged to an Indian prince. It was made of gold with jewels. Unluckyly, it was stolen at that time by an Englishman. He broke the throne into four parts and tried to bring them to England on the Dawn Light in 1857. But the Dawn light had sunk and so did the treasure.
Harry and Sherry would try to find the treasure before the fake Sherry finding them. Harry asked his crews, Chubby and Angelo, to help him.

422 November 2017Chapter 9 & 107JN UKMI's basecamp15 minutes

Harry, Sherry, Chubby and Angelo began to search for the Dawn Light. Chubby took them to the narrow channel and into the pool behind Gunfire Reef, the place where Chubby found a gold coin when he was a child.
Harry and Sherry went diving. When they saw anything unusual, they broke it from the coral and put it in the netting-bags. The worked fast for five days. They went down to the sea every time the tide was right.
In the fifth day, the found the wreck of the Dawn Light. Harry said that he needed explosives to break up the coral covering the wreck.
Actually, Harry wanted three things. He wanted a quiet lifr on St Mary's, another Wafe Dancer and Sherry North. To have the first, he had to stay friends with the Presideny of St Mary's. To get the second, he needed a lot of money. And to get the third, he needed to wait.

Shortly, the President supported Harry. But the enemies return. The fake Sherry North and Manny Resnick came back to St Mary's.

Harry and friends considered to leave there soon by sailing out of Turtle Bay.

523 November 2017Chapter 11 & 127Bedroom15 minutes

They reached the Old Men island. They continued the search for the Dawn Light. They worked with the explosives. It killed hundreds of fish. Suddenly, there was a shark near their boat. The shark crashed again the boat but Chubby successfully killed the sharp by his spear-gun.
They should soon found the treasure before the fake Sherry North and Manny Resnick did that.

Finally, they made it. Harry found a wooden box. It contained the treasure not the tiger throne.
The next day, when Harry and Sherry were swimmkng in the sea, a plane was coming. There was Manny Resnick in the plane looking for them.

624 November 2017Chapter 132Living room2 minutes

Harry and his team went diving again. They found some more boxes. They were lucky. They found the Tiger Throne.
They carried the Tiger Throne and jewels the found on that day to the cave on the hillside. They only found the head and the diamond eye. They still should find the other pieces of the Throne.

725 November 2017Chapter 147NHIC15 minutes

The next day, Harry and Chubby burried the treasure under the sand.
Not so long after that, Harry gasped in horror. He saw the Mandrake of Manny Resnick on the sea. They had found where Harry was.
Harry went with Chubby and he asked Angelo to go with Sherry. Suddenly, there was a shooting. Angelo was shot. He was died. Sherry was caught by the men of Manny Resnick. She was brought to the Mandrake.
Harry couldn't do nothing. He asked Chubby to move back. He would go forward meeting Manny Resnick. He saw Sherry North. Her face was bloody.

Manny Resnick wanted Harry to tell him where the treasure was.

826 November 2017Chapter 156TV's room18 minutes

This chapter was the climax of the story. Harry and Chubby had a great plan. At 3 a.m. on the next day, Harry swam to the Mandrake. He fixed the explosives to the side of the Mandrake. Chubby was waiting for Harry on the beach.

When Harry was already on the beach, Chubby hide in order not to let Manny know that he was not alone. Harry shouted and the guards of Manny came out to the deck of the Mandrake.

Harry told them that he would let them know where he hide the Tiger Throne, the diamond eye and the jewels. But first, he wanted Sherry with him.

The trap was almost finished. Harry and Sherry went down to the motor boat. There were two men guarding them. After going around some part of the sea, Harry told the men to dig the place. Harry told them that the treasure was hide there by him. Manny kept an eye on them.

Harry asked Manny that she was hurt. She needed to sit down in the shade. Manny nodded.

The men went on digging. Actually, the place they were digging was the place the explosives was burried. Manny jumped into the whole and the fake Sherry North, her real name was Lorna Page, looking down greedily.

The game was set very well. The Mandrake was exploded. Manny, Lorna and the men were dead. But there were still two men who went with them to the beach.

Harry, Sherry, and Chubby ran quickly to the whaleboat. The men kept shooting it. They wanted to sink the boat.

Suddenly, Chubby fell down. He was shot by the man. He was dead. Harry raised his riffle and fired the men.
At that time, only the two of them were left.

927 November 2017Chapter 166NHIC UNS12 minutes

This is the end chapter of the book. Was the treasure worth the deaths of good friends? They were very sad.
Sherry flew out to Zurich followed by Harry in the following day.
Actually, Sherry was a police officer. Again, she was not the real Sherry North, Jimmy's sister.
Harry declared that he fell in love with her. She replied that she was a police officer and Harry was a thief.
Then, Harry answer that he had given the Tiger Throne to the President. Now, the treasure was owned by the people in St Marry. Harry wasn't a thief anymore.
Harry flew back to St. Marry alone. The thing he forget was to ask the name of the police officer. He fell in love with her but didn't know her real name.
The end.