The Famous Five “Five Go Adventure Again”

Enid Blyton - Hodder & Stoughton

Read By: tiara

This is Saputri’s novel. She told that she has a good novel and offered me whether I wanted to read. I think..hmm.. oke, Saputri and I have similar favorite genre.

And then.. when I saw the novel, I’m very excited because i know the novel. This novel is very famous, especially when I was in Junior high school.  I have read some series of this book, in bahasa the title is Lima Sekawan. This book tells about the adventure of the famous five! the great adventure! yey!

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
19 September 2017chapter 1 (1-11)11my boarding house40 mins

the writer describe the characters very well, so it's easy to imagine it.

211 September 2017chapter 2 (12-16)5Tsabita's room20 mins

I got insomnia, so I read this book :p

312 September 2017chapter 2 (17-20)4my boarding house25 mins

hmm I got some unfamiliar words, but I tried to suggest it

414 September 2017chapter 3 (21-30)10my room1 hour, 20 mins

this chapter tells about the new tutor for the pupils but he is little bit weird hmm

518 September 2017chapter 3 (30-34)4UKM's secretariat35 mins

35 minutes for chat with friend, read the novel, chat again, read again.
actually the story more and more interesting, but chat with my friend also interesting hmm

624 September 2017chapter 4 (35-42)8my boarding house1 hour, 40 mins

okey, I need to focus!
I got some unfamiliar words, such as:

725 September 2017chapter 5 (43-52)10my room45 mins

someone said that learn in the morning makes easier to understanding the material. so, I tried it.

I got some unfamiliar words:

825 September 2017chapter 6 (53-56)4UKM' secretariat25 mins

I got some unfamiliar words.

926 September 2017chapter 6 (57-58)2canteen20 mins

I just got 2 pages! I can't focus between my lunch or read the novel.

102 October 2017chapter 6 (59-61)3UKM's secretariat15 mins

why always Monday that I read this novel at secretariat hmm

112 October 2017chapter 6 (61-61)1.5my room10 mins

II read at 10pm. I got sleepy...and I slept haha

127 October 2017chapter 77Silmi's boarding house55 mins

Silmi's boarding house has TV, it's destruct my concentration to read the book. But I like it. i seldom watch television hmm
okey, I got some unfamiliar words:

137 October 2017chapter 72.5Silmi's room15 mins

I read the book at midnight, so i felt sleepy..and fall asleep

148 October 2017chapter 89my room30 mins

I got some unfamiliar words, such as:

158 October 2017chapter 910my room4 hours, 35 mins

4 hours and 35 minutes for read 10 pages. wow!
when I read something and laptop in front of me -_-

1611 October 2017chapter 10-118Nurul Huda mosque20 mins

I read it when I'm waiting Ria

1713 October 2017Chapter 114My room40 mins


1814 October 2017Chapter 117my boarding house35 mins

I found some unfamiliar words:
- decent fellow

1915 October 2017chapter 126my room20 mins

George in trouble! oh no!

2016 October 201712-1312campus45 mins

actually, that day I read this novel 3 pages in canteen, 2 pages in the secretariat of UKM, and other pages in other places. hehehhe

2119 October 2017chapter 137my room50 mins

oh I need to finish this book!

2222 October 2017chapter 14-1742my room2 hours, 35 mins

actually, I have a vacation in Wonogiri with our friends, but I need to take a rest, I miss my room. so, I decided to stay in my room and finish this novel yey!

this novel telling about five famous's adventure and how they are solve the riddle. It's interesting! but, I disappointed about the ending of this story. this novel didn't tell the reason and the way the thieves steal the pages of research. but, over all it's interesting.