The Fault in Our Stars

John Green - Penguin Group

Read By: Wahyu

This is the second book that I choose to read. I move to the second book because of the previous book is very difficult to understand, then I decided to remove that book with this one. I interesting with this book because of the synopsis that I read when I was looking for a book on the internet.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
128 September 2017a half of chapter 12in my room15 mins

This chapter tells about the introduction of the main character named Hazel and her diagnosis of Thyroid cancer.

229 September 2017the second half of chapter 13in my bed40 mins

Hazel came to the congregation of people with disabilities and finally met with Augustus waters. In the end of the meeting, Hazel and Augustus have conversation about their life more detail.

32 October 2017Chapter 24in the dinning room32 mins

This second chapter tells about how the Hazel has the kind of cancer. she has been diagnosed the 4th stage of thyroid cancer when she was thirteen, and she almost died in fourteen. but the miracle came to hazel and how lucky she is. she still alive.

43 October 2017Chapter 33In my room30 mins

Hazel read the book titled " The Prince of Dawn" which is that book is Augustus's favorite book. they had been changed their favorite book to read each other.
Hazel was thirty-third half birthday on 29th March, and she celebrates it with his friends named Kaitlyn. they were spent their time in the shoe store.

58 October 2017Chapter 44 pagesIn my room30 mins

I feel bored when read this chapter, because it was only focused on the ending of the hazel's favorite book tittled "An imperial Affliction" which is the end of the story is not known.

69 October 2017A half of chapter 54 pagesIn my bedroom27 mins

The story in this chapter stiil about the book tittled "An imperial Affliction". After hazel sent many email to the author of the book, finally her emails got responded by the author's assistant. And hazel invited by her to go to Amsterdam if she want to meet the author.

710 October 2017A second half of chapter 52 pagesIn my bedroom17 mins

That was so romantic story.
Augustus come to Hazel's house and gave her a bouquet of bright orange tulips, and surprised Hazel to take her go to Amsterdam for about 4 days.

812 October 2017Chapter 64In my bedroom32 mins

I enjoyed to read this chapter.
I am curious with the next chapter and I want to continue again and again.

913 October 2017Chapter 72 pagesIn my room14 mins

I was so sad to read this chapter.
Hazel was sick when she woke up, she felt like her head was supernovae exploding, then hazel's father calling Dr. Maria to save hazel.
Hazel in the ICU for about 6 days. The problem is poor oxygenation. There is no tumor growth, and no new tumor in her head.
Hazel met August after she leave the ICU room.

1014 October 2017Chapter 84 pagesMy house23 mins

I enjoyed read this chapter.
Finally hazel be allowed by her doctors, Dr. Maria, to go to Amsterdam with Augustus to meet Mr. Pater Van Houten, the author of "An Imperial Affliction".

1115 October 2017Chapter 92 pagesIn my room10 mins

I enjoyed read this chapter.
In this chapter talks about hazel met with Isaac in the Support Group after a long time that hazel does not attended because she was sick.

1216 October 2017A half of chapter 103 pagesDinning room21 mins

I enjoyed read this chapter.
Hazel, her mom, and Augustus ready to go to Amsterdam. They were so excited to go there.

1317 October 2017A second half of chapter 102 pagesIn my room12 mins

I felt so melted with this story in this chapter.
When they were in plane, Augustus saying that he loved Hazel. And Hazel couldn't say anything because she was very happy to hear that (i think).

1420 October 2017Chapter 115 pagesIn my room40 mins

I enjoy read this chapter.
Hazel and augustus talking about live afterlife.

1521 October 2017Chapter 127 pagesMy room53 mins

Hazel and Augustus are in amsterdam and met the author of An Imperial affliction book.

1622 October 2017Chapter 133 pagesMy room20 mins

Hazel and August just talking about cancer.

1723 October 2017Chapter 143 pagesMy room16 mins

I feel curiously with the next of the story.

1826 October 2017Chapter 15, 16, 174 pagesMy room20 mins

Seems that there is something wierd with August after he back from Amsterdam. What happens to August?

1927 October 2017Chapter 18 and 194 pagesMy bed19 mins

Gus in a dangerous situation in which his G-tube was infected, and everyone be panicked with august's condition.

2028 October 2017Chapter 20, 21, and 227 pagesMy bed51 mins

I feel sad read these chapters.
Augustus waters died eight days after his prefuneral, in the ICU, when the cancer which was made by him finally stopped his heart.
Hazel graze was so sad to heard about this,

2129 October 2017Chapter 23, 24 and 258 pagesMy bed50 mins

Issac said to hazel that Augustus was write a letter or eulogy but hazel couldn't found it. Then with Lidewij helped, finally hazel could find the letter. And this story ends with hazel in which reading a letter written by August.