Jeannette Walls - SCRIBNER

Read By: atikamuna

It is about Family story, Walls family who had ridicolous treatment towards their children (Jeanette, Brian, Lorin,Maureen). Rex and Rosemary let the kids learn by themselves i.e when Brian hit his head his parents just said that the scarce would be recovered by itself ๐Ÿ™ and when Jean was burn by the fire of the stove her parents like made it as little thing and that accident could make Jean became brave. But there were alot of uniqueness in Walls family that we couldn’t find in other family. They traveled and lived as nomad.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
11 November 2017Chapter 15Bedroom15

I predict it'd be about family story.

213 November 2017246Amik's dorm, bedroom1,5 hours

It's funny, the plot is back to the past and it tells about her strange family.
Unconfirmed words: dab, bragging, tutu, mutt, shrieked, swatting, bruises, wadded, smears, gauzy, shushing, convulsions, chants, raffle, fist, idling, slid, blaze, grin, stomp, hollered, hollered, skedaddle, meow and a thud, henchmen, ashtray, nomads, sunken, inwe, inwe, snide, shrug, thwock, swirling, tumbleweed

315 September 2017210Bedroom20 minutes

Jeanette having new sister, there is funy thing when her parents give a names for the baby.
Uncinfirmed words: frantically, alleyway, busted, dustup, wisps, scenic detours, taillights, clangs,

416 November 2017211Bedroom15 minutes

The strange of the family is more obvious.
Unconfirmed words: gooey, scabby-kneed, pinched, thrashings, wimp, flint, shack, buzzard,

519 November 201729Living room10 minutes

When mother and dad got fight then the children would be the victim.
Unconfirmed words: themand, recess, gulp, scaffering, bring, ore, scuff, raucous, rodeo

620 November 2017210NH20 minutes

The story unpredictable. I thought the parents would divorce but RoseMary becomes a teacher and there are some funny thing during her teaching since she never wants to be a teacher.
Unconfirmed words: easel, scurried, clenched, pleading, pan out, vying, defy, wheedle, evasive, whittled.

721 November 2017213Bedroom10 menit

Mmm.. Jeanette is growing become a pretty girl she mets Billy, he taps with her eventhough Jean doesn't feel same. Then there's unexpected accident happened to Jean :(
Unconfirmed words:
Lopsided, corrugated, treads, herand, squatted

829 November 201724Bedroom9 minutes

Walls family move to Grandma Smith, there Jean gets new haircut.
Unconfirmed words: sniffed, nagged and badgered, ranch, oleander

930 November 201723Bedroom6 menit

Jean and Lorin enter to Emerson school, but there was a funny experience there. Since Lorin had shortsighted she should wear glassess but Mom ignored it, then The nurse gives it free for Lorin.

102 December 201722Bedroom10 minutes

The glassess changes Lori's life ^^

113 December 2017212Bedroom20 minutes

When Jeanette with father went to Zoo and approached the cheetah cage, as we know that it was prohibited. But then he touched the cheetah like a pet, how ridicolous?

126 December 2017215BedroomA half hour

The part when Jean father asked what present that Jean wanted in her 10 birthday and she doubted to said it but then she said that she wanted her dad stop drinking. And you know when alcoholic was stop drinking, they would experience any effect, it was same to Rex. He even like an idiot when decided to stop drinking only for her daughter as her birthday present :))) This part was so touching..

Umconfirmed words: rampages, qualms, lurched, swiveled, sodden, swirls, thrashing, dribbled, tentative, recuperating, shuddering, hillbillies

137 December 2017310Bedroom17 minutes

Jean entered new school called Welch, she got bullying from her friend though she had defended herself.

149 December 201735Bedroom13 minutes

When principal asked Jean and Brian they couldn't understand and then mom try to explain for them, and unfortunately they placed in special class together with dissabilities students, since pricipal considered with their slowness and speech impediments that make other difficult to understand.

1510 December 2017316BedroomHalf hour

That's awful to know the fact that Erma, Rex mother was a pervert and it could be related how Rex attitude then. And finaly Walls decided to move and find any comfy place to be rented.
Unconfirmed words: cantankerous

1611 December 201739BedroomA half hour

Walls family got new place to be lived in. There was funny accident in their new home, when the kids found a mouse and failed to hit it but then the dog succed to kill it and mom knew it, she little bit angry since the mouse deserve to live . Then she named it Rufus and hung it in the tree.
Unconfirmed words: possum, wuss, niftyby, scavenged, sieve, treadle

1713 December 201739NH20 mins

Welcome to Welch, there will be some problems there..
The unsupported environment as the example
Unconfirmed words:
dadhe'd, negligee, didwore, feuds.